why this strike shows Russia’s military difficulties

A communication that has not been seen since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Russia has just raised the death toll to 89 as a result of the New Year attack in the Ukrainian city of Makivka, located in the occupied territories east of Donetsk, a stronghold of pro-Russian separatists who have been in power since 2014. At midnight on January 1, four missiles were targeted “Temporary deployment center of the army”According to the Russian General Staff, then two missiles.

Initially, a provisional figure of 63 Russian soldiers was killed, but this number was revised upwards after bodies were found in the ruins of the building. In turn, Ukraine, which claimed responsibility for the strike, suffered even heavier losses: 400 dead and 300 wounded. In any case, this is the heaviest record Moscow has known in a single attack since the beginning of the offensive. “Russia was forced to admit the attack. Decodes General Dominique Trincand, the former head of the French military mission to the UN. Since the soldiers came from the same region, the news has already spread and spread on social networks.. According to the pro-Russian Rybar channel on Telegram, there were 600 people in the building. According to a number of Russian mass media, those killed are not professional soldiers, but conscripts.

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Shyness and responsibilities

These deadly strikes have embarrassed the Kremlin’s military, which is overwhelmed by responsibility. “Currently, the commission is investigating the situation” Russian General Sergey Sevryukov said. But because of a geolocation assumption “Activation of mobile phones within range of enemy weapons and mass use by staff” It is proposed by the Russian authorities. “Contrary to Prohibition”said the general.

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Does the command want to absolve itself of this new disgrace by putting the blame on the soldiers? “There is a lack of command: the lack of instructions on the use of laptops, as well as the concentration of units in one building. There is a discussion between the battalion commander and the higher command about accountabilityGeneral Dominique Trinquand analyzes. Today, it appears on Russian networks that the battalion commander only obeyed the given orders…”

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According to former separatist commander Igor Strelkov on Telegram, the building was destroyed as a result of the strike because ammunition was stored there. It reminds me of military equipment “without the slightest sign of camouflage near the building”. “There is a possibility that the ammunition is stored near the locations of the soldiers”The British Ministry of Defense said with reference to AFP.

Russian critics within the army

Criticism of the war in Ukraine is growing in Russia. Blogger Boris Rozhine, who is close to pro-Russian Ukrainian separatist circles, has come under fire. “Incompetence of senior officers”. For Dominique Trinquand, this bloody attack was a “confirmation” Military difficulties of Moscow. “One would have thought that after ten months of war, the Russian army would advance, but this proves that this is not the case.”

According to AFP, in the Samara region, in the center of the country, several hundred people gathered for an Orthodox memorial service with the permission of the authorities. Ekaterina Kolotovkina, the chairman of a group of soldiers’ wives, called “revenge”. “The Russians can use the attack as propaganda to blame the Ukrainians a little more”Dominique Trinquand points out that most of the criticism in Russia is not about the war itself, but rather about the resources allocated or the lack of results.

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Faced with this war, which has been bogged down for almost a year, Vladimir Putin has already announced his goal. “special military operation” in Ukraine. “We will work to make sure it ends. And the sooner, of course, the better.” During a press conference held during Christmas week, he noted that there was nothing wrong “There is no limit to financing”. Over the next few weeks, Dominique Trinquand envisions two scenarios for the cooling front in the coming days. “Either the Ukrainians will take advantage of this and quickly attack, so as not to give the Russian army time to reorganize with the reinforcements it expects. weighs. Either the Ukrainian army is not capable of this, and the Russian army is strengthened and keeps its positions. Will he be able to attack this summer? That’s the question. »

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