Carrefour, Marie Blachère, the war in Ukraine… Here’s a retrospective of 2022

After two years marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, 2022 was particularly affected by the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Thus, according to INSEE, the post-covid recovery, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the climate crisis are at the beginning of inflation, which stabilized at 6.2% in November. To wrap up this year, LSA invites you to return to articles from magazines that have worked more with Internet users. This review presents a wonderful retrospective of the themes that marked the year.

1. Interview with Alexander Bompard, CEO of Carrefour

In this interview with LSA published in June, Carrefour’s boss reviewed the changes that have come as the 2022 plan comes to an end. He also specifically detailed the avenues he wanted to explore over the next five years. He also mentioned that Carrefour was very well equipped to fight inflation, especially in Latin America with strong price formats, especially cash & car… In addition, the Brazilian brand Atacadão will land in Saint-Saint, France. Denis.

2. Nestlé, Ferrero and Lactalis: food contamination warning

E. coli of Fraîch’Up pizzas from Buitoni (Nestlé), suspected salmonella infection of certain Kinder products (Ferrero), presence of small amounts of listeria in raw milk cheeses from Fromageries de Normandie (Lactalis). In a row, three major agri-food producers announced product recalls last spring due to suspected contamination. LSA attempted to provide the beginnings of an answer in an analytical article.

3. A symbolic change of leadership at the head of Andros France

Maxime Gervason, 34, the eldest son of the group’s then-president Frédéric Gervason, who handed over to Florian Delmas in August, became general manager of Andros France in March. The beginning of the passing of the torch at the head of this family business. Despite his young age, Maxime Gervoson already has a rich career with the company. This ISG graduate, like his father, joined Novandie (the dairy subsidiary of the Andros group) in 2013 as a product manager. Later in 2016, he went to USA to manage the Food Service there. Two years later, he returned to Biars-sur-Cère, the group’s headquarters in Lot (46), to chair the Pierrot Gourmand (Ger’son) confectionary business. He is also taking advantage of his return to France to pursue his HEC executive MBA, which he will complete in 2020.

4. Reasons for the decrease in sales in electronic commerce

-15%, -17% then -2%… After double-digit growth, e-commerce sales fell before stabilizing in Q3 2022. LSA attributed the decline in June to a loss of purchasing power, production shutdowns/slowdowns in China, and increases in raw materials and energy. A decline that should be kept in perspective, as this is essentially a return to normal, especially in Q1 2022. Indeed, Q1 2021 numbers were excellent due to Covid-related health restrictions.

5. The secrets of Marie Blachère, the French champion in baking

In the June 9 issue, LSA returned to the success of the Marie Blachère group. Founded in 1985 by Bernard Blachère, the third fast food retailer in France after McDonald’s and Burger King, the group is still looking to gain momentum in France thanks to franchises. ” We are targeting 720 bakeries and 17 coffee shops by the end of the year, compared to 10 today in France and abroad. “, Figured Jean-Marc Conrad, Franchise and Catering Director of Marie Blachère. Thus, the ambitions go beyond the borders of France. The group, which has been operating in New York since 2018, as well as the group’s crêperie brand Jean le Gourmand, which was created in 2015- a plans to open two Marie Blachère bakeries in Miami, where the founder’s son, Jean, lives.

6. Interview with System U President Dominic Shelcher

On the eve of the good year 2021, the president of the traders’ group Dominik Shelcher was interviewed by LSA shortly before the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in February. Already, the issue of French purchasing power has been addressed, particularly by repositioning the Hyper U in terms of price. “To say we have low prices is a true cultural revolution at the U, reminded. Customers don’t realize it anymore because they don’t say it clearly! However, with Hyper U we are the second cheapest brand in France.

7. The first results of the war in Ukraine

Russia’s entry into war against its Ukrainian neighbor on the night of February 23-24, 2022 has consequences for the economy, companies – French and international companies, and subsidiaries established in Ukraine and Russia. A shock in consumer prices, rising raw material costs, and at the same time and above all an explosion in energy prices. In addition to price, electricity has become a central issue in France. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne called on companies in September to create their own energy backup plans. On this issue, major retailers mobilized in mid-July, announcing a series of measures to ease the network during this winter peak.

8. Seven Questions About Food Discount Success

Lidl and Aldi, which have almost become a “relationship”, continue to gain their position. Carrefour is trying the Supeco adventure. Intermarché wants to relaunch Netto… Discount food is making a strong comeback in France amid rapid inflation and a loss of purchasing power. The discount market is undergoing a renaissance, now far removed from the gloomy and cold department store image of the 1990s. LSA answered seven questions about this unique model and its potential in France.

9. Denis Lambert, founder of the LDC group

After more than two decades at the helm of LDC, Denis Lambert handed over to Philippe Gélin. LSA is a return to the career of a man who began his career in 1981 as a manager of a shipping dock in the Sablé-sur-Sarthe area. After the sudden death of his father in 1984, he took over the commercial management of the group accompanied by his brother Christophe. In 2001, Denis Lambert became Chairman of the Board of Directors after seventeen years in the field. It creates an organization by section (top, poultry, international and catering). All of the company’s businesses are represented within each division. ” I think we make faster decisions in LDCs than elsewhere, and this decentralized organization also encourages good integration of external development. “, he assured.

10. With its new store in Nice, Ikea confirms its multi-format strategy

It will take another 6 years to realize the planned opening of Ikea in Nice in 2016. The opening of this 36th store, designed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, is also symbolic. Its location in the Saint-Isidore eco-district, close to the Allianz Riviera stadium and the A8 motorway and in the heart of Nice city centre, thirty minutes from Place Masséna, meets the mainstream. With this new store, Ikea is confirming a new era of development around more diverse store formats.

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