Morocco won the world championship

Morocco won the World Cup but missed out on the FIFA Cup. Only two countries have won both, Pele’s Brazil and Maradona’s Argentina. Everyone else was content with the FIFA trophy.

Zidane’s France, which was about to achieve the same success, was betrayed by a large part of its people who did not know themselves. As for Romain Saiss’s Morocco, he was the revelation of Qatar 2022 by presenting himself as an underdog.

It was on the lawn that we realized that the national team has nothing to envy its rivals and is capable of competing with the favorites and playing in the big leagues. It was Ahl al-Zam (Regragui, his staff and foals) who made us a dream by showing us what we are capable of as a nation, continent and ummah (على قدر اهل العزم تعليم العزائم). Moral, you should never underestimate yourself. When we go to war, it’s not about winning the battle or losing with “honor,” it’s about winning.

However, the wiser among us knew that it would be tough to qualify for the semi-finals and that his chances of winning the trophy and thereby joining the aforementioned two great powers were compromised because, as the Arab proverb says. , “the wind blows in a direction not intended for sailboats.”

Indeed, special circumstances prevented the Moroccan team from succeeding. It is an open secret that Morocco is not going to win the cup and is not going to Qatar to climb the podium. The issue of resilience, for example, has not received the attention it deserves.

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) was betting on four matches at best. In other words, everything we hope for “an honorable exit” by qualifying for the playoffs. Moreover, the goal set by coach Walid Regraghi is not related to the FIFA Cup, but to the Africa Cup of Nations. Admittedly, his appointment, two months before the competition, came late to say the least. There was not enough time for the Moroccan selection. To be honest, the lightness with which he behaves over time means that he misses the meeting with history.

Moreover, the occult forces pulling the strings behind FIFA’s corpses sensed that the Moroccan team was playing games during the matches. It is no coincidence that the refereeing of the semi-final, which was highly criticized by experts, deprived the Moroccans of two penalties.

In fact, the FIFA Cup is more than a sport. It is a global business, especially involving major international brands. It is also a matter of power, a weapon of soft power. Moreover, it is a system that includes, first of all, a narrow view of the world, the view of the “white man” who affirms his own culture and reinforces his dominant paradigm. Herein lies the problem.

Whenever the West gets angry and cannot accept its point of view, it reacts with arrogance, does not hesitate to threaten, and spreads slander by preaching truth to lies.

To this end, human rights were abused, particularly by the French media, to disrupt the organization of the race and embarrass Qatar. One of the members of the national team was accused of anti-Semitism for waving the Palestinian flag. The German channel compared its players to Daesh terrorists. Another, this time, compared the Moroccan footballers from Denmark and their mothers to monkeys.

These derogatory, hateful and racist statements show in no uncertain terms that the West has extinguished the Enlightenment. Also, the 21st century is “(for him) the century in which these beautiful lights, which have illuminated the human understanding since antiquity, and which have never been so bright as in the time of Louis XV, are very flickering if not completely extinguished.” disappeared” (Jean Dutourd- 2001- Plon).

Qatar will be before and after 2022. A severely shaken Eurocentrist saw his hegemony challenged and his paradigm undermined. Özge, whom he always despised and blamed for all evils, while turning human rights into a tool, in a word, supported the law with morality and put forward a duty to strengthen it.

It is beyond the call of duty for Moroccan players to nominate their mothers and give their all for their country, continent and ummah. And it was for the sake of truth that they waved the Palestinian flag and morally condemned the principle of “double standards”.

And instead of worshiping homo economicus, the deeply rational Moroccan players worshiped God. Finally, if there is a lesson, it is the arrival of the mothers in the royal palace. They have no clothing restrictions. Some wore veils or niqabs, while others were uncovered. No offense to a Eurocentrist, tolerance is freedom itself.

It is a fact, Qatar has revealed that the level of teams is approaching. The football gap has narrowed considerably. The time when the cup was played between three or four teams is long gone. All 32 teams – with one or two exceptions – had almost the same chance of winning the trophy.

In addition, Qatar lifted the veil on the existence of a double trophy organized by FIFA every four years: the trophy awarded to the team that won the final and the trophy awarded by the sportsmen to the team that managed to win. hearts. It is true that the former has a global dimension, but unlike the latter, this dimension is strongly limited by financial and political contingencies. Therefore, the FIFA Cup and the World Cup should not be confused.

The first is the theme of the script, and the second is the story written during the competition. Argentina didn’t surprise anyone when Lionel Messi lifted the FIFA trophy. But the whole world was pleasantly surprised by the personality and play of the Moroccan qualifiers. According to Yasmina Khadra, the national team was the friendliest game.

He spread joy in the homes of the cursed on earth, cheered sports fans around the world, gave hope to the downtrodden to regain their dignity. It was in this position that he won the World Cup and wrote the first lines of history that will be the history not only of Moroccans, but also of North Africans, Africans, Arabs and those who aspire to a better world, multiculturalism. , multipolar and even multi-civilized world.

Note: Athletics experience should not be repeated. The flame of this sport, which was ignited in the 1980s, quickly died out due to disrespect for the principle of “The right man in the right place”.

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