The best horror comedies of 2022

Creating a horror story requires many variables – setting, interesting characters, tone, good villain, etc. However, one of the most important elements that can make or break a horror film is timing. From scary good jumps to perfect musical cues, the timing enhances the horror at every turn. There is another genre where timing is of the essence: comedy.

At first, comedy and horror may seem like opposites of a spectrum, and for some elements, they really are. However, even in their differences, they are most similar. Hitting the joke moment is just as important as hitting the mark when a ghost appears on screen to scare the audience. Similarly, these are two genres that aim to create really visceral reactions – laughs and screams (which are quite close physiologically). That’s why some movies combine them to create a scary and funny story.

2022 has had some great comedy horror movies that have audiences screaming and laughing – sometimes in the same scene. Here are the best horror comedies of 2022.

8/8 Fierce Night

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Maybe the first things that come to mind when you think of Christmas and Santa Claus aren’t gory, over-the-top action sequences and humor. However, Fierce Night comes to show how these elements can work together to create a truly unforgettable night.

The film received backlash, which is nothing new for horror stories that take beloved characters (like Santa Claus) and turn them into something darker. Violent Night director Tommy Wirkola and star David Harbor (Stranger Things) embrace its extreme aesthetic, making it a fun film for horror and action fans, even though the film’s plot may be weak.

7/8 Wendell and the Wild


Wendell and Wild comes from two of the brightest minds in horror and comedy: Henry Selick (The Nightmare before Christmas) and Jordan Peele (Get Out, Key & Peele). The filmmakers co-wrote the screenplay, with Peele voicing one of the titular diabolical characters, while his former sketch comedy co-star Keegan-Michael Key voiced the other.

After his masterpieces The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline, Selick’s stop-motion feature is unlike anything else. Wendell and Wild’s visuals and creative design are gorgeous, though many of the storylines can be a little confusing, covering a lot of big themes like prison reform, trauma, death, urban education, and more. Nevertheless, horror and humor work very well together in this punk rock tale of a girl struggling with grief and her demons.

6/8 sister

to tremble

Sissy is an unexpected film that will take you on a journey full of carnage and dark humor. A story that takes social media and critiques it, particularly influencers and the idea of ​​mental health, Sissy focuses on bullying and how social media itself becomes a kind of bullying and people can’t socialize in real life.

Past traumas take center stage when protagonist Cecilia (Internet Sissy) is invited to a bachelorette party (referred to here as a bachelorette party because the film is Australian). It’s another slasher movie that isn’t afraid of gore, especially in the third act. Despite the brutality of the disease, this story isn’t ultimately scary, but that’s not Sissy’s real goal.

5/8 fresh

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Fresh is an interesting horror story with dark humor. It’s a little softer in terms of comedy, but it’s there, albeit in a rather twisted way. The story begins when Noah (Daisy Edgar-Jones), tired of online dating, falls in love with Steve (Sebastian Stan), whom he meets in a supermarket, and disguises himself in a romantic comedy.

The humor lasts for a while, then things quickly turn sour. The cannibal part of the story has elements that could be considered funny if you have a sick sense of humor, although this film is definitely not for the faint of heart.

4/8 Barbarian

Workshops of the 20th century

While Barbarian deals with a variety of serious issues, particularly the difference between women’s and men’s realities, there are fun elements to its story, thanks mostly to a hilariously self-centered and narcissistic performance by Justin Long, who has had a great year in between. , House of Darkness and Christmas with the Campbells.

Long stars as AJ, a self-righteous director who believes he is being wrongfully sued for sexual assault. When he flees Los Angeles to sell some of his property in a bad neighborhood, he finds himself in a truly terrifying situation. His reactions to potentially dangerous scenarios, while clearly funny, speak volumes about the underlying problem the film faces. For example, AJ finds a hidden basement that connects to creepy rooms with human-sized cages. What is AJ’s reaction? Find tape measure – extra basement space adds value to a home!

3/8 Deadstream

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Taking the deadstream, YouTuber, and ghost phenomenon to the extreme and turning it into one of the funniest movies of the year, Shudder is an original. This decade’s Blair Witch Project, the film tackles elements that couldn’t be more modern with a funny twist: subverting culture, YouTube monetization, white privilege, and more.

Plus, it’s primarily a one-act movie, and Joseph Winter knocks it out of the park. Its overclocking is something most of these YouTube videos have and adds an extra layer of fun. This mix of found footage and live streaming is surprisingly funny and scary.

2/8 Scream (2022)

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Scream (2022) premiered in January, kicking off one of the best years for horror movies in a long time. Since the original Scream, comedy has been a huge part of this story and it’s what makes fans love them so much. Some say this episode is the best since the first movie, and it’s the fifth, so that’s saying a lot.

The connection of the new characters to the originals combined with the central elements of this film (like the girl on the phone in the opening sequence) was a great idea, which clearly shows that the film reflects the essence of this franchise. So much so that the sequel, Scream VI, hits theaters next year.

1/8 Body Body Body


Bodies Bodies Bodies is one of the funniest horror comedies in a very long time. While tackling Gen Z in the best possible way, the film cleverly weaves its story between the horror of thinking someone you know is a murderer and the funny interpretations and solutions the characters come up with to solve their problems. When a fun game turns into a real hunt for a killer, comedy is one of the essential elements.

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