At the wheel, Didier Raoult’s daughter explains her “gratuitous hatred” for the “IHU sheriff” on Twitter

“It’s painful to experience this, this kind of gratuitous hatred that has no basis. It is cruelty for the sake of cruelty. In a way, we became the sheriff of IHU. No, it’s not funny. No, it doesn’t make me laugh. “At the head of the Marseille Criminal Court, Magali Carcopino-Tusoli holds her anger together with her husband. Both are doctors with the Marseille Hospitals Public Assistance (AP-HM). Behind them, Eric Chabrier watches them. It is known that the biochemist’s father, Didier Raoult, was his close collaborator when he headed the IHU. This Friday morning, Professor Carcopino-Tusoli appeared in court accused of authoring defamatory and offensive tweets through an anonymous account called Professional.

“Magali, the ugly duckling of the family, can we sing in one of her messages? There is definitely an oak tree in the glossy oak family. “A wave of tweets from the same account claiming to be Eric Chabrière after Magali Carcopino-Tusoli took a stand for hydroxychloroquine and the coronavirus vaccine, against her father’s views that she is cold.

“Will my tires go flat? »

“The period was very difficult, Magali Carcopino-Tusoli continues. For several years we have been directly insulted by Mr. Chabriere and this Twitter account. “And to confirm:” We tried to broadcast my private address. Every morning I live with a flutter in my heart. Will my tires get a flat tire? Are we going to rip the board out of my cabinet? We live in such an atmosphere, and Mr. Chabrier incites it. What I want is to stop this atmosphere. »

“These tweets are very difficult for my wife, children and myself, Xavier Carcopino-Tusoli is a lot. I have dozens of colleagues in the medical community who have been similarly harassed on the same account. I don’t want the politics of fear to prevail. I am not afraid. It is my responsibility not to let things like this get too serious. It is my responsibility to stop people hiding behind fake accounts. »

“I’m going there to shine a light on IHU”

Eric Chabrière’s tweets, which he denies authorship, will ensnare him as a victim of identity theft. “Unfortunately, the destiny of many people is the biochemist who grabs a stick and puts his arms out. I see a lot of politicians being parodied. Yes, I am active on Twitter. IHU was attacked, harassed and insulted. I realized that it is not at the scientific level that we can answer. So I took to Twitter. To correct the claims and slanders we have. I go there to shed light on IHU. It is the media that politicians listen to and has an audience. »

It is difficult to verify the information in the context of a direct quote, especially since Twitter refuses to disclose the true identities of its users. “Disturbing tip: every time there’s a tweet from Chabrière, there’s also a tweet from the Professional! », notes Me Philippe Carlini, the lawyer of the Carcopino-Tusoli couple. According to Eric Chabrière’s lawyer, the facts do not constitute evidence in any way. In my view, the basis of this complaint is a planned conspiracy against his client. “My client said to himself, Ms. Carcopino has clearly become a tool,” he says. We know Crémieux’s hatred [le directeur de l’AP-HM] for Mr. Raoult. »

Family Account Settlement

“I find myself in an uneasy position because there is a family story behind it, whether we like it or not, Eric Chabrière is a lot. I would prefer not to find myself in family stories that do not concern me. It hurts me because of my former boss, someone I respected. »

“My client was harassed while performing his duties,” Philip Carlini replied to me. She never introduced herself as Professor Raoult’s daughter, and this is certainly not a settlement of the family accounts. He, like many others, expressed his opinion as a doctor. He did it publicly, not anonymously. He just said what he thought. »

On March 10, on purpose

And to regret: “But he had the right to special treatment. A woman, with her integrity as a wife, a mother, was attacked in the most disgusting way. Her husband dragged them into the mud with his desire to divorce them. All this does not affect children. But the couple persisted despite this media hype, supported by IHU defenders. »

In front of her, Magali Carcopino-Tusoli’s eyes mist up. Her hand wraps around her husband’s. “Mr. Chabrière claims to defend a just cause, accuses Mani Carlini. But in fact, he defends his ego above all else. He pretends to be the defender of IHU, while he has done so much damage to it. Together with several others, they managed to make a mockery of one of France’s greatest prides, justifying criminal complaints on serious topics such as fraud in experiments, harassment and unusual medical practices. The communication was pitiful, and the verbal and written violence of the valiant anonymous purported defenders of the institution undermined the weight of the scientific word. It may be more serious than this story. Me Carlini is asking for 10,000 euros in damages each, while the defense is asking for his release. The verdict of the court will be announced on March 10.

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