LIVE – CES 2023: electric rollerblades, Russia largely absent… show opens January 5

The Tech&Co team is now on site

The 2023 edition of CES opens on January 5, but Francois Sorel and the Tech&Co team are already there to introduce you to the global tech event.

French Technology is out in force at CES

This is the tenth year that French Tech is going to CES. In total, more than 170 startups will participate, compared to 350 in 2020.

The delegation will be accompanied by the Minister responsible for the Digital Transition, Jean-Noel Barrot. The trip will end in San Francisco with French entrepreneurs, one third of whom are women.

Samsung to introduce new products with great fanfare

Samsung uses CES to introduce its new TVs. The program includes an 8K laser projector, a new QD Oled S95C TV or The Terrace for the outdoors. Samsung even matches the game with the Odyssey G9.

Samsung is also showing off its new pico projector: the €999 Freestyle. The brand offers original models with a Pikachu design.

More info visit Tech&Co with our journalist Melinda Davan-Soulas on hand to bring you CES 2023 live.

Stellantis will manufacture the aircraft of the Archer startup

Car manufacturer Stellantis begins production of airships. This was reported at the CES exhibition. Thus, Stellantis will produce the electric aircraft developed by the American company Archer.

Called Midnight, this eVTOL (vertical takeoff and landing device) looks like a small plane with multiple rotors on its wings and is designed to make consecutive trips of up to 30 kilometers with a charging time of about 10 minutes between trips. . © Archer

Called Midnight, it looks like a small plane with several rotors on its wings and is designed to make consecutive trips of about 30 kilometers for a total autonomy of 160 km, with a charging time of about 10 minutes between each trip. .

Archer has already received a pre-order for 200 cars from United Airlines.

You can find our full article here.

Russia did not participate in CES 2023

One country is not participating in CES 2023: Russia. Gary Shapiro, head of the Consumer Technology Association, which organized the event, told the BBC that Russia was “not welcome”. This decision is justified by the “political situation” of the country. He believes that it would not be “appropriate” to invite them.

The Russian flag flies near the US Embassy in Moscow on December 7, 2021.
A Russian flag flies near the US Embassy in Moscow, December 7, 2021 © Alexander NEMENOV © 2019 AFP

However, although some Russian companies wanted to participate in the exhibition, they did not succeed. On the contrary, dozens of Ukrainian companies are participating in the exhibition, including Releaf, which produces paper from dead leaves. Gary Shapiro shows his support for Ukraine by wearing a Ukrainian flag on his jacket.

Electric scooters down the aisles of CES with AtmosGear

Skating without fatigue and reaching speeds of up to 32 km/h, that’s the promise of AtmosGear, the company that introduced its electric roller skates.

The range is 32 kilometers and charging from the mains takes about an hour. The frames even fit all skate boots.

Production will start after 200 pre-orders, and you will have to pay about 500 euros to buy them. The company aims to sell 100,000 pairs worldwide by 2026.

French Octavio presents its high-end loudspeaker

Young French company Octavio has introduced Maestro, a hi-fi speaker compatible with all streaming services. Its creators rely on neat design and reasonable price.

Octavio Maestro speaker
Octavio Maestro speaker © Octavio

For the Maestro, its designers set two goals: to meet the demands of audiophiles and to develop a consumer product that is easy to handle. The body is equal Made in France With a minimalist design developed in collaboration with Trojan specialists in speaker and enclosure design, Davis Acoustics.

You can find our full article here.

Finally understand the baby’s cry

This is a question that often arises among parents of young children: why is my baby crying? With Q-bear, these questions should soon become history. This Taiwanese company has introduced a device that can translate newborn babies’ cries.

Using artificial intelligence technology, Q-bear promises to decipher why the child appears. Thus, the cries will be classified among the “anxiety panel”: hunger, dirty diaper, sleep, need for comfort.

Q-bear's Child Cry Interpreter Device
Q-bear’s Child Cry Translator © Q-bear

It is possible to configure the device to take away from parents. If the child is trying to fall asleep or seeking comfort, a lullaby or white noise will be played and a soothing light can be projected.

Depending on the settings, parents can also choose to be notified when the device determines their child needs to be replaced.

CES, the new car show?

For our journalist Frédéric Simotel, who is in Las Vegas, CES is becoming the “world’s auto show” because manufacturers are there to present connected vehicles.

La French Tech brings its solutions to CES

France is the first foreign delegation to participate in the Las Vegas show. That’s why Anthony Morel selected some French innovations in his Culture Geek column. A total of 170 companies visited the United States to demonstrate their solutions.

“Often new things stick in the news. There’s been a lot of new things this year about the energy crisis to learn how we’re going to heat ourselves in the future,” says Anthony Morel, before talking about air cleaning or cleaning the air. Health problems.

Stop snoring with a pillow

South Korean company 10minds promises to stop you snoring with its pillow. The object is accompanied by a sound sensor. “When you start snoring, our system will detect it,” said Daehyun Kim, a representative of the company, adding that the machine can distinguish the sounds from a possible partner or dog.

Then the four airbags located inside the cushion are activated. By alternately inflating and deflating, the snorer’s head will turn to the side. This mechanism clears the airways and therefore stops snoring.

More information here.

An oven to record and broadcast your cooking

Samsung has installed a camera in its new oven. The goal is to power the device with artificial intelligence sauce. Thus, the brand’s Bespoke AI Oven model can recognize the food you put in it. The oven recommends temperatures and cooking times for each of the 80 foods and ingredients it can identify.

Samsung custom AI oven
Samsung custom AI oven © Samsung

But the use of the camera does not end there. In addition to defining your menu, the device offers to record the interior view of the oven. Even better, these images can be shared and streamed live on social networks. The sale of the model is planned for the third quarter of 2023.

The Withings founder is a guest on Good Morning Business

When the U-Scan device was presented at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas, the founder of Withings was a guest of the Good Morning Business program. Find Eric Carreel’s link detailing the work of the urinalysis lab.

“Follow-up of chronic diseases is important, because today it is done by consulting a doctor, which is extremely rare and only happens once every six months. There is a real need to accompany patients at home,” assures Eric Carreel.

U-Scan, a home urinalysis lab

Withings is opening a long series of presentations that will stop over the next few days. The French company has developed a device called “U-Scan” to analyze urine. The French company known for its closed watches now wants to revolutionize your toilets with a gadget to place them directly in the bottom of your bowl.

Withings U-Scan urinalysis device
Withings’ U-Scan urine analyzer © Robyn BECK / AFP

When the user defecates, the device automatically collects a sample and transmits the results through the app. Depending on the analysis cartridge integrated into the product, it is possible to obtain information about the effect of its diet and hydration. A cartridge also allows you to track your menstrual cycle.

The U-Scan is scheduled to be marketed in Europe in the second quarter for around €500.

A taste of CES

Welcome to this first live Tech&Co dedicated to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

While the 2023 edition of the Consumer Tech show will only officially open its doors tomorrow, Thursday, January 5, companies are already starting to unveil the products they will present on site.

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