A strike by the Ukrainian Himars in Makivka would have killed hundreds of Russians.

There is no ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia on New Year’s Eve. Kremlin forces spent the last day of 2022 and the first hours of 2023 repeatedly sending Iran’s Shahed-136 missiles, or drones, at civilian targets in Kiev, including a hotel or concert hall, and seven other regions of Ukraine. A bittersweet gift, one of these drones also has writing on it “Happy New Year!!!”.

During these attacks, the Ukrainian army was not inactive. So 1er In January, a rumor that matched the gruesome footage spread on Twitter: a Ukrainian Himars strike would hit the Russian military base in Makiivka, about fifteen kilometers from Donetsk, and other Russian-held areas in the region.


The target was apparently a large vocational school where Russian soldiers had been housed for several weeks. Although it is still difficult to confirm them with absolute certainty at this stage, images of the building after the shells hit show that it was completely destroyed.

The attack – according to some sources and although these reports cannot be confirmed – would have been particularly deadly. According to various local reports on Telegram, several hundred mobilizations would lose their lives. A figure of 600 men is mentioned, although it is likely to be less.

Commentator without reference to the source Viktor Kovalenko confirms that the Ukrainian armed forces are talking about 400 dead and 300 wounded, all soldiers who have just been mobilized and arrived to equip the Russian contingent. Russian military blogger Igor Girkin also talks about the deaths of hundreds of people and notes that the building that was targeted and hit was also used as a weapons and vehicle depot, which would explain the severity of the explosion.

Still on Telegram, residents of Donetsk Oblast and the city of Makiivka regret the fact that any official and detailed information about the attack was put on the side of the Kremlin, as well as the authorities of Donetsk Oblast. its consequences.

Russia’s official TASS news agency confirmed the attack, citing only 15 wounded and giving no further details, Reuters reported. The next few hours should allow us to see a little more clearly.

In addition to this potentially cataclysmic strike, Visegrád 24 media reported that on the same night, other Ukrainian Himars hit another base near Bakhmout occupied by Wagner Group soldiers – 70 of whom would be killed in the attack. ‘stock.

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