Football. Racing’s highs/flops


Bellegarde is dynamite. He was a bit sloppy at times, but Janrikner Bellegarde never stopped teasing the Troy defenders with his unsettling dribbles, regularly relying on the trio of Pcic-Doukouré-Tomasson. In the furnace and mill, ”Jeanjean” was awarded Palmer-Brown for giving up when leading a full-axle gap. And so he offered Racing midfielder Habib Diallo his seventh goal of the season and his fourth assist to make it 1-2 just before half-time (41).e). The young defender cut his own gem in the left-hand corner for Lees, but the fifth had to be given to him in Ismael Duquere’s masterly equalizer (54).e). That’s a lot in the pride explosion of a Racing return from 0-2 to 2-2, but this time it didn’t go the distance, unlike in Toulouse or Marseille, where it recovered from a similarly poor start (from 0-2 to 2 -2).

Finisher Diallo. Substitute for the last two days of Ligue 1, against Lorient at La Meinau on 13 November, where his equalizer allowed Racing to draw on 87e (1-1), then in Paris on Wednesday to resume the Championship (2-1 defeat), Habib Diallo found the starting line-up, where he appeared 14 times since the beginning of the season. Voice 7e A goal above Aube’s defense, the third from the start, put his team back in the saddle (41e). We didn’t see him in the game very often, but if he didn’t have the opportunity, his team wouldn’t believe it.

Chavaler’s torpedo boat. 2 goals everywhere, 1. Young Isma Doukouré in the league (54)e), the match could have been. Anyway, the most beautiful. Unfortunately for the Racingmen, the U20 international’s superb performance in Alsace last January was overshadowed by Xavier Chavaler’s (78) left – in every sense of the word – exceptional victory.e). A determined pass from Roni Lopez, alerted to a corner before giving up his place, the ex-Rémois, forgotten 20 yards out, whipped the ball in with perfect balance and deceived Matz Sels, who could only touch the ball. It’s hard not to applaud after such a gesture of purity.


Errors in defense of RCSA. After a fairly sedate quarter of an hour, Strasburg almost single-handedly torpedoed the rear guard. In the opener (16e), seven Strasburgers watch three Trojans leak 16 yards. Nyamsi, unlucky, slows down Odobert’s shot well, but his interception gives Ripart the golden ball and an almost ready first goal. Four minutes later, Perrin, in an axial shift down the left wing as he did in Paris on Wednesday, is surprised and lobbied by Palmer-Brown’s long opener. Djiku, wrong-footed by Bruce’s focus, very gently lays the ball to Lopez’s feet and he hits the mark with a snap shot (20).e).

That’s a lot! Added to this observation was the fact that Julien Stephan’s players were unmarked in Chavaler’s masterpiece, which allowed ESTAC to bear the brunt and reduce their direct Alsatian opposition to 7 points.

The strike was soon followed by supporters. The voice of the Strasbourg cop, who called for a boycott of the meeting to protest its setting at 15:00 on a working day, was only partially heard. The West Stand was full, except for the seat reserved for the most flamboyant Alsatian supporters. He hasn’t seen a truly encouraging strike but has expressed his displeasure at times, particularly at 0-2 when the Blues edged closer to the final knockout. Then came a few cheers from the stands. And not only from their ranks. Obviously the whistles let the Racingmen off after their eighth defeat in seventeen days.

Zero point of the race in La Meinau. Still supported by 25,135 spectators, Aleksandar Djiku’s teammates are yet to win at home this season. In nine outings they have four defeats and five draws, a total of five points out of twenty seven possible points.

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