War in Ukraine. Russian casualties are increasing, Putin wants a documentary… Point of the night

The Russian Ministry of Security announced on Tuesday evening, January 3, 2023, that the death toll rose to 89 as a result of a New Year’s Eve attack by Ukraine on a building where Russian soldiers were gathering in Makivka, eastern Ukraine. defense.

“The main reason (…) is the firing of mobile phones in the range of enemy weapons, contrary to the ban, and the mass use of personnel”– General Sergey Sevryukov said in a video statement released by the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that in an extremely rare event, 89 of its soldiers were killed as a result of a strike carried out using the HIMARS missile system, which was given to Ukraine by the United States in the war against Moscow and allowed bombing. deep, far behind enemy lines.

The bombing took place in Makivka, a town long occupied by Moscow, east of Donetsk, one of the strongholds held by pro-Russian separatists since the conflict with Kiev began in 2014.

According to a senior Russian military official, General Sergey Sevryukov, the attack was carried out at 12:01 on January 1 (Saturday 2201 GMT) against the temporary base in Makiivka. “The number of our dead comrades has reached 89”he said in a video statement.

“Currently, the commission is investigating the situation” of the attack, the general added.

According to former separatist commander Igor Strelkov, who is closely familiar with the situation on the ground, the building where the Russian conscripts, that is, non-professional soldiers, were housed, was completely destroyed as a result of the strike, as ammunition was stored there.

“Almost all the military equipment that was near the building and did not have the slightest sign of camouflage was also destroyed.”he wrote on Telegram, estimating the number of victims “several hundred”.

According to the Telegram channel “Rybar”600 people lived in the building, one of the main pro-Russian sources on the war in Ukraine.

Ukrainian forces simply a “area of ​​focus” Soldiers in Makiivka

The announcement of this increase in casualties is exceptional: not only is it the heaviest casualty in an attack Moscow has accepted since the start of its invasion in February, but it is also the first report of military casualties. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu noted that 5,937 people died in the ranks of the Russian army.

Russian documentaries about the attack in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed his government on Tuesday to organize screenings in cinemas “documentaries” Attack of Moscow forces on Ukraine.

“To submit proposals to the Ministry of Culture to ensure the screening of national documentaries in cinema networks on topics related to the special military operation, the fight against the spread of neo-Nazi and neo-fascist ideology.”We can read in the message published on the website of the Kremlin.

Russia justified its attack in Ukraine mainly because it wanted to “deazify” the country, the Kremlin accuses Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Kyiv authorities of colluding with ultra-nationalist circles.

Moscow is also presenting its attack as a conflict against Kiev, which the West believes is important for supplying it with weapons.

American equipment was used against Donbas

Many American media have published headlines about Ukraine’s attack on a Russian military base in the Donbass with American HIMARS rocket launcher systems, killing dozens or hundreds of people. They note that Russia is talking about 89 dead, while Kyiv called 400 dead yesterday.

the New York Times One highlights the anger among pro-war bloggers and some officials against the Russian military command. This attack for everyday life “Highlights the shortcomings of the Russian army”. The media likes it NBC in parallel, note the ongoing attacks by Russian drones against Ukrainian infrastructure.

the New York Times mentions the war in Ukraine on its front page “Intensifies world hunger”, noted that Russia has intercepted most of the grain-laden ships and that its attacks on infrastructure have also affected terminals in ports. Thus, according to the UN, 345 million people suffer from hunger, which has doubled in 2019.

the The Wall Street Journal He praises the success of a digital network built by Ukrainian forces to coordinate, supply weapons and respond to Russian attacks, a “MacGyver” version of the Pentagon’s digital system. “A fraction of the cost” by the United States of America. The paper hails the Ukrainians’ technological expertise, noting their use of the Signal app, Elon Musk’s SpaceX networks, mobile apps, 3D printers and commercial drones. The article notes that the Pentagon’s “hubs” responsible for technological innovation – Defensewerx and especially Sofwerx – will join special operations. “Learn the Ukrainian model” get inspired.

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