Marco Odermatt’s coronation!

The curtain came down on the white circus last Sunday, and now it’s time to preview the 2022 men’s alpine ski season. A workout that won 1 at the top of Marco Odermatter The big globe of the general classification after the Frenchman Alexis Pinturault. Here is our 2022 ski season report!

Alpine ski season 2022 report: they are insured!

They won qualification globes, Olympic medals or victories during the World Cup, an overview of satisfaction from the 2022 alpine skiing season:

Marco Odermatt, the best skier on the planet (overall classification globe winner and giant)

After narrowly missing out last season in favor of Alexis Pinturault, he has been declared the favorite for this 2022 season. At least we can say that the Swiss were not disappointed. Marco Odermatt, who won 8 victories this season, as well as the Olympic title in Giant, surprised even the speed experts. While we waited for him in the Super-G, Odermatt was able to join the race for the big world by coming very close to the first success in the discipline. With a total of 1639 points, he ranked 5thc most points in a season. The future looks bright for the young Swiss!

Aleksander Aamodt-Kilde, king of speed (winner of downhill and Super-G globes)

Aleksander Aamodt-Kilde made a quick return to the top of alpine skiing after returning from a damaged knee ligament last season. In the 2020 Alpine Skiing World Cup general classification, he was the only person who could compare with the big globe winner Marco Odermatt. But his hopes were very faint, abandoning the discipline of the giant. His alpine ski record for the 2022 season remains incredible with 2 globes and 7 wins. Only a small shadow on the board could not bring back the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics.

The return of Henrik Kristoffersen

Although he was Marcel Hirscher’s Dolphins for several seasons, he was expected as a potential successor to Austrian Henrik Kristoffersen. But the Norwegian was unable to repeat his performance and his regularity, however, as before, drifted away. 3c “Christo”, who won the overall classification of the World Cup and the slalom globe, has gained confidence for the next season and will be an outsider in the big world.

An explosion of young Norwegians in technical subjects

Heralded as the future stars of alpine skiing, Lukas Braathen and Atle Lie McGrath have given the current answer for this alpine skiing season 2022! Both slalom winners this winter, the 2 young 22-year-old Norwegians have their futures in either Giant or Slalom. This competition and this new blood even gave Kristoffersen a second life! Only positive for Norway!

Special notes

Even if they don’t win a globe this season, their season is a success! Like Beat Feuz. The Swiss was dethroned in the downhill after a 4-year reign, but won the Olympic title in Beijing. Ditto for Matthias Mayer, who despite mixed results over the course of the season showed he’s still a skier for the day by defending his Olympic title in Super-G. How about Johannes Strolz, who was not in Austria’s qualifying plans at the beginning of the season and got his 1st win?time He won the slalom in Adelboden and won an incredible gold medal at the combined Olympic Games.

Alpine skiing 2022 season report: disappointed

While some skiers have lived up to expectations, not all have come a long way from last December’s high-ambition season.

Alexis Pinturault, a season to forget

After winning the big crystal globe last season, we had high expectations for Alexis Pinturault next season. But the results have been nothing short of disastrous since opening in December. Shortly after the race for the overall rankings, it was believed that the French champion would focus on the 2022 Olympics, the main target. His entire career. Accustomed to winning a race every year for 10 years, Pinturault was running both physically and psychologically.

Marco Schwarz, a preparation that destroys everything

Marco Schwarz, the owner of the Slalom globe in 2021, unfortunately could not protect his chances as he wanted. The Austrian, who suffered an ankle injury in October last year, had to change his entire fitness to try to make a comeback in December. But without success. The Austrian was only a shadow of himself.

Sebastian Foss-Solevag, the missing world champion

The Cortina d’Ampezzo world champion also had plenty of ambitions for the 2022 season.nde place and victory after the first 2 slaloms of the season. Then the black hole! Off road, hardware problems, bad results. The only satisfaction was the bronze medal he won in Beijing during the Olympics, a bit like Clément Noel…

Clément Noël Olympic title to make up for a disappointing alpine skiing season

2 after finishing 3 consecutive seasonsc In the slalom world rankings, the 2022 season was expected to be a holy season for Clément Noël. After 1er The slalom of the season won in Val d’Isère lived up to expectations. And then 2nde Victory was within reach, the Frenchman collapsed before the final gate in Cortina d’Ampezzo… a turning point in his season. The following Slaloms were always taken with a kidney, but without success. With only 50% of the races completed, it was simply impossible to hope for a better result during the season. We had to wait until the Beijing Olympics to find the Clément Noel we knew, fast and determined to win gold. But throughout the season, the results of tricolor alpine skiing for the 2022 season are not mixed.

French 2022 alpine ski season report: successful, mixed or disappointing?

Overall, the French season was disappointing in all disciplines. With Victory (Clément Noël 1er slalom of the season) only the French team was absent. First in speed, the next generation is slow to get behind Johan Clarey. The dean of the team achieved a podium in Kitzbühel (also at the Olympics) in the lower part of the season. He won the podium with his friend Blaise Giezendanner from the French team, who won the first box of his career. In the technical disciplines, unfortunately, it is the same observation with many disappointments. Alexis Pinturault has not tasted victory this season, with only 3 podiums (2 Giants and one in Slalom). A very modest alpine skiing record for the 2022 season for the 2021 giant world champion Mathieu Faivre, who has not won a single podium this season, except for the Beijing Olympics (bronze). . For Clément Noël, see above.

A 2022 alpine ski season that lives up to its promises with Marco Odermatt at the helm of the new king. The French who could not play the leading roles. This is the alpine skiing report for the 2022 season. See you at the 2023 season opener in Sölden in October!

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