Here are the best smartphones of 2023

You don’t need to guess to know that new smartphones will be launched in 2023. However, many models were released at the end of 2022 and are still on the market for several months. Here are the best of them according to your budget.

Manufacturers are still keeping their future smartphones very secret while waiting for the Mobile World Congress, the mega-mass of the mobile market, which will take place in Barcelona from February 27 to March 2. Samsung promises to be an exciting first quarter if it is one of the first manufacturers to unveil its new products, especially the Galaxy S23. In the meantime, there should be plenty of good deals to be had around the latest models released in late 2022. CNEWS presents here a selection of mobile phones to suit all budgets.

Prices shown are suggested retail prices and do not take into account offers offered by sellers.

Less than 500 euros

Vivo Y35

If Vivo was able to show its know-how in the premium category with the magnificent X80 Pro (1,300 euros) a few months ago, it is also in the entry-level market, where the Chinese brand is often very strong. . This is the case with the Y35. For less than 300 euros, this smartphone benefits from the current design, 256 GB of main memory (but expandable via Micro-SD), a 5000 mAh battery, a main 50 Mpixel and three rear photo sensors, including 5G. Like the 6.5-inch FullHD+ display. At this price level, we can regret the lack of an interesting technical sheet, even an ultra-wide angle.

Y35, Vivo, 279 euros

Motorola G82 5G


In 2021, Motorola made an interesting comeback in the French market and in 2022 it confirms the desire of the M brand to become a benchmark, especially in the mid-range. With the G82 5G, the manufacturer presents a beautiful 6.6-inch mobile phone with a 120 Hz Oled screen for 330 euros. For serious fans and cinephiles, this is an interesting asset at this price point. His photo booth is versatile. Very good value for money.

G82 5G, Motorola, €329

no phone (1)


New to the smartphone market this year, London brand Nothing failed to attract attention with a transparent mobile phone with a pop and sober design. Because this transparency is in favor of a light system reminiscent of a neon atmosphere. A set of colors is visible and allows, for example, to identify the correspondent thanks to the associated color or even to know the battery charge level. The 6.55-inch OLED screen is flawless, and the dual 50 Mpixel cameras each promise excellent performance. There is something striking about this market, especially since the device relies heavily on recycled materials to give itself a more environmentally responsible image.

Phone (1), Nothing, from 469 euros

Realme GT Neo 3T Dragon ball Z edition


Realme is gradually establishing itself in the French market and is regularly placed among manufacturers that offer good value for money. But the brand also stands out by offering new collaborations. That’s the case with this GT NEO 3T Dragon Ball Z Edition, which pays homage to the manga by taking the colors and symbol of Son Goku’s outfit. A model that young people and fans of the Akira Toriyama series will like with customized icons and wallpapers. At the same time, Realme still offers a device worthy of its price, because it has a large 120 Hz Amoled screen, which is especially interesting for gaming, connected to the Snapdragon 870 5G processor. Finally, fast charging promises to go from 0 to 50% battery in 12 minutes.

GT NEO 3T Dragon Ball Z Edition, Realme, €499.99

Less than 1000 euros

Honor 70


Perfectly designed, the new Honor 70 is in good enough condition to deceive, considering its attractive price, when you are ready to lay down around 500 euros for the smartphone. Especially since the Chinese brand is surfing the TikTok trend for vloggers and video lovers. Honor first relies on a beautiful 6.67-inch Oled display, which is nice to look at and offers an exclusive mode called SoloCut. The latter allows you to record the video in horizontal format, but isolates the main subject in time to display the vertical video in the thumbnail. It is then possible to get two separate videos, one ready to use for TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Honor 70, Honor, from 549 euros

Oppo Reno 8


With a photo unit elegantly integrated into the back cover, the Oppo Reno 8 has a very successful design and offers a premium look without reaching exorbitant prices. At under €600, it’s a complete model that will appeal to photo enthusiasts, serial eaters and gamers alike. Because Oppo intends to skillfully stand out in the mid-range sector with its beautiful 6.4-inch AMOLED display, which is stretched enough for its 20:9 aspect ratio. Its photo unit has three effective sensors with a flattering image on the side of the main 50 Mpixel sensor, we find a classic ultra-wide angle and a macro sensor. Above all, Oppo is counting on its battery to last four years.

Reno 8, Oppo, 599 euros

Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro


These are two very well positioned mobile phones offered by Google at the end of the year. The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro start at €649 and €899, respectively, but can’t be envied by models above €1,000. Their designs stand out in a highly refined market and their finishes are exemplary. The Pixel 7 has a 6.3-inch FHD screen, while the 7 Pro sees life big with a 6.7-inch QHD+ panel that oscillates between 10 and 120 Hz. The 7 Pro definitely has more complete photo hardware, but in both cases the AI ​​delivers really flatteringly sharp shots. Note that Google is offering five years of free mobile security updates here. The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will even soon be offered with an integrated VPN to improve privacy protection. “A service integrated into the Google One offer,” explains Google France.

Pixel 7, Google, €649 (128GB) and €749 (256GB), Pixel 7 Pro, €899 (128GB) and €999 (256GB)

Xiaomi 12T


The new mobile from the Chinese brand Xiaomi, the 12T offers almost incredible value for money, as the brand has managed to bring real know-how to its device in terms of display and photo finish and efficiency. If the €1,099 Xiaomi 12T Pro model is still superior, the €649 12T is positioned as a smartphone where concessions don’t stop it from being ambitious.

We also welcome the integration of the 5000mAh battery with a 120W charger for a full charge in around twenty minutes. Added to this is a full photographic suite, including a 108MP main sensor (could be better anyway) and a 2MP macro, supported by an 8MP ultra-wide angle. Its 6.67-inch AMOLED display remains its strong point with a quality panel for enjoying video content.

12T, Xiaomi, 649 euros

Less than 1500 euros

Sony Xperia 5IV


After the flagship Xperia 1 IV launched in the middle of the year, Sony is introducing its little brother Xperia 5 IV for the holiday season. The smartphone is pleasant to hold thanks to its 6.1-inch 21:9 screen. It is an atypical format in that it displays movies and series without black bars and allows for a panoramic view of certain games. So the gorgeous Oled panel benefits from a 120Hz refresh rate. In addition to the entertainment aspect, this Xperia remains a high-end model that offers photo equipment at the standards of models above 1,000 euros. Sony’s know-how in this field. If the definition is kept at 12 Mpixel for both the main sensor and the ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lens, and even the front photo module for selfies, this quartet manages to provide homogeneous photos. Very good smartphone.

Xperia 5 IV, Sony, 1049 euros



Apple’s year-end iPhone models are still the reference. However, the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro have very few changes compared to the 2021 iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. However, with the iPhone 14 Plus, there are still noticeable changes and the appearance of a new format. The model chosen for the iPhone 14 as it marks the arrival of a large format of 6.7 inches against 6.1. Here again, Apple is considering its flagship model, as the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus use one of the best OLED panels. the always brave A15 bionic processor on the market (the same as the iPhone 13) and clean, flawless photo hardware.

However, to go even higher, we have to turn to the iPhone 14 Pro, as we discover a new speaker island that replaces the famous notch. With iOS 16, a beautiful visual signature that displays useful tidbits. Under the hood, the iPhone 14 and 14 Max are powered by the A16 Bionic processor, one of the most powerful on the market. Finally, the photo unit evolves with an Apple-first 48 Mpixel primary sensor for greater versatility.

iPhone 14, Apple, from 1,019 euros, iPhone 14 Plus, from 1,169 euros, iPhone 14 Pro, from 1,329 euros and iPhone 14 Pro Max, from 1,479 euros.

Huawei Mate 50 Pro


Despite the lack of 5G in its smartphones, Huawei is still present in this sector, and despite this, it is taking on two brands that it considers its competitors – Apple and Samsung. And at the end of the year, the Mate 50 Pro is a photo monster. It’s also a design signature that the Chinese manufacturer has emphasized with its circular rim that showcases an impressive block on the rear body. Here, Huawei mentions the XMAGE camera, an in-house technology that it describes as an “ultra wide focal aperture” camera. In fact, this is a great innovation, as the photographer can play with the aperture in 10 variations to go from f/1.4 to f/4. As with a mirrorless camera, the amplitude that allows you to best match the shot to the scene, to stay as true to it as possible. A particularly clear point here is the better controlled bokeh effect (background blur) compared to the iPhone 14 Pro.

Mate 50 Pro, Huawei, 1199 euros

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4


This is Samsung’s flagship mobile phone. After last year’s much-hyped Galaxy Z Flip3, the South Korean brand presents its successor, the Z Flip4, and continues its efforts in the segment of foldable smartphones. It’s the only segment Samsung has carried since 2019, even if the competition is about to join it soon. Upon opening, we’re treated to a 6.7-inch screen with a 22:9 aspect ratio on a 120 Hz panel. Samsung also enriches the experience with the smaller front screen of the folded model, which offers more interaction and better readability. The photo part is always of excellent quality, even if it is criticized for being a step below other smartphones above 1000 euros. A model that is always practical and does not leave you indifferent when there is still a lot of competition based on the same designs.

Galaxy Z Flip4, Samsung, from 1109 euros

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