Joyful supporters celebrate the victory over Morocco in the streets

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23:56 : It was an honor to watch today’s World Cup match with Morocco’s Prime Minister Akhannouch. Regardless of who you support, it was remarkable to watch how much this team has achieved.

23:56 : Morocco lost to France, but they won praise from the American president, who took to Twitter to praise the team’s progress in the competition. “The achievements of this team were remarkable”– said Joe Biden on the social network after the match.

23:29 : Hundreds of fans gathered on the Champs-Elysées in Paris to celebrate the Blues’ victory over Morocco. A few photos of joy.


23:21 : It’s 1:20am in Doha, we’re going to let Rachel slowly finish this live stream and get rid of our emotions! See you at the France-Argentina final on Sunday (and tomorrow, at noon, on traditional Twitch). Have a great evening and go Blues to all and sundry!

23:13 : In Montpellier sur le Peyrou, we thank the blues. Bravooooo! And thank you for this interesting creature

23:11 : There was fun everywhere tonight in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines! How nice to experience it again! Thanks to FranceInfo for the live stream 🙂

23:09 : “We’ve watched almost every game in the World Cup. We know how Argentina play, they’re a very tough team and they’re in great shape. They’re a very good group like us. Their fans are with them. From tomorrow we’ll see what we can do and where we can hurt them. we’ll see.”

23:09 : ?? It’s party time on the streets of Guéret! Celebrating @equipedefrance’s qualification to the finals of the #QatarWorldCup2022 ?? Live and in full on France Bleu Creuse on Sunday at 16:00! #FRAMAR

23:09 : Residents in Guéret don’t want to sleep either.

23:04 : Alphonse Areola can become a double World Champion by playing 0 minutes. Believe in your dreams.

23:04 : Did you say “ran”? I think this should not happen very often after the case of Carlo Jose Castillo, Brazil’s second goalkeeper in 1958 and 1962.

23:00 : (I don’t know anything about football)

23:00 : An image to take from the match? We give you the lead.

22:59 : Moroccan coach Walid Regraghi favored the final in favor of the blues at the press conference: “I like little Mbappe, I would like him to win this World Cup. We said that he is getting close to Pele… Then we can say that we lost to the world champion.”

22:57 : “Fading is not a game”. This is the message of @Avaaz in a newspaper ad published today in the French press (Le Figaro and Liberation). As diplomats negotiate the fate of the planet at #COP15 , Mr. Macron heads to the World Cup. Unacceptable.

22:56 : “The blues don’t need you, the planet does.” The international NGO Avaaz details Emmanuel Macron, who is in Qatar for the World Cup but is not going to COP15 on biodiversity: “When you If you go to the semi-final in France, the original rainforest, the size of 1,000 football pitches, will be destroyed.”

22:56 : @kat We are in a completely empty stadium, except for the stewards walking through the stands to pick up the waste. The press box was well emptied and we took the opportunity to bid farewell at Al Khor, the only stadium outside of Doha. Eager to celebrate the victory, fans made their way to the capital to visit Souk Waqif, the (almost) never-sleeping beating heart.

22:56 : And in your place, Pierre and Raphaël, around the stadium… In Doha, it’s a party where everyone is already in bed???

22:52 : Great! The skill of the Blues, the enthusiasm of the Atlas Lions, the moves from one goal to the other, a match of great intensity! Hats off to Morocco and congratulations to our great French team for this game and this course!! ??? We are in the final ?!!

22:52 : Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Cestera goes there with her little post-semi-final tweets.


22:50 : In almost good French, Kylian Mbappé takes to Twitter to express his joy at reaching two consecutive World Cup finals.

22:49 : France v Argentina in the final: a very classy display. Somewhat mirror-like, the two teams resemble each other in their pragmatism, genius presence, and the superior quality of their players. This is the worst matchup for both teams #FRAARG

22:48 : This French team always gives the strange impression of being caught.
Limits a feather below its competitors.
And yet in the end…

22:46 : @A26 and @Guillaume Not so sure! Indeed, Argentina looked comfortable against Croatia yesterday, while the Blues looked like a slice of Swiss cheese at times in Morocco’s attacks. But again, experts are not categorical like you.

22:45 : The Argentines will wreak havoc with this French team

22:45 : And suddenly, now we have to go to Argentina! Is this team better than 2018?

22:45 : THEN ISTTTTTT ??❤️❤️?????? #biraddım daha

22:43 : If you want to know everything, the Blues didn’t play Scrabble in the locker room after that win. Theo Hernandez spilled the beans to TF1: “It was an incredible moment in the dressing room, we read well, jumped well !”

22:42 : In the snow, hundreds of Alsatian fans gather at Place Kléber to sing the Marseillaise after the Blues’ qualifying ???? #francemaroc #CoupeDuMonde

22:42 : La Marseillaise was sung to celebrate the Blues’ win over Morocco and what promises to be a final against Argentina on Sunday! #FBsport

22:41 : “He’s not a Frenchman who doesn’t shoot!” Touraneaux goes berserk after France qualify for final #FRAMAR #CoupeDuMondeFIFA #FIFAWorldCup (no reporter mistreated)

22:43 : France is in the final, so it’s a bit of a comeback Voice on the streets (and sometimes even in the snow):

22:40 : @Damien Brazil won it in 1994 (Baggio penalty, heartbreak 28 years later), lost it in 1998 (I think everyone but the very young remember that day) and won it in 2002 thanks to Oliver Kahn’s goal. , the German goalkeeper.

22:38 : In which year did the team play two finals in a row?

22:38 : “It’s not over, we have to go all the way!”

The striker, who scored the second goal a few seconds after entering the game, was still in his little cloud in front of TF1’s microphone. “I’m still asleep, I’m having trouble waking up. I scored the first goal, I hope it won’t be the last, I’m very, very happy for myself and my teammates. I don’t. Don’t understand, I think we’ll find out tomorrow morning in training or when I go to bed.”

22:36 : @Aglioecipolla He wasn’t exactly a great democrat, but it seems to me that Mussolini had two titles with the Nazionale in 1934 and 1938.

22:35 : Say, but if we win the final, he will actually be the one who breaks the record… President Macron?! Is the president of the republic a double world champion?!

22:32 : Fireworks in #Lille for #Blues to the tune of Azudan Azad song @lavoixdunord

22:32 : Lille is on fire tonight!

22:31 : You won’t be surprised to learn that His Highness Antoine Griezmann scored the best score in blues from Professor Andréa La Perna! Find the full newsletter here!


22:30 : Paris metro #AFP #ChampsElysees #FRAMAR

22:30 : Pictures of smiling people in the Paris metro, you won’t see them every day, believe me 🙂

22:28 : When will we talk about France as the best co-sport country?

22:27 : Basketball player Evan Fournier asks a real question on his Twitter account.

22:25 : @Nemk Given the deadlines (a week between the deadline and Christmas Day), that seems pretty unlikely to me.

22:24 : Marketing question: Are hardware manufacturers ready to give us a 3-star jersey under the tree?

22:24 : If this CDM took place in summer, the atmosphere would not be the same. I will be in the fields to celebrate. Frankly… the sofa is still comfortable

22:23 : @Christmas star Sure, the two teams have two world titles, but the Argentinians go back a bit (1978 at home and under difficult circumstances and 1986 by Diego Maradona with the hand of God).

22:23 : So it will be the team with the 3rd star in the jersey on Sunday.

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