Ukraine: Criticism grows after deadly strike in Russia’s Makivka

kyiv: Critics are mounting in Russia after a New Year’s Eve strike against Russian soldiers in Makivka, eastern Ukraine, that killed 89 people, according to Moscow, which has questioned the military’s use of cellphones.

The General Staff of Ukraine confirmed that this strike was carried out, and the strategic communications department of the Ukrainian army said that 400 dead and 300 more seriously wounded in the Russian ranks. However, this claim was not confirmed by the employees.

The United States did not comment on these figures either. However, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said, “There is no complaint from the (US) administration. This is a war. (Ukrainians) are being invaded and they are retreating and defending themselves,” he said in a press interview. on Wednesday.

“Russian soldiers on their territory are a legitimate target of military operations for Ukraine,” he added.

On the Russian side, the initially announced death toll of 63 people was revised at 00:01 (22:01 GMT) on Wednesday, January 1, after new bodies were found in the ruins of a building in Makiyevka following a Ukrainian strike. , Russian General Sergey Sevryukov said in a video message released by the ministry.

Geologically located

According to him, the “main reason” for the strike is the “massive use of mobile phones by individuals” despite the ban, which allows Ukrainian forces to geo-locate the location of Russian soldiers.

Mr. Sevrioukov assured that “necessary measures are being taken to prevent such tragic events from happening in the future” and “responsible persons will be held accountable.”

It is the heaviest loss in an offensive that Moscow has suffered since the offensive began in February and comes after a series of embarrassing military failures on the ground.

According to Russian media, the victims were mobilized, so they were unprofessional soldiers.

The announcement of the heavier duty in Russia did not provoke new criticism of the military command, which was already criticized by reporters and commentators on Monday and Tuesday for its “incompetence”.

Margarita Simonyan, the head of the RT channel and the leader of the Kremlin’s international propaganda, called for the publication of the names of the Russian officers involved in the incident and to see “the extent of their responsibility”.

“It is time to understand that impunity does not lead to social harmony. Impunity leads to new crimes. And, therefore, to social discontent,” he wrote on Telegram.


Denis Pushilin, the leader of the pro-Russian separatists, praised the “heroism” of the soldiers who “risked their lives” to “rescue their comrades” from the rubble. According to him, the deputy commander of the regiment was killed.

In a Telegram message on Wednesday, he said he visited the wounded along with Russian Deputy Defense Minister Viktor Goremykin and the governor of Samara region, where some of the victims were located, Dmitry Azarov. Pushilin said that almost all of the wounded were sent to other regions of Russia for treatment.

Many Russians have demanded a transparent investigation into the circumstances of the strike on social networks. Valery Boutorin in the VK network is afraid: “They will take it out and, in the worst case, put it on someone’s back.”

“The fault is not mobile phones and their owners, but the simple negligence of the commanders, I am sure that they did not even try to move the personnel from the building.” It has 200,000 subscribers.

According to the information of the Russian army, this attack was carried out using “Himars” missile systems, which were supplied to Ukraine by the United States, and which allow striking far behind enemy lines.

“We have and will continue to provide (Ukrainians) with the equipment and assistance they need to defend themselves. Yes, we have provided Himars and we may provide more in the future,” warned John Kirby. US National Security Council.

During a telephone interview, French President Emmanuel Macron announced to his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky that France would supply Ukraine with “light battle tanks”.

On Twitter, Vladimir Zelensky thanked France for this new assistance. The number of tanks and delivery times are not specified.

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