“It was exceptional”

It’s time for Cyril Gringor to retire. The international assistant referee, a loyal teammate of Clément Turpin, has hung up his flag after an exemplary and intense career.

At the age of 50, Cyril Gringore began his refereeing career in 1990 at Seine-Maritime on December 28, the evening of the Ligue 1 Paris SG-Strasbourg match. A few days ago, he experienced his second World Cup in Qatar as part of the trio he has composed since 2016 with Clément Turpin and Nicolas Danos.
Region, league, FFF (2000), UEFA (2007), FIFA (2010), assistant in 2002, sacked from FC Rouen, Norman conquered all levels and collected appointments in his three-year career. at the highest level: U17 World Cup in 2015 and 2017, Euro 2016 and 2020, World Cup 2018 and 2022, Europa League final 2021, Champions League final 2022, Club World Cup 2022.
Having been awarded two UNFP Trophies for the best assistant referee in Ligue 1 (2021 and 2022), Cyril Gringore is now a happy and content retired referee.

“The World Cup held in Qatar marked the end of your international career. What memory will you keep?
We stayed for five weeks with quite exceptional living, training and supervision conditions. The three games in which we were selected went very well – Uruguay-South Korea, Ecuador-Senegal and Brazil-South Korea in the round of 16 – our performances were quite successful. We also had the chance to attend other matches in the stands, including three 1/4 final matches, including France-England. The Blues’ qualification for the semi-finals put an end to the march of all French referees. It’s always a bit disappointing, we’re always ready to go further, but that’s the rule, we know it and nothing tells us that FIFA will call us again after this. We will never know. We are proud to have achieved a major World Cup and France reaching the final is good for the Federation. On a personal level, ending my international career at this World Cup will remain a great memory.

On December 28, Paris SG-Strasbourg was your last match for honors in Ligue 1. A special moment?
I expressed my desire to play the last match in France, because it was close to my heart to finish in front of my family and loved ones. For me, being from Normandy, Paris was logistically perfect. Good score to know this will be my 400th match in Ligue 1. Parc des Princes, the legendary stadium, has more to offer. During the warm-up I said to myself that this is the last time I step on this field, it feels a little strange. Then in the dressing room, during preparation, I tried not to think about it too much, but more about all these things that I have to do, I put myself into the game. But at the final whistle, I thought: this time I will definitely leave the crampons and the flag aside. In fact, when I see colleagues in the field today, I really understand this. i feel something

I never thought that I would have such a career and rise so high. I thank the judge for allowing me to experience this

What will happen without you two friends Clément Turpin and Nicolas Danos?
They are not lost [rire]. Benjamin Pages [assistant fédéral 1, 36 ans] will join them and complete the trio. My property was prepared. It will certainly be a special moment to see them in their next Ligue 1 match, but it is what it is.

Cyril Gringore with Clément Turpin and Nicolas Danos at the 2022 World Cup (photo by Anthony DIBON / ICON SPORT).

And you, what are you now? Has the arbitration page been definitively turned?
From January 2, I resumed my position in the National Police, resuming my post at the police school in Oissel, near Rouen. After many years as a trainer, I am now involved in site security. But no, the arbitration is not over yet. I will no longer be on the pitch but will remain in charge of VAR appointments and match observations for DTA in Ligue 1.

What do you remember from your long refereeing career?
Arbitrage has brought me a lot. For thirty-three years, it has been a great sporting and human adventure, from my beginnings in the district to the highest professional level, culminating in numerous meetings with players, coaches, managers and visits to about forty or fifty countries. would never visit again. It creates character. I thank arbitration for letting me experience this, and I thank the people who allowed me to enter arbitration when I was 17 years old. I did not imagine the prospects that arbitration could open.

We need to promote professions. If my past can inspire the youth, so much the better!

Your record is full. Two Euros, two World Cups, two European finals, etc.
I never thought that I would have such a career and rise so high. It was exceptional. The 2022 Champions League final at the Stade de France and the Peru-New Zealand intercontinental play-off match in Lima in November 2017 will remain my fondest memories. Two world championships have a special place. The World Cup match is so intense that when you enter the pitch, there are sensations that you don’t feel in other matches. Among my good memories was working with Freddie Fautrell for ten years [aujourd’hui Conseiller technique régional en arbitrage en Ligue de Normandie]and two others, including the U17 World Cup in Chile with Rudy Buquet.

No regrets or bad memories?
I didn’t know about any Olympics. When I was selected for Rio in 2016, I was not yet teamed up with Clément and Nicolas, I joined them when Frédéric Cano decided to stop after these Games. But this is not really a pity. To be honest, my memory is not bad. I had a linear career with fairly steady progression without demotion. I only had a minor disappointment in 2011 when I lost my international status, but it only lasted a year. In retrospect, it wasn’t such a big deal.

Your nephew Jules is a Junior Referee of FFF, your son Victor is a Regional 2nd level referee. Is the relay safe?
Here, the family heirloom is ready! As a member of the Regional Arbitration Commission of the Normandy League, responsible for the youth, I try to give back everything that arbitration can bring me. Currently, we have very few judges. We need to promote professions. If my past can inspire the youth, so much the better! »

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Tribute to Johan Hamel

On December 28 and 29, as well as on the 16th day of League 1 in League 2, a memorial ceremony was held for Johan Hamel. The French judge died on November 16 at the age of 42. Like all the captains and referees, Clément Turpin, Cyril Gringore and Nicolas Danos also wore shirts in his memory for the occasion in the Paris SG-Strasbourg match.
Johan’s death, which we learned about in the training camp in Qatar, affected us a lot, Says Cyril Gringore. I played a Ligue 1 match with him in Lille before going to the World Cup. We were on the field together. It was his last game at center. We were devastated when we found out he was gone. He was a part of the generation that experienced the professionalism of refereeing, we went through a lot with him, we met often. We are very sad. »


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