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Business support in the energy crisis

Updated on 07/12/2022

The Ministry of Economy and Finance reminds all contact points provided to support companies facing rising energy costs.
1. Support systems for business assistance in the context of the energy crisis

Gas and Electricity meter
website offers a set of services (FAQ, help calculation simulator, step-by-step, document templates, etc.) that allow companies to learn about the system and find specific information according to their situation.
In addition, three levels of complementary support are offered:
• The telephone number for all companies to answer all questions of a general nature regarding the Gas Electricity assistance system or practical procedures for submitting a request for assistance: 0806 000 245 (free service + call cost).
• Point of contact within each department: your department’s crisis management consultant
• For more specific questions about your company’s situation, you can contact DGFiP’s research services through the secure messaging service in your professional space by selecting “I have another question / I have another request”. This message should begin with “Help Gas Electric” to allow for quick operation.
2. Mediation Mechanisms Offered in Commercial Disputes
Business mediation
A company may use a company mediator to amicably resolve a dispute with another company or administration. Mediation helps resolve contractual and/or relationship difficulties with clients and private or public suppliers. It’s free and comes with a strict commitment of confidentiality.
Your point of contact is your Dreets or business intermediary site
energy mediation
Very small businesses (fewer than 10 employees and a turnover of less than €2 million) can access energy mediation free of charge in the event of a dispute with their energy supplier, distribution network operator or their electricity customer (in case of self-employment). – consumption). The intermediary may be arrested for a period of 2 months to one year after a written complaint to the operator. The shipment may be sent by regular mail or electronically.
After reviewing the case and consulting with the parties, if the material of the case is accepted, the mediator offers a mediated way to resolve the dispute.
Your point of contact is an energy mediation site
Credit mediation
In case of difficulties with its bank (financing, cash), the company can turn to credit mediation, which aims to renew the dialogue with the banks and propose an agreement to overcome the difficulties. The company submits a mediation file. The mediator responds quickly to the request to offer a free and confidential service.
A special procedure is planned for the case where the direction is related to the request for loan restructuring with a state guarantee of no more than 50,000 euros.
Your point of contact is the local branch of the Banque de France or the loan intermediary site
3. Support systems offered in the event of tax or social security arrears
Commission of Chief Financial Officers (CCSF)
Any company experiencing short-term cash flow difficulties can contact CCSF to request a spread of tax, social security and customs debts. This one-stop shop verifies the issuance of a plan allowing for suspension of proceedings, cancellation of registered liens and access to public contracts in complete privacy.
Your point of contact is your crisis management advisor
Tax and social payments
Tax services and social organizations (URSSAFAssociation for the collection of social security contributions and family allowances , MSA) offers support to companies struggling to pay their contributions. A tailored recovery can be offered by submitting a fee schedule.
Your point of contact is your crisis management advisor

Department consultant on crisis recovery
A business support plan was signed on 1 June 2021 to ensure that each company’s financial vulnerabilities are identified in advance and directed to the support system best suited to their needs. In particular, this plan identifies a designated trusted contact in each department to guide you and support you in your procedures.
The Crisis Management Consultant performs its activities in full confidentiality, business confidentiality and tax confidentiality.
After diagnosing your company’s situation, he will monitor your file and be able to direct you to the interlocutor best suited to your needs or, under certain conditions, mobilize one of the means of financial support. location by state.
A list of the Department’s post-crisis advisors is available on the DGFiP website.
4. Customized support systems for companies with 50 and more than 400 employees
Commissioner for Restructuring and Business Distress Prevention (CRP)
CRPs form the basis of a system to foresee and support companies in difficulty with less than 400 employees, the scope of intervention of CRPs is primarily focused on industrial companies with more than 50 employees. Co-located with the regional prefects, the CRPs are both entry points for companies in difficulty at the local level and ensure consistency in the actions of public authorities in relation to them.
Their mission is to identify companies and intervene as soon as possible to support them in building global and sustainable solutions from an economic, social and financial point of view. To this end, they work in close cooperation with all interested public players.
Your point of contact is the CRP in your area.
Inter-Ministerial Committee on Industrial Restructuring (CIRI)
The task of the Interagency Committee on Industrial Reconstruction (CIRI) is to help struggling companies develop and implement solutions to ensure their sustainability and growth. It is authorized to assist companies with more than 400 employees who request it. CIRI’s activity aims to define and negotiate a transformation plan for its financing with various stakeholders (shareholders, creditors, etc.) along with the manager.
Your contact point is

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