World Cup: “We’d be mad if Kolo Muani’s shot went through”

Marcelo Pilegi (right) signed by Lionel Messi on December 18.

Supporters react the day after Argentina beat France in the FIFA World Cup final. Marcelo Pilegi, an Argentine expatriate living in Cubzac-les-Ponts, resonates with representatives of Haut Girondin football.

It will be a tiring evening for players and fans alike. It is not Marcelo Pileghi who says otherwise. This Argentinian, who has been living in Cubzac-les-Ponts since his arrest in 2020, spent December 18 in Bordeaux, the place of Fernand Lafargue, with a contingent of the local Argentine community. An inflammatory atmosphere is guaranteed! “It was a very long and very intense evening,” says Marcelo.

In the game, the Argentines dominated two-thirds of regulation time thanks to two quick goals and a solid defense that bordered on aggressiveness. “The team played very well, won the necessary games. Even Messi changed his behavior this year, he played better, more collectively,” Marcelo Pilegi comments.

In the last quarter of an hour of the match, Kylian Mbappe equalized the score (2-2) with a skillful goal after a penalty, which then went to extra time. “Fortunately, a shot at the last second (editor’s note, Randal Kolo Muani is pushed back with his feet by the Argentinian keeper.) didn’t come back, otherwise we would have gone crazy,” continues Marcelo Pilegi.

Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe each go for a goal in extra time. The two teams that were tied again had to decide on penalties. “I’m glad it ended this way. Even if we win on penalties, we remain in a draw, “smiles the Argentine, as if trying to wash away the insult.

“These are the best parties of my life! »

To support his team from Bordeaux, Marcelo signed Lionel Messi dressed as Santa Claus during the World Cup. “On the other side, Diego (Maradona) is holding a glass of champagne,” he laughs. Cubzacais watches Argentine TV and thinks about popular joy. “It’s crazy, people are crazy. After that, 36 years have passed, it’s a lot,” he said, referring in particular to the final (0:1) they lost to Germany in 2014. The world title is also good for the Argentinians in a complex social context. “The victory took away some of the depression that reigned in the country. The people needed it.Football has the power to bring everyone together.

Marcelo Pilegi is set to take a break in Argentina to celebrate his third star. “I’m leaving on Saturday. We will celebrate with family and friends, it will be the best party ever (laughs)! “. In Argentina, 5 million people took to the streets of Buenos Aires (1/3 of the capital’s population and 10% of the world’s population) to celebrate the title.

Boring finale

On the French side, the feeling is not the same. We saw supporters thank the Blues for their journey, fifty thousand in Paris to welcome the World Cup finalists. Nevertheless, a form of frustration prevails. It must be said that the final is always better when it is won, no matter how crazy it is… Feelings are mixed in the soccer landscape of the Haute Gironde. FC Saint-Andre-de-Cubzac head coach Emmanuel Boudine described a “disappointing final. We didn’t show anything for most of the match. The awakening of the French players in the last quarter of an hour reduced the frustration of the Cubzaguais technician. “It’s still a great match, above all it was the revenge of the bench. When you’re a coach, seeing these kinds of turnarounds is something that inspires you,” continues Emmanuel Boudine. Indeed, the introduction of Randal Kolo Muani, Marcus Thuram or even Kingsley Coman contributed to the awakening of the Blues.

The Kubzagu people have only one regret: they did not practice goal kicks in training. “I remember the trauma of the France-Italy final in 2006… It’s a shame not to have seen it before. “For Alliance du Moron coach Sébastien Chatard, the observation is the same: “This is the only criticism we can make of Deschamps. We should stop saying it’s a lottery. We got the impression that Lloris suffered from the session. For other players, not being used to the fire can affect their minds or their technique…” laments the coach.

“The result remains logical”

For Sébastien Chatard, the composition and outcome of the final makes sense. “Argentina and France are the two best teams, followed by England. “The French played better in 2022 than in 2018, it was more predictable football, I think it was less messy.” Alliance du Moron’s coach was also on the nose as he placed France and Argentina as tournament favorites at the start of the World Cup (Read our November 18 issue).

For local clubs, holding the World Cup in winter will allow to establish contact with the license holders. “We met with leaders and players to watch the matches. Those were wonderful moments of sharing,” smiled Emmanuel Boudine.

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