The war in Ukraine will force liberal democracies to accept the new world order

More than Moscow, Beijing needs access not only to Western markets, but above all to technological innovations.

More than Moscow, Beijing needs access not only to Western markets, but above all to technological innovations.



The approaching year 2022 has put an end to the world organization defined after the fall of the Berlin Wall. 2023 will have to invent a new balance and bring governments out of their contradictions.

L2022 will have at least one merit. Thatrevealed his organization to the whole worldeu latereetc. secondeWorld war me, then at the end of the cold wareslthe fall of the berlin wall, ncould not keep the peace.

The whole worldbecause he is deceivedthey areis misled about system capacityeme the Charter of the United Nations, and laterWTO, for warranty a long term balance.

If at the end of the 20th yearebase, large dicelib mocraciesers believed that the principles of market economy and global capitalism sput on the planeall of youeredistribute and propagate the principles of individual freedoms as universal values in key organizations and departments. Big dicelib mocraciesthey were mistaken in the face of two paradoxes.

Done side, economic development ndid not allow the spread of the principles of freedom in the countriesIt was part of a culture other than Western culture. they tookfree trade money, but not the obligations implied by that money. Countries like Russia and China remains seedlingby resisting the temptation to liberalize the internal workings of highly authoritarian and centralized organizations, even if it means slowing the spread of the effects of economic prosperity.

The first paradox is that authoritarian countries (such as Russia or China) understand thisstoppedé to offer economic prosperity to its people without presuming the changes in lifestyle that this entails. More seriously, many developing countries in Africa, Asia, South America pay attention, note, notice, please noteethey still empathize with Russian or Chinese leaders.

Dthe other party and cis the secondeParadox to me, big dicelib mocraciesweakened by the effects of international competitionwith external and widening inequalitiesinternal fueling populism.

ParadoxvsRussia and China hoped that these fragilities would prove fatal for them, but in fact these difficulties created new forms of solidarity. LAccording to NATOThe expression of brain death French President, pIt is being reinforced around the United States. And European Union, shaken by the currents and weight of identityinefficient bureaucracyis aligned around the defense of its fundamental principles, that is, values ​​such as individual freedoms and respect for borders.eres.

The war in Ukraine therefore caused great difficultieslib mocracieswhat to defend by all meansthey were more cheanswer: freedom.

To the surprise of manyAnalysts and rulers, great democracies have appointed themselvesdeal very quick supply of weapons and above all curbing and even blocking the financial flow to authoritarian countriessends them the high-tech products they need. The efforts required of the Democrats have been for thismoment accepted

Unbelievable economic sanctions played an important role in making Russia and China think about such crimes.actions to be taken. For example, Russia relied on himSupport from China, but that’s itis deceived, this will happenPreventsmy dear rHe was successful in his special operation in Ukraine.

The Beijing government has openly refused to create a bloc of countriesAttacking Western countries. Beijing, more than Moscow, is unwilling to take the risk of economic and financial sanctions.eres. Pékin, more than Moscow, needs not only the Western markets, but above all the needs of Beijingaccess to technological innovations. The Covid pandemic has put the Chinese administration in a state of fluximpossibilitywas to defend. China nHe had neither the knowledge nor the vaccines to avoid this paralysis of the country by introducing conservation therapy. The lesson cost him dearly.

Beijing understood thishe will never be firsteworld power again if it did not become a great economic power. And it wouldn’t be one without innovative processes.

A paradox of paradoxesThe date of 2022 is without a doubtAmerica was able to guarantee itself for twenty years, during which time the United States would remain the firsteworld power again. The United States has the technology and means of productioninnovation andpassion to achieve todaytodaynew industrial device. Leurope, henohas not yet integrated this paradigm shift.

Therefore, in 2023, major states will need to update the United Nations Charter around several core principles that transcend ideological, cultural or religious divisions. If the entire world needs economic progress, it will have to share technological innovations without destroying the means by which these technologies can be created, cie competition, exercise and freedom individual. It can only work in accordance with international agreements, treaties and conventions.

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