Australia now has more cryptocurrency ATMs than El Salvador

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The number of cryptocurrency ATMs in Australia has reached new highs in the past four months. Thus, the country passed El Salvador bitcoin (BTC) is legal tender. In addition, two more countries crossed El Salvador, namely Spain and Poland.

According to, these are the top three countries in terms of the number of installed cryptocurrency ATMs USA, Canada and Spain, with 33,950, 2,649 and 273 wickets respectively. The difference in numbers between these countries is sufficient.

Australia is in fourth place, with 0.6% of the total number of cryptocurrency distributors worldwide. That means 225 cars. Most of them are in Melbourne (65), Sydney (48) and Brisbane (33).

After that comes the mainland Poland and its 222 locations. The vast majority of vending machines, i.e. 67, are installed in the capital of the country, Warsaw, while Krakow is in second place with 42 vending machines.

El Salvador is currently in 6th place with 212 goalkeepers machines listed. Most of the distributors, 28, are located in the country’s capital, San Salvador, while 25 distributors are in Santa Tecla. The rest are spread across the country.

Bitcoin has become the legal standard in El Salvador In September 2021, but this decision was severely criticized. Since then, skeptics and opponents of cryptocurrency both at home and abroad have criticized the decision.

Also, in 2021, the government decided to install about 200 vending machines promote bitcoin adoption. Thus, the country has reached the third place in the world after the USA and Canada in terms of the number of these vehicles. But since then, Spain, Australia and Poland have overtaken it.

It was also reported in August last year country’s bitcoin ATMs ’empty’ less than a year after launch.

The next country on the list after El Salvador is Switzerland. It takes a relatively distant 7th place with 155 automatic machines installed in the country.

Top 10 countries by the number of ATMs. Source:

Especially in Australia, a significant increase in the number of these machines has been observed. and registered a real boom in less than a year and a half. 49 ATMs were installed in the first days of this year. In December 2022, 33 were added to the total number of ATMs in the country, 31 in November and 35 in October.

The number of ATMs installed in the last four months is the highest in the country’s history. Moreover, as the chart below clearly shows, it was four months in a row. 148 ATMs were installed in just four months. This is 64 less than the total number of machines installed in El Salvador.


Over a few 38,611 cryptocurrency ATMs have been installed worldwide, 94.4% of which are in North America. According to this website, 86.9% of them are in the United States and 6.6% are in Canada.

Europe hosts 3,9% of all cryptocurrency ATMs are located in Asia, 0.8%. Oceania is 0.6%, South America is 0.3% and Africa is 0.1%.

Spain is the “European Capital of Crypto ATMs”. 0.6% of cars, Poland, Romania and Switzerland each have cars with 0.4%. In South America, the leaders are Colombia and Brazil, each with 0.1% of distributors.

in Africa, South Africa tops the list with 19 cars or less than 0.1%. It is followed by United Arab Emirates with three distributors and Nigeria with two distributors.


According to, the number of ATMs in the world is less than 92. January 1, 2023. Nevertheless, over the past two years, especially since the beginning of 2021, there has been a noticeable increase in the adoption of this type of ATM.


According to that website, There are 26,177 cryptocurrency ATMs in the top 10 countries, or 67.8%.. 12,434 cryptocurrency ATMs or 32.2% operate in another 589 countries.

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