The leak exposed the emails of 200 million Twitter users

database with Over 200 million email addresses users Twitter experienced a leak in the last few hours. as shown by Bleeping ComputerThe list leaked on the hacker forum also includes usernames and real names, the dates the profiles were created and the number of followers they have. Fortunately, account passwords were not affected. But despite this, the event poses a serious security risk for those involved.

It is useful to record the disclosed information not compatible with the last hack. Researchers were able to trace the origin of the leak back to 2021, when malicious actors were able to exploit a loophole in Twitter’s API. Using this, they were able to en masse phone numbers and email addresses to check if they were associated with accounts on the social network. And a wrong in another API they were able to extract the details of said profiles.

Twitter fixed the security flaw in January 2022. but did not make it public until August. Over the next few months, several batches of user data began to appear on the Internet. However, the case gained notoriety last November when a hacker claimed to have a database of 400 million accounts created on the platform.

according to the analysis conducted by Bleeping ComputerThe list of 200 million e-mail addresses is the same as the one that appeared at the end of last year, but the list of 200 million e-mail addresses is the same as the one that appeared at the end of last year. That’s the difference cleaned to remove duplicate data.. However, the list still shows duplicate data.

Is my email address part of a Twitter leak?

It was leaked on Twitter

Experts analyzing the case concluded that it all depends on whether the email address you use on Twitter has been leaked before. If obtained by your email address scrapers from other websites, possibly ending up in a leaked database.

Fortunately, there is a way to check if your email is part of this Twitter leak. Troy Hunt, creator of the website Am I fooled?has added over 200 million email addresses to its popular platform. By logging in yourself, you can find out if it is really in the hands of hackers.. You will also be notified of any previous leaks involving your email address.

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