How the Poulidor des Darts won the craziest world final of all time

Did you like the locomotive scenario of the soccer world cup final between France and Argentina? Wait until we tell you about the World Darts Championship final which, according to all observers of the discipline, saw England’s Michael Smith become world champion for the first time in a “historic” match on Tuesday. We ourselves, who knew nothing about it until this morning, watched the third set over and over again – three for a set, seven to win a match – simply “exceptional” between two champions: Van Gogh tableau, Rodin’s statue, triple by Daniel Balavoine climb, pick a metaphor you like.

BUT ONE POINT REGULATION BEFORE ORGASM. Here’s how to get a perfect round of 501 points in nine darts, dubbed the “nine-dart finish” to avoid Kylian Mbappé’s Kentucky accent:

  • Players must score the highest possible score on the first two “throws” of three arrows, usually three triples of 20. This is 501 – 180 x 2 = 141 points.
  • With a final score of 141 to be completed with a double, players have the option of reaching 0 and winning the round: triple 20, triple 19 and double 12 or triple 20, triple 15 and double 18.
  • But players generally prefer to start the last roll with 144 (and then roll two triple 20s and a triple 19 on the second roll) because it’s easier for them to finish the third roll with two triple 20s and then a double 12. So target two areas instead of three as seen in the previous example.
Here are the areas to aim for to achieve the perfect nine darts round. First a triple 20s (top center), then a triple 19 (bottom left), before finishing with a double 12 (top left). -Jeffrey Surianto

HeIt’s back to Tuesday evening and the third round of the final: 1’34 in London’s Alexandra Palace filled to the brim with frenzied madness.

“The first project : Dutch three-time world champion Michael Van Gerwen puts immediate pressure on Michael Smith, scoring the highest possible score of 180 thanks to three triple 20s.

The tone is set, but that was without counting the Englishman, who responded tit for tat without quivering 180 points in the bag as well.

» Second shot : the three-time world champion continues to put pressure on his opponent as always, putting himself in the best position in the final shot, scoring two triple 20s and a triple 19.

It’s not enough to raise eyebrows as we saw Michael Smith, who made the chain selection three times, three times higher than his opponent in a slightly more comfortable position in front of a frenzied crowd to drop 141 in the 20s.

» The third jet : With two zones (two triple 20s and a double 12) that should in theory aim better, the Dutchman hit the mark with his first two arrows… but missed the double 12 by a few millimeters, which would have allowed him to score. round! So Smith, having to aim at three different areas, wipes his right hand on his leg, blows between his fingers and triples to 20, then triple to 19… to the commentator: “The most incredible round of darts you’ll ever have,” NO LESS WOULD BE, LADIES.

“This has never happened in history”

A score of 501 in nine darts in these conditions seems like an “exceptional” round, confirms Thibault Tricol, the only Frenchman to have played darts in France. “Success in nine darts is less and less rare because the overall level only goes up. But this is World Cup time, and with the pressure, players run away more often than not. What emphasizes the spirits is that two players follow each other very closely in the same round. In general, when a player manages to make a 180 from one end, he puts pressure on the opponent who misses more easily. Never in the history of darts has a player been able to hit two volleys with three triples and the opponent responds, usually he cracks. It’s rare to see two players at this level, and for Smith to finish third in a World Championship final is simply exceptional. Everyone thought he was bound to crack.

Imagine that Michael Smith was considered the “polydor of darts”, losing every time in the ten finals of the major tournaments he participated in. Sometimes it even makes fans laugh. So not content with a perfect shot in the third round until Tuesday, he never wavered in his concentration to finally win the match and his first world title.

Everyone agrees that this is a historic final in terms of product performance and the presence of two players who have been in top form this year. But as in all sports, finals are always special to play in, we saw that well in the FIFA World Cup, sometimes it’s hard to get into. The two players started very strong, maintaining a consistent streak of excellence despite the two-hour game,” said Thibault Tricol.

Give an appearance

Swann Borselino, journalist and channel consultant Team in the discipline of darts, he simply puts this final as “the top of the game” and the third round as “the best round in history”.

Outside of England, the country of darts, and the Netherlands and Germany, which manage to fill 30,000-capacity halls for certain competitions, it is enough to tighten the discipline a bit. “We are one step behind in France compared to abroad. But such highlights can allow us to talk about darts and give some visibility, “said Thibault Tricol. The French dartsman is trying to contribute to this by trying to qualify for the next world championships, “because there is nothing better than the French participating there to promote the discipline”. we will be the first to deliver on the day this happens.

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