Hollywood star actors are hidden in FIFA 23 and there is some humor!

Game News Hollywood star actors are hidden in FIFA 23 and there is some humor!

If Easter eggs are legion in the world of video games, this practice is generally more common in action-adventure games in solo and multiplayer games, but not very common in sports games, which are quite stingy in fantasy. But not so with FIFA 23, which has the luxury of cleverly hiding Hollywood celebrities…

Historically, the Easter egg isn’t in sports games, where the subtlest references to fan joy are hidden. In general, this kind of nod is reserved for more action and adventure-oriented titles, and developers often hide them in a well-hidden corner of the map or at the end of a secondary quest. However, FIFA 23 deviates from the norm and isn’t even just a reference, as it simply casts Hollywood stars in a role perfectly related to the annual soccer simulation.Electronic Arts. Not only is it not that much of a surprise, it’s also done with a lot of humor…


  • FIFA is not in its first attempt
  • The 5th division club in FIFA!
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FIFA is not in its first attempt

FIFA 23 features AFC Richmond (a fictional club) and Ted Lasso from the Apple TV+ series.

If you play FIFA and/or follow the news, developed by the popular license EA Sports, you are not unaware that the latter allows itself a little fantasy. Recently, So we saw Ted Lasso and his famous AFC Richmond join the squad for the game, testifies to the publisher’s desire to include elements of fiction in its simulation, which is nevertheless believed to be serious, and is particularly notable for its many official licenses. But there was a way to connect pop culture with the most popular football game a little more subtly. and thanks to the obscure 5th division Welsh club, a stunning tribute was paid to two famous actors. And for good reason: the latter are simply co-owners of the respective club.

The 5th division club in FIFA!

Hollywood star actors are hidden in FIFA 23 and there is some humor!

Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds are co-owners of obscure Welsh club, Wrexham FC. (sky)

Indeed, in November 2021, a relatively anonymous Wrexham club stuck in the National League (England’s fifth division) since the 2008-2009 season, perhaps helped by its historical status as the oldest club in Wales. taken by two actors: Canadian Ryan Reynolds and American Rob McElhenney, through its joint venture, RR McReynolds Company LLC. This marks the beginning of greater penetration, at least among FIFA consumers: alongside the release of FIFA 22 from September 2021, Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Detective Pikachu) announces his Wrexham AFC integration into the game, will be released in a few days. A special case in the license.

FIFA 22’s Easter Egg More

Hollywood star actors are hidden in FIFA 23 and there is some humor!

Wrexham AFC, an anonymous team in the 5th division of England, has been somewhat “in” in the last two FIFA.

The arrival of the “small” Welsh club in FIFA is already a big Easter egg, considering that the latter does not play in any championship under the license of the EA Sports simulation. Admittedly, it does contain a lot of competition, but it has never combined 5th division teams! Wrexham AFC were thus added to the “Rest of the World” group along with other slightly unclassified teams. But the winking aspect goes even further in FIFA 23, where this inclusion of the Welsh club is similarly featured, as the two actors are simply integrated into the game… but only English-speaking players have been able to see it. In this video of the match between Wrexham and Liverpool, the couch of European football, the English commentators simply “interview” them. (after 42 seconds) and more… Show English humor, literally reverse the roles:

This is a special match, a big team against a very small team. A huge, huge club facing a small team, almost an improvised version of a football team. We are of course talking about Liverpool, a very small club in a very small city.

”’ – Ryan Reynolds votes for Wrexham vs Liverpool in FIFA 23

Another sequence in the match between Wrexham and Stockport Country club, who were promoted to EFL League 2 (fourth division) last year, allows the two Hollywood stars to be heard co-chairing at the request of the official match commentators. They explain here that this club was one of their main rivals in their first season and they feel a little bitter about being promoted to the latter’s top division. The tone is a bit sour, perhaps based on genuine frustration at their chances of promotion, for making their interventions too convincing and realistic (wishing them 31 Shades of Humiliation). The most original and best hidden easter eggs in the history of soccer games!

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