In Mende: traders hit by World Cup for Christmas sales

The next trade meeting is the winter sales, which will take place from Wednesday 11 January to Tuesday 7 February.

The big sales season is over for downtown Mende merchants. Christmas is over, of course, but private sales and sales are starting and opening up new commercial prospects.

Several traders presented the balance of the last weeks, the result was quite positive, although they were affected by the Soccer World Cup. This is the case of Olivier Sanchez, the manager of the EcoCash store, which sells, for example, second-hand books, video games, vinyl. “It was a bit difficult to start with the World Cup. analyzes. On the other hand, as soon as it ended, there was a lot of flow.” All in all, Olivier Sanchez has a very positive assessment of the end of the year. In 2022, it made more sales per month than the previous year. “This event is a real success, it is back in fashion, explains. It allows recycling, giving the object a second life, is cheaper and under warranty.”

Quiet Sunday, December 18

For Marilou bijoux, the Christmas period was less productive than the previous year. “I just opened it last year (End of November 2021, Ed) and when we open it attracts interested parties”says store manager Christine Petit. “The arrival of customers was very late this year, the World Cup affected ushe says. For example, on Sunday, December 18, we were exceptionally open, but we had no one. Everyone was in bars or in front of the TV for the finale. In fact, most of the stores were closed earlier. Finally, he adds one last factor that he believes can detract from downtown’s appeal: the lights. “There were hardly any decorations or lights at Christmas this year. It was a bit sad.”

A customer who is late in receiving

At Devred on Place au Beurre, customers arrived late to buy. Or rather, he came back to get it. “In the first two weeks of December, people came to explore moresays Thomas Quintin, manager of a menswear store. “I mostly ended up selling things because customers needed gifts.” But since then it has been quiet. “I don’t know where people are goingDevred’s boss smiled. Maybe people don’t come downtown because most businesses are closed.

Cosmetics are a must for holidays

As every year, Yves Rocher cosmetics store welcomed beautiful people on Christmas. “We received many gift cards from customerscertified beautician student, for sale. Advent and Lent calendars are also sold.”

Visible balances

“I’m taking inventory to be ready for next Wednesday”, reveals Christine Petit. Indeed, winter sales begin on Wednesday, January 11. They will end on Tuesday, February 7. Meanwhile, many stores have already started personal sales aimed at loyal customers.

Are sales less popular?

Several merchants said promotions run almost year-round, especially for the big chains. “Sales work less than before because we always make offers, even if they don’t match sales promotions”“Devred” head Thomas Quintin says. Same for Yves Rocher. “Our Christmas products are now -70% off”, says a store employee. And that’s even before the sale starts. For Christine Petit, head of Marilou bijoux, sales are only of interest for very expensive products. “Here, I have small products. Reducing a necklace from 20 euros to 10 euros doesn’t change much for the customer, except for a young person. On the other hand, for a coat from 400 euros to $200, it might be worth more.”

Holidays at ZAC de Ramilles also went well

“We were very surprised by the speed of sales for ChristmasConcludes the manager of the Ambiance et styles store located in ZAC de Ramilles. There were many free days that we did not expect, and other very busy days. But in this kind of decoration, tableware and household clothing store, Christmas shopping started in September. Regular promotions and Black Friday allowed customers to be spread over time. And for sales, forecasting sales is difficult: “I think we will be surprised like Christmas– says the manager. Already this year we started private sales right after Christmas. Coming customers will not be looking for a gift, but a bargain.”

No flagship toy

At Kingtoy, in the same shopping area, it was “special christmas”, the store manager explains. First, for the French team, there were days off on game days and no flagship products. “Last year, Paw Patrol was very popular. But this year, we’ve had really diverse sales.” A big busy period for a toy store is over, and despite the sales, the customer will be greatly reduced. “Now people will come more for birthday gifts”he concludes.

At Ambiance et Styles, the store operates to welcome customers during sales.
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