5 things to know about Emily Harrop, who will win the big ski mountaineering crystal globe

Crystal globe for just his third season with Les Bleues. The climb couldn’t be faster. Emily Harrop made a surprise this season, she came first. “Thanks to the Alpine, I have good downhill experience, which has always helped me, Defines the Savoyard. Et I always have a good stamina. I had a lot to see in this sport, but the progress this year has been crazy. »

The licensee of Méribel took her first World Cup victory in Ponte di Legno (Italy) last December and was the most consistent to decorate herself with the crystal in the three disciplines of ski mountaineering (individual, vertical competition, sprint).

It started from the Alps

Harrop’s beginnings in ski racing are far from ski racing. Between 2013 and 2017, Savoyard tried his luck in alpine skiing at the international level, qualifying for FIS events. His best season? Definitely 2015, with a 2015 junior national title (7th in super-G, 4th in senior downhill). He received a license in Tignes, and in March 2017, he took 26th place in the French championship in the giant slalom, and ended his alpine career in this resort. “The last two years I was injured in mountain skiing (clavicle and fibula fracture), he explains. When you are no longer on alpine nails, you allow a little. The competition is intense. »

Pierra Menta started ski mountaineering at the age of 20

Pierra Menta, the queen of disciplined races at Beaufortain, is now inevitably part of her career goals. Around the age of 18 or 20, after spending several years in the Alps, Harrop occasionally went on ski tours with friends who also practiced ski mountaineering. “in the spring, when I have time”, slides. He started this sport after participating in the publication of Pierra Menta. “It encouraged me he specifies. It was the first race I went to watch. The atmosphere was crazy. I told myself that I would see myself holding up well (laughs). »

He also enjoys trail running.

In the spring, the Franco-British (his parents are English) swaps his skis for sneakers and, like many other ski climbers, takes up trail running. Harrop notably competed in the Gold Trail Series event Skyrhune in the Basque Country (21km, 1700m elevation gain) and achieved his 5th place in his first appearance. He also shined in the Red Bull 400, a Courchevel ski jumping event: 36 degree slope, 185 meter elevation gain over 400 meter length, 1300 meter altitude. Result: victory and women’s record, 4’29.

He is part of the army of champions

Like disciplined hopeful Thibault Anselmet, Harrop joined the ranks of the champions’ army. His signing with the French military ski team (EFMS) in September allowed him to fully dedicate himself to his discipline in parallel with his management studies, which he will complete in 2023. “Returning to the military allowed me to become a professional, evaluates. It has had a big impact on my results this season, that’s for sure. And having that support allows me to project myself more into the future. » Especially in the 2026 Olympics in Milan-Cortina d’Ampezzo, where ski mountaineering will become an Olympic sport.

He replaces his teammate Axel Gachet-Mollaret in the list

This season, Emily Harrop and Axelle Gachet-Mollaret were both opponents and teammates. Gachet-Mollaret, the emperor in the individual race (6 wins in as many races), won the big world in 2021 and chose not to line up in all the sprint races this year (but will still finish 2nd overall behind his compatriot). In the World Long Distance Championship, the duo became world champions through the Rutor Tour. “He has a lot of experience, I was able to learn a lot from him about technique, strategy, diet…, Appreciates Harrop. It was super rich. And she’s a super determined girl with pretty incredible strength, which is so inspiring to me. »

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