iPhone: What’s New in iOS 16.2 Update?

Besides bringing some fixes and improvements, each update comes with its share of new features. Apple Music Sing, Freeform, new widgets for the lock screen and some additional settings for Always On mode: here are the new features offered by iOS 16.2 that will be installed on compatible iPhones.

If you have an iPhone compatible with iOS 16, you probably received a notification inviting you to the new update: iOS 16.2 version is indeed available. Already, you say? Feeling like you just installed iOS 16.1, which came out at the end of October, so you don’t want to update the process anytime soon? We can understand you, but above all, you should know that it is always important to install available updates, including some security patches that may be important to protect your precious smartphones. Then, this iOS 16.2 includes some exciting new features…

While the previous one brought us Live Actions, sharing photos between multiple users on iCloud or even displaying the battery percentage on more iPhone models, this new update also comes with a lot of new features. Choice.

Apple Music Sing, karaoke function

First, we introduced it to you a few days ago: it’s a new feature brought to the music platform Apple Music. Even more, an improvement brought to the display of words in real time. A feature that allows you to follow the text of our favorite titles, while also reading over it. And more precisely, with iOS 16.2, the music app becomes even more karaoke! The new tool, called Apple Music Sing, consists of adjusting the volume of a vocal track to better confirm its performance in music that remains at normal volume. Angry karaoke nights are yours!

With Apple Music Sing, it’s possible to turn down the singer’s volume to go into karaoke mode by following the lyrics in time with the music. © Apple

Freeform, a brand new app on iPhone

Then deploy a brand new native application. A small event, because every day Apple introduces a new application for its precious iPhone. And Freeform, with its moniker, should convince more than one quickly because it promises to be practical. It’s a kind of new office tool, especially for collaborative projects that allow several people to work on a whiteboard or “elastic canvas” To use the term used by the Apple brand. Because the good thing about Freeform, which roughly translates to “freeform”, is that it accepts all kinds of files, from text documents to videos, with a free drawing tool. .

Freeform is available on iPhone as well as iPad and Mac.
Freeform is available on iPhone as well as iPad and Mac. © Apple

Several fixes to reduce Always On mode

This new feature only applies to the lucky owners of iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max. For good reason, only Apple’s new premium models are equipped with a display that offers an always-on display called “Always On”. Of course, while it is more discreet when locked, it reduces the brightness, this long-awaited feature has something that disturbs some of the stability and constantly draws a lot of attention to their smartphones. Therefore, with iOS 16.2, the Cupertino company offers new settings for this Always On mode, such as allowing you to hide the wallpaper or not show notifications.

Two new lock screen widgets

The arrival of iOS 16 made it possible to customize the lock screen on all compatible models. Also, the ability to insert some widgets to display certain important information without unlocking the device, such as weather or activity tracking. The iOS 16.2 update expands the catalog of widgets available for the iPhone’s lock screen with two new features: the Sleep widget, which provides at-a-glance the latest data recorded while you’re in Morphee’s lap, and the Treats widget. displays reminders and provides one-click access to his medication chart.

While this is just a selection of the major new features brought with iOS 16.2, you should know that this update also brings some improvements to well-known iPhone features. It’s now easier to find photos, especially in Messages, with a search tool that can select those that contain a cat, for example. The Airdrop feature also gets a small upgrade, now automatically reverting to “Contacts Only” after 10 minutes to avoid receiving requests from anyone nearby. Apple also notes that iOS 16.2 comes to optimize the detection of crashes on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, or even to fix the problem of syncing certain notes with iCloud… In short, many reasons to do this, this new update !

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