I tested the trainer to learn how to shoot in Valorant and it works!

From Overwatch to Valorant to Warzone, I’ve never known how to shoot in games. So I asked a coach.

We have to face the facts. I’m a noob. After 15 years of playing all kinds of competitive titles, I haven’t been able to reach a high level in any of them. My greatest achievement: Platinum in Starcraft II when the game was still popular, slightly above average overall. Only problem is, competitive video games are my thing, and so despite my bad results, the enjoyment and desire to play remains the same.

I jumped into Valorant after it released last year hoping to climb quickly. But the same reasons produce the same effects: I’ve been stuck on silver for 6 months with no noticeable progress. There are several reasons for this, of course the general strategy, but also because I don’t know how to shoot. I’ve looked at rambling tutorials, streams, and other tips for dummies. Nothing, nothing could fill my main void: to aim. So I decided to take an offensive solution: take a lesson.

There are many trainers available today in various ways, but I chose one where I was spoiled for choice: Fiverr. This platform allows you to find all kinds of service providers for more or less specific tasks, from game training to long-term services.the big four“, thanks to the new Fiverr Business offer.

After a few searches, I settled on the Titan0s whose method suited me the best, being the teacher who seemed most passionate about their mission. The 22-year-old from Philadelphia started coaching on Fiverr about a year and a half ago after playing mostly CS:GO competitively. Perfect, because Valve’s game principles have easily transferred over to Valorant, where it started.

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What I learned about FPS

So I opted for a one-on-one session with the Titan0s so I could go deep. Prerequisites: ruler, Aimlabs (free on Steam), and Discord to chat with him (and other students). After a quick introduction, let’s get down to business. The ruler is used to measure your hand and depending on its size, Titan0s will recommend a mouse model adapted to your morphology.

Next, we review your current settings before starting Aimlabs. My trainer was able to assess my ability to accurately, quickly aim and follow a target within a day thanks to this tool. Over time, it prompts me to adjust my mouse sensitivity to find what works best for me. One of my mistakes was quite common, I was using too high a sensitivity which caused me to lose accuracy.

My speed almost halved, we ran a training program on training specially designed by Titan0s at Aimlabs. Improvements are visible from the start, I hit more targets faster. Then we start game of death About Valorant. The results are final. It’s as if the shots magically follow each other more naturally.

One of the special exercises for Valorant. // Screenshot

The “snapshots” are still not perfectly fine-tuned at the end of the session, as I have drastically reduced my sensitivity. After a few days and a few games, the benefits of coaching are undeniable. I win more duels and find the head of my opponents faster. The result: my ranking is moving up, and fast.

However, I need to play a few more games and continue with my training regimen to really see how far it’s gotten me and what new level I’ll be reaching. But one thing is certain: my “silver” rank will be history in a few weeks. It’s simple, out of the 5 ranked games I’ve played since my coaching session, I haven’t lost…none!

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Focus on aiming to go deeper

If Valorant is a game that rewards a lot of aiming, this is not the only element of the game. Strategy, game feel, knowledge of cards, use of spells and more. are all elements that must be mastered in order to play at a high level.

The exercise suggested by Titan0s is only about aiming in the technical sense of the term. As he said, “I think you play with your brain and apply your strategies in the game“. By focusing on this technical aspect, a trainer can really go deeper and provide real added value to their students, rather than offering generic training that you can easily find on Twitch or YouTube.

While these tips mostly apply to Valorant, with a few exercises developed for Riot’s title at Aimlabs. Most of the techniques can be transferred to other games, CS: GO obviously, but also Warzone, Fortnite or Overwatch. All shooting games are in reality, but it’s mostly a disadvantage for games that require “tracking”. Quake is best known for this type of targeting, and so are several Overwatch heroes (Soldier, Tracer, and Zarya in particular).

“Today I earn money thanks to Fiverr”

On the client side, Fiverr is a great platform. Among various guarantees to ensure clear presentation of offers, ability to pay securely and order fulfillment. What about the service provider and above all, can we really make money from it, or can the platform only be used to generate additional income?

In addition to being a Great Trainer, Titan0s loves dogs. Credit: Titan0s

For the Titan0s I spoke to after the course, the answer is crystal clear: “today I earn money thanks to his Fiverr“. It is his full-time activity that allows him to work at a rate of 30 hours per week.live, pay the bills and make my loved ones happy“. He recently graduated from the Faculty of Economics and plans to perhaps find a more traditional job later, but for now he is very happy with his situation. He sums it up beautifully:Thank you Fiverr, I can do what I love and pay my bills“, reporting to no one but his students and himself.

Fiverr is also a platform that makes finding clients very easy. Either because you are a full-time freelancer or when you are working and looking for extra income. If you have the talent and want to stick with it, it’s a platform that’s particularly easy to get hold of and well-known enough to supply the demand and vice versa. While doing my research, I also noticed that there are very few French-speaking trainers on the platform. If you’re more talented than I am at Valorant, CS:GO, Warzone, or other games, there’s definitely a market out there.

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