English: the essential tool to develop your business and career

When you think of ways to grow your business, you think of marketing strategies, innovative solutions that will disrupt the market, or investing in better equipment, better sales staff, etc.

Similarly, if someone wants to climb the corporate ladder, they think about doing management training or doing everything possible on a certain project to impress the boss.

However, there is a small skill that allows you to open various doors and create opportunities. This can increase your salary and unlock foreign markets for your product or service. It takes a little effort every day, and it can take a long time to see the fruits of your labor, but it’s worth it: English.

Why is English so important in the professional world?

In an ever-shrinking world, communication is becoming the dominant factor in the success or failure of a project or business. In the world of Whatsapp, YouTube and Teams, instant communication permeates our lives and influences the decisions we make and our career paths.

We can easily communicate with a team scattered around the world in different time zones. Therefore, it is quite natural to have a common language.

How to grow your business with English

If you’re an entrepreneur, one of the best ways to take your business to the next level is to expand overseas. In the digital age, it’s easier than ever.

Using freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, you can easily build a team to work remotely. The abundance of available means of communication allows us to stay in constant contact. If you speak business English, the markets available to you are limitless.

Grow your network

Expanding your network internationally will create countless opportunities beyond your national network. Using LinkedIn can connect you with other entrepreneurs on the other side of the world, allowing them to see your work and validate your credibility. If you want to connect with people on LinkedIn, check your messages before sending them, as messages in poor English can often be misinterpreted as spam.

This is not necessarily the case when attending events in person. It’s more important to relax and mingle here! Attending networking events can connect you with the right people, be it seminars or training conferences, it’s a great way to grow your professional network.

How does a bit of English help her professional life?

Knowing English can clearly help you when dealing with foreign customers, colleagues and suppliers. It can help you network and meet new people. It can help you with your research and troubleshooting on the Internet. But there are obviously more ways in which English can help.

Enhance your resume with certification

If you’re looking for a way to boost your resume, language skills are an obvious asset to your resume. They demonstrate your ability to focus on long-term goals and develop your skills over time.

Even if the job description doesn’t state that fluency in English is necessary, having a certified level in English will always enhance your CV and put you ahead of your competitors. Bilingual workers often earn higher wages.

What are the best ways to learn English?

There are a million different ways to learn English on the internet, apps like Duolingo, YouTube channels and more, but the best way is to take lessons.

If you can afford it, taking an English course at CPF can be a great way to improve your skills without spending your own money.

You are also assured that it is a quality training organization if you go through CPF. All training organizations must be Qualiopi certified to access these funds, so it is a well-regulated industry.

Your only problem is finding the right training organization! You should look for an online training organization with a good reputation by checking Trustpilot and Google reviews. It is also important to find an organization with the right pedagogy.

Old school methods don’t work anymore. Training with an organization like Ouisay will create a personalized course that will allow you to practice with native speakers and e-learning that adapts to your progress. So you’ll be well prepared for your next adventure abroad!

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