Russia announces 63 dead in its ranks, veil control tightens in Iran, Caesars closes doors to violent actors… News this Monday, January 2


War in Ukraine: Moscow announced the death of 63 soldiers after the attack on the base in Makivka. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Monday that at least 63 Russian soldiers were killed as a result of the attack on the city of Makivka in eastern Ukraine. Without initially claiming the strike, the Ukrainian authorities quickly reported more casualties: up to 400 soldiers were killed. The Ukrainian army finally admitted late Monday that it had carried out the strike on Saturday night.

Iran: Faced with protests, the regime intensifies its oppression. On Monday, a number of Iranian media outlets reported that Iranian police had re-introduced control over the wearing of the Islamic headscarf in cars, thus launching a new phase of the Nazer-1 program (surveillance in Farsi). According to the official Fars news agency, criminals receive the following text message from the police on their mobile phones: “It was noticed that your car did not have a curtain. It is necessary to respect the norms of the society and ensure that this act is not repeated.” After the protest that started with the death of Mahsa Amini, the dreaded morality police stopped arresting women who did not wear hijab on the street. From this point of view, the strengthening of the Nazer program launched in 2020, on the contrary, seems to be a sign of a new hardening of the regime.

Césars 2023: Academy to withdraw anyone associated with “justice for acts of violence”. Following revelations about Les Amandiers star Sofiane Bennacer, who was accused of “violence and violence against her spouse”, the Cesar Academy has announced that it will exclude anyone challenged by the courts from its selection for the 2023 ceremony. “for acts of violence”.

About 4 out of 5 French people are in favor of banning hunting on Sundays. According to an Ifop poll commissioned by seven nature conservation groups and published on January 9, a few days before official announcements on the subject, 78% of French people are in favor of making Sunday a day without hunting. After several fatal accidents, the government, which intends to improve the safety of this practice, has to deal with intense lobbying by hunters and increasing pressure from the community.

2022 TV viewers: less brain time for TF1. According to the annual audience published on Monday by Médiamétrie, French television managed to scare viewers again in 2022. While the average Frenchman spends an average of 3:41 a day in front of a screen in 2021, he only spent more than that. Against 3:26 last year. Outside of 2020 (prisons offered an unusual peak in viewership at 3:58 a.m. daily), in recent years, viewers have generally tuned in at 3:40 a.m. each day.

Rare diseases: newborns will now be screened for seven additional pathologies. Starting January 1, newborn screening for seven additional rare pathologies was launched, bringing the total number of neonatal screening to 13. The expansion was announced on November 18 by Health Minister Francois Brown. Purpose: “Taking care of the baby before the first symptoms appear [de la maladie]to allow it to develop without complications and grow as well as possiblethe ministry said in a statement.

“I will fight with everything I have”: Martina Navratilova revealed that she has double cancer. Former tennis player Martina Navratilova announced on Monday that she has double breast and throat cancer and wanted to fight. “This double whammy is serious, but still reversible”Announces the 66-year-old former player who beat breast cancer in 2010. “I hope there will be a good result”still provides the former world number 1 with 59 Grand Slam titles (singles, doubles and mixed doubles) as cited by the WTA, the sports association that organizes professional tennis competitions for women.

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“Arsonist firefighters”: how the rumor ignites. In the summer of 2022, marked by devastating fires, it brought back the cliché of a firefighter who started to enjoy putting out fires. A phrase often used incorrectly to distinguish it from the word “burner”.

Transport in Ile-de-France: Left-wing elected officials condemn opening up competition. In an open letter, more than 250 left-wing elected officials are asking Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to delay the process of privatizing transport in Ile-de-France. They are even calling for the process to be scrapped, decrying the deterioration of working conditions and the transport proposal.

Air traffic in Europe increased in 2022 but remains below pre-Covid levels. According to Eurocontrol, in 2022 European air traffic returned to 83% of its 2019 level before the health crisis. A total of 9.3 million flights landed or left Europe, which is 3.1 million more than in 2021. But in 2019, this number reached 11.1 million.

French economy: painful recession in 2023. Declining growth, inflation rates, rising inequality and unemployment: the year ahead looks inauspicious. An excursion into the forecasts of economists.

Hundreds of tourists stranded on Australian coast, one cruise ship blocked from docking due to bio-waste. Passengers on a luxury cruise ship viking orion they stayed at sea for a week. And their scheduled stops in Christchurch and Dunedin (in New Zealand) and Hobart (Australia), the capital of Tasmania, were cancelled. Reason ? Docking permissions denied. The ship’s hull indeed bore “sea growth.”

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