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The latest installment of Twitter Files there is He revealed how the Trump and Biden administrations pressured Twitter executives to censor information. Company executives, while citing their own data, have particularly discredited doctors and experts who speak out against vaccines. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Two presidents but the same method

According to the latest information Twitter Files published by a journalist David ZweigThe Trump administration met with executives from Twitter, Google, Facebook and Microsoft to get it. How tech companies are helping to fight disinformation “again” grocery shopping … which could be reinforces panic buying and behavior in the early days of the pandemic.

When Biden took office, his administration focused on combating “misinformation” about vaccines and targeting high-profile skeptics. According to Mr. Zweig, in the summer of 2021, Mr. Biden will have social media companies “ they killed people because they spread misinformation about vaccines. His administration pressured Twitter to suspend the former journalist New York Times Alex Berenson for his tweets questioning Covid vaccines.

The company’s internal communications have revealed sometimes heated disputes over some moderation cases. Despite this, Twitter has deleted the opinions of many doctors and scientific experts that contradict the official positions of the White House. As a result,” findings and legitimate questions that would have broadened public debate have disappeared Zweig writes.

Expert censorship

the Dr. Martin Kulldorff, A Harvard Medical School epidemiologist is among many experts accused of disinformation. ” To think that everyone should be vaccinated is as scientifically flawed as to think that no one should be. “, There was a-t– He writes on March 15, 2021. C vaccinesvid important for high-risk older adults and their caregivers. Those with natural infections no longer need it. Neither do children. »

This tweet was flagged by a site moderator who said he shared ” false information about the effectiveness of vaccines Cvid-19 because it differed from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines at the time.

He quickly ” misleading ” and all replies and “likes” are disabled.

A tweet from public health fact-checker Kelly Kga also called “. misleading Although the CDC has shown its data, its comments and responses have been disabled. Meanwhile, Rhode Island doctor Andrew Bostom has been permanently suspended from the site after tweeting about a peer-reviewed study on the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines.

Moderation kills debate ?

According to Zweig, the problem lies in the way Twitter decides to moderate content. ” Much of the content moderation is done by bots trained in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Twitter also uses contractors in countries like the Philippines […] but asking non-experts to judge tweets on complex topics such as myocarditis and the effectiveness of masks was doomed to a significant error rate. “, he explains.

Regardless of whether these views are true or accepted abroad, information showing adverse effects of vaccines or that can be perceived as minimizing the risks of Covid, especially for children, has been moderated, if not deleted.

By main image Gerd Altmann From Pixabay

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