The world of “Prosper” on Twitter

The Twitter account, which was opened in March 2015 and which conveys the image of the first president of the Corsican Assembly on social networks, has become a hair-scratcher in the political world, among others. Corse-Matin met an anonymous tweeter to his nearly 9,000 followers.

Prosper Alfonsi * What would this first president of the Corsican Assembly, who could not rely on social networks to deliver his messages, think? No one will ever know, but 31 years after his death, his face looms large in a Twitter thread where an anonymous person sets fire to a photo of the person he’s paying tribute to in his own way. “I chose it for its symbolism, but also for its personality, because it was from Niolu, and I was from my father.” The “Blooming Alphonse” of the time of social networks is also rooted in Venaco… Indeed, he did not do it on purpose…

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We met with him. It was Thursday in a cafe in Corsica. Considering a few names that have been rumored for a long time, we arrived early for the meeting. Punctual, one of those names, also introduced his face to us, offered us a warm handshake, made sure to maintain his anonymity, and was happy to share an experience that has been scrutinized by everyone, nearly eight years after opening this famous account. parties, primarily by leading political figures who were his favorite targets. “Prosper Alfonsi” is now part of a 280-character lethal weapon-using and abusing media landscape. Often for clear and sharp view, with humor or irony, a Makanya, “sometimes it can be pointless, it’s true”.

At that time, on Twitter, he was left with the sound of “soap operas”. For the episode “Historical Discussions and Useless Conversations”, who will admit to Season 1 of Autonomia or even Season 2 of Jean-Felix in Paris: “I almost swallowed a San Giuliano clementine by mistake.” We left it at midday with a series of five or six tweets into the evening, including a delicious “Fà popoulu tutti ensemble” to accompany the news of the demographic boom in Corsica. And who are you “Prosper Alfonsi”? Of course, knowing in advance that his answer would be limited, we asked him the question. To be honest, we underestimated them beyond what his “outing” automatically set.

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“I am a territorial civil servant of the Community of Corsica, which I joined in February 1991 through an attachment competition. I know all the presidents of the executive council. Today there is the rank of territorial director and I am the list of territorial administrator’s ability to apply.” Hunt for humor in the details of your resume and it bounces back. “I’m hoping to move forward in that direction in this interview. Anyway, I’m hoping that my CEO and president will appoint me before I retire.” At this moment we are telling ourselves that the anonymity that wrote the legend of the fake Twitter account will take a hit. “You’re kidding! At CdC, we have 500 field commanders and 200 on the capability list. This is the Mexican Army,” shouts someone who is not tender with the organization’s human resources management. His recent tweets about his next hire, his view of the workforce, confirm this: “5,000 agents, including 4,000 who do nothing. Personally, I spend more time taking care of the Prosper Alfonsi account than I do working at the CDC.” It acknowledges the civil servant who made a turning point in his professional career in 2017. “I wouldn’t go so far that they stopped me, on the contrary, they pushed me aside. I’ve had time since then.”

He believes that he is in the lair of the Corsican Collective “at the heart of the reactor” Collecting and hacking the account he opened between the municipal elections in March 2015 and the territorial campaign that will bring the nationalists to power. “I watched with interest the fake Twitter accounts that some of Gilles Simeoni’s relatives started to attack Gian Zuccarelli, and then I said to myself: “Why not me?” Being interested in politics, I started by attacking Paul Giacobbi and Mimi Viola. That’s why the nationalists first sympathized with me. During the 2015 campaign, I quickly increased the audience, I introduced my “list” to 1000 subscribers. I had put anyone and everyone there. From Parisian journalists to even influential people on Twitter. Within the territorial administration, he had previously lived behind the scenes of major political turning points, as well as countless episodes of complex relations with the state. The experience of the antipodes of the guerilla approach is the basis of the shooting point. “In addition to my unconditional support for Sporting, of which I am an Accanitu, I strongly agree with criticism aimed at everyone, because everyone in this country is open to criticism.” His main critics disagree. He defines them in the camp of the executive head. “This is Gilles Simeone’s fan club, not Femo’s elected officials.” Lying, “Prosper Alfonsi” raises the curtain a bit. “I have always been an autonomist. In 1992 I voted for Edmond Simeoni, the man who really shook me. I did all the meetings that year. I voted for Gilles in 2015. No one can tax me with anti-nationalism.” Despite everything, CdC’s politics hammers the guy who found Prosper Alfonsi’s sealed sulfate ammo.

Collective work today

Naval file, the first president of the Corsican Assembly, who hides behind the name of a classic in his tweets.  - Twitter screenshot

Gilles Simeoni? “The problem for me is not the man, but the way he lives the function. There are two Gilles Simeoni: the tribune, the campaign manager, and also the president of the lost executive. He also became the leader of the tribe, but in his defense, the Corsican society with the clan always felt itself He needed to be recognized in this kind of character. He was before him, and he will be after him.”

Territorial politics, he criticizes “the absence of a project. This perpetual communication, never followed by facts,” overconfidence in autonomy. “I would like someone to explain to me that Corsicans would be happier with autonomous status. In my opinion, there are two areas where we need autonomy: housing and urban planning. But for this we do not need a new system. According to the charter, it is enough to change the law in Paris. He’s never been kind to his handling of the shipping file either, and he promises to be a little gloppy. “Ether DSP will come, you will see…” He also said he was on the left, but close to a Mitterrandian extended by the Jospin years. Especially not Francois Hollande’s.” As for Emmanuel Macron… “The spiritual son of Jean-Pierre Chevènement.” Thus, the target “State” that “Prosper Alfonsi” never spared. “The state in Corsica is the eternal ignorance of the file. After 2,000 gendarmes were sent to fight 15 men in Aleria in 1975. Only two statesmen tried to understand Corsica: Nicolas Sarkozy and Lionel Jospin. But in the end, the State never reacted until it faced violence. Out of the frame of normal discussion we never took advantage.” He recalls a relative’s last remark against him. “He did not understand how I could parade the day after the murder of Prefect Erignac and rage after Ivan Colonna in prison. For me, the assassination of the prefecture was the most heinous act committed in Corsica. , but this does not give the state the right to take revenge outside of justice and law.” Process? “Darmanin, when will he arrive? What if the decision on Pierre Alessandri is unfavorable at the end of January? Is it all over?”

Apparently, these are just reminder shots to the roughly 9,000 followers that “Prosper Alfonsi” manages to maintain. An unfailing feat of feeding the account’s private messaging, where politicians often go to engage in an exchange the tweeter never refuses. “I could be wrong too, and I’m willing to read that I went too far to accept a counterargument after what I posted.”

Bring the fake account to life in the media sphere and permanently establish it in the political debate. Lack of courage? Lack of fair play? The interested party answers without shame. “First of all, it’s easy. In a micro-community where everyone knows each other, it would be less important to say what I said without being open and public. I would be camped, but as I write to everyone, anonymity gives me a ton of freedom and I have fun like crazy. ” He also admits that he is no longer alone “in the reactor core”, “Blooming Alfonsi” has become a collective work over time.

Two good hours he talked to us. We listen to him, observe him, and wonder if the anonymous is still one in the micro-society he gave birth to. The interested party believes that. “My real name has been floating around with others for a long time. Doubtful, but…” He hesitated before accepting the principle of the meeting, but now he is interested in publishing the article in our columns. “On my behalf, you won’t forget to wish all your readers a very happy New Year… With proper and full training.”

“Prosper” definitely does not miss one.

* The radical left chaired the body between 1982 and 1984, before demanding the government’s dismissal, citing the voting system as making it ungovernable. Prosper Alfonsi died on March 15, 1991.

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