Messi’s Argentina will face France or Morocco in the final

After Messi’s opener, Argentina played against Croatia at the end of the match and won 3-0. After 2014, Argentina took the number 10 country to the final of the World Cup once again.

Special messenger for Lusail

After Brazil in the quarter-finals, Zlatko Dalic’s “little Croatia” hoped to pay the scalp of another South American giant. This did not happen. Leo Messi’s Argentina team defeated Luka Modric and his team (3:0) in the first semi-final of the 2022 World Cup. solvent transmitter. It is to the greatest delight of tens of thousands of “Hinchas” that the seething Argentinian fans will gather in their thousands at this stadium for Sunday’s (4pm) grand final. Will face France or Morocco (this Wednesday at 20:00 at Al-Beit Stadium). Undoubtedly, the effort against Neymar’s group last Friday (1-1 ap, 4-2 pen), the Croatians have never been able to shake this Argentina is still not brilliant, disciplined, consistent, painful to play.

After 20 minutes of general torpor, except for the stands, the fire woke everyone up with two strokes of the Pulga gas pedal (21, 22), in which the two teams neutralized each other. We had to wait a little longer to see the first strike of the match, McAllister (24th). This was well captured by Livakovic, the obvious World Cup keeper. Modric? In furnace and mill, as usual, like this restoration near his corner post (27th). How can you not love a Croatian leprechaun, he’s so generous? Except it was very lonely on Tuesday night… And it was Argentina who took the lead. Fernandez’s opener for Alvarez was canceled out by Livakovic, who lost to Messi from the penalty spot (1-0, 32). Also against Alvarez, at the end of a thunderous transition, the Citizen benefited from two favorable counterattacks and … the passivity of the Croatian rear defender (2-0, 39). Courage, forceps. Like these blue-collar Argentines. Croatia stunned, Livakovic (43rd, 44th) ventilator (2-0, MT).

Two changes at half-time for coach Dalic (Orsic and Vlasic for Sosa and Pasalic), post for post, another in the 50th, with Brozovic keeper coming on for Petkovic, a goal-savior against Brazil. It is not enough to destabilize these Argentine street dogs, who are ready to give their lives on every ball with their genius number 10 to turn things upside down and shake Croatia (57th). This time Livakovic closed the corner well. The genius Messi could not do much while serving in Alvarez’s platoon after possessing Guardiola (3-0, 69th), another Croatian discovery of the tournament. Argentinian goalkeeper Martinez was responsible for extinguishing the cowardly tendencies of the vice-world champions (62nd, 72nd, 89th). Unlike the 8th game against Australia (2-1) and the quarter, the Netherlands (2-2 ap, 4-3 pen), Lionel Scaloni’s players did not even tremble at the end and could even increase the score. McAllister (83), Lovren (85) could not protect his honor (3-0 final score).

Argentina and their supporters will return to the spectacular scenery of Lusail on Sunday for a display unprecedented at this stage of the competition. This will be the Albiceleste’s sixth appearance in the finals, following their coronations in 1978 and 1986, as well as setbacks in 1930, 1990 and 2014. On this occasion, Leo Messi will break the cup match record – 5 goals in Qatar. a world he now shares with Lothar Matthaus (25). Another one in the bag for the Parisian who dreams of only one thing, his first world title at the age of 35. The train has passed for 37-year-old Luka Modric. After the 2018 final, Real Madrid’s flamboyant leader will try to console himself with third place on Saturday (16:00) at the Khalifa International Stadium, the brainchild of French architect Roger Taillibert, the father of the Parc des Princes. France-Morocco will obviously be against the losing side. Davor Suker and company did it in 1998.

Argentina-Croatia in pictures

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