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COMBO sponsored by Gameloft for brands in September! The Game Media Network is a mobile game advertising network powered by the world’s leading publishers. It just passed one billion impressions, reminding brands that in-game advertising is essential to capitalizing on the current gaming revolution.

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Video games remain more than ever the world’s leading entertainment industry, and this situation is reinforced by successive arrests: in 2022, the market should grow by 2.1% compared to the previous year and reach 196.8 billion dollars. this leads to a total of 3.2 billion players.

With all due respect to those who love stereotypes, today the game is for all generations, all genders and all social backgrounds. According to McKinsey, up to 42% of baby boomers play an average of more than two hours per week. Growing numbers among the youngest: 60% of Gen Y worry about 4 hours of gaming per week on average; 80% of Gen Z for an average of 7 hours of gaming each week; and finally, 66% of the Alpha generation who play an average of 6 hours a week, but mostly with their parents. Here’s the big news: gaming is now a family affair!

Brands have got it right: geek is cool, and even luxury players like LVMH aren’t shy about participating in major eSports competitions. At the same time, gaming platforms such as Discord or Twitch are gaining ground in the social media universe, while the “metaverse” trend is pushing many players to develop gaming experiences or collaborate with game publishers.

“We are at a turning point: with the development of digital and social networks, we have never been exposed to advertising messages as much as today. The degree of attention to these formats is now close to zero. We need to turn to new media with great attention. , and more attractive formats to restore advertising performance”, – Alexandre Tan, SVP of brand partnerships and advertising at Gameloft explains, launched for brands in 2015, when gaming was already positioning itself as an ideal playground for brands seeking visibility and engagement.

“The development of the free-to-play game was a major shakeup in the monetization of video games. Advertising was left to everyone, and some publishers, including Gameloft, launched their own internal controls to maintain control over advertising. More and more players and brands wanted to penetrate the world of video games. their games to provide the best experience for. Games from the biggest publishers to easily deliver the ultimate brand experience.”

COMBO! Game Media Network reaches 40% of gamers worldwide

With the launch of COMBO in September, the brakes have been lifted! Game Media Network is the first global premium advertising network dedicated to mobile games that is both non-intrusive and effective, highlighting the quality of games and partners selected based on demanding criteria in terms of gameplay, production and advertising formats. “COMBO! is a collaboration of the best mobile game publishers. In addition to Gameloft’s game catalog, COMBO! includes games from SYBO, Outfit7 and Wooga publishers: Subway Surfers, Minion Rush, Talking Tom & Friends, June’s Journey, Asphalt 9: Legends , Gangstar Vegas and Dungeon Hunter,” citing Alexander Tan, citing nearly a hundred games in total. This is a potential reach of 1.3 billion monthly users and a guarantee for advertisers to use the expertise of publishers who know perfectly what their players want and avoid the deterioration of the gaming experience.

Now that gaming is at the heart of all strategies, and as advertisers turn en masse to sponsoring eSports events or creating experiences in Fortnite, Roblox or Minecraft, in-game advertising seems to be the ideal compromise between significant reach and manageable costs. “Video games today offer brands diverse and effective solutions to achieve different goals, from awareness and attention through sponsorship, influence or even local special operations to conversion through campaigns. Media video and in-game display. With COMBO!, in-game. 2016- Thanks to trusted third parties such as IAS, IAB and MOAT, who have been measuring the performance of our campaigns since 2010 and offering up to 2x higher performance levels, advertising meets industry standards in terms of tracking and measuring engagement, viewability or completion rates, higher than industry benchmarks,” says Alexandre Tan .

He notes that these operations can be easily managed in terms of both the number of impressions delivered and the geographic area addressed, and they are fully integrated into the gaming experience through interactive formats such as mini-html5 games. such as a rewarded video that intervenes at the core of the player’s experience: “After a defeat in a game, the advertiser allows the player to restart the game thanks to a bonus in exchange for watching a video ad, or vice versa, after success, the advertiser intervenes to reward the player with another bonus. This ad is to better integrate the giver into the gaming experience and position it as a partner to work on brand loyalty.” Moreover, recent research shows that these formats are quite well received by mobile gamers: 50% prefer to watch ads in exchange for a bonus than to pay for it in the “free to play” model according to Tapjoy monetization. What’s more, according to AdColony research, more than a third of gamers click on ads in mobile games, and just under a quarter visit the advertiser’s site after a game session, all for a purchase intent that’s twice as high as an ad found on Facebook. Youtube.

This explains the strong development of the in-game advertising market in recent years: “In 2021, $7 billion was spent on in-game advertising, and the market should reach $17 billion in the next decade,” SVP brand says. Gameloft’s partnerships and advertising for brands, added that the game is a refuge for many users in these times of crisis: “The game, you are not active and passive. It is an attractive and immersive environment that provides positive emotions. According to a recent study by SELL, we every above all, we play for joy, escape and communication with others,” says Alexandre Tan.

In the current context of concern, what explains the enthusiasm around video games, which responds to the main challenges that brands have faced in recent years: to reconnect with and engage certain audiences that are often unreachable in other channels and demand more. fun experiences. While benefiting from the power of inventory integrated into the networks and media that respect brand safety and are part of the daily lives of hundreds of millions of consumers. COMBO! overall perfect!

To learn more about COMBO! The Game Media Network is here

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