Angels With Money Wings (Nintendo Switch) – Test

There are strange games, games that we put in uncategorized, both their form and content surprise us. And then there is Angels with scaly wingsa sci-fi visual novel in which we meet dragons and bond with them moreā€¦ carnally.

The game is the first game from Radical Phi studio that we can’t find any information about online. We just know that the game exists thanks to crowdfunding, that it has many spin-offs, and that a comic book prequel exists. Angels with scaly wings (Squamous Winged Angels) was released on April 30, 2021 for ten euros on all platforms and is published by Ratalaika Games, which regularly releases on our consoles.

Are you ready to save humanity while meeting some very (very) friendly dragons?

Before starting the test, we would like to point out that the game does not offer any French translation. Good/fluent English is required to play Angels with Scaly Wings.

Science fiction, dragons and love

Angels with scaly wings therefore, it is a visual novel in which we are plunged into an apocalyptic world several decades after our time. As the planet is in chaos, we find a rather strange unknown portal on Earth that appears to be functional.

The first person, Reza, one of our school friends, was sent as a scout a few days ago. According to his last messages, an entire dragon civilization would live behind this portal.

Although we do not have the energy to send men en masse to visit this new universe, our character is sent as an ambassador for humanity. Our role will be to flesh out the pact our species has just concluded with the dragons. In exchange for a PDA with our technology, they provide us with generators that can make up for our lack of energy. So off we went on an adventure…surprising to say the least.

Upon arrival, we see that dragons are not really that different from humans. They have the same culture, the same type of civilization, and although they regard us as mythical beings, they live and eat the same way as us.

Angels with scaly wings has a very classic gameplay that won’t break the schedule of visual novels. We associate images one by one with little or no animation and lots of text. Sometimes we will have the opportunity to make a decision. Some will affect the narrative, others will affect our relationships with the dragons around us, and others will simply be irrelevant.

Angels with scaly wings like any dating game, it offers a variety of dragons with very different personalities to encounter at our leisure. On the one hand, there is Adine, a shy girl who helps poor orphans, Bryce, a police officer who adheres to the code of honor, Anna, an energetic working girl scientist, or Lorem, a postman. game designer. There are still a few others that have certain characteristics and make it possible to reach the target audience as much as possible.

In addition to meeting the dragons, we also simultaneously investigate the strange crimes that began when we arrived.

Angels with scaly wings is a game with multiple endings and story-altering decisions. We are not in a fan structure like before The Stanley ParableEach of our choices here leads to a different path, but the number of possibilities is quite large.

A scenario with many inconsistencies

Angels with scaly wings is a fairly long story, although a lot of the dialogue is pointless (more on that later), offering a four to five hour lifespan without replays. For ten euros, it’s a perfectly reasonable amount of time. Additionally, the game is designed so that you can only chat with a certain number of dragons at each free time, which allows for a bit more replayability and makes you want to know the thirteen available endings.

The storyline starts off pretty well. The elements follow each other quite fluidly at the beginning and manage to grab our attention. Login? Dragons? Crimes? Structurally, the video game respects narrative codes that will allow players to feel in a familiar place. We come to enjoy this world and the mysteries that surround it.

In addition, the game is completely touch-enabled, which makes the portable experience very pleasant: we can make our decisions without going through the tedious controller.

However, and very quickly, our interest in the story wanes, the guilt of an unwanted mix of genres derailing our progress. Angels with scaly wings in the language of its creator, it was an opportunity to mix all the ideas in his mind. The result is a game that is narrative heavy and unfocused.

So imagine yourself. We are the second humans to come into society looking like mythical creatures. While we are there for a day, mysterious murders occur and we logically suspect these misdeeds. Do we really want to chat with the other dragons around us to get to know each other better after seeing the dragon’s corpse and being watched?

Rather, we want to solve crimes as quickly as possible, both to prove our innocence and to move the story forward. Each encounter with the dragon distracts us from the main story and almost feels like part of another game.

In addition, Angels with scaly wings there are many inconsistencies in the story that make it difficult to read. Science fiction, more than any other genre, needs to be flawless so that the story doesn’t seem implausible. To give a few examples: we are with dragons, creatures that use air for all their activities, but they use stairs at home, which they hate and are not very ergonomic. Why does a flying species need stairs?

During a very important scene, our character is reminded of Hiroshima, an event that no civilization but us can explain. However, the dragons are never moved by this and drink in our character’s words, even though they understand absolutely nothing of what we say logically.

A niche game for people who like dragons a little too much

We still have a list of inconsistencies that are in no way justified by the drama. Instead of admiring the story, we instead shy away from every inconsistency, which inevitably penalizes the overall narrative.

Always in structure, Angels with scaly wingswho wants to change the situation to captivate his reader, breaks an important rule that will draw more than one conclusion from the story.

Simply put, a midpoint (or mid-climax) is a pivotal moment in the middle of a story where a character experiences an event that changes their perception of their purpose. However, in Angels with scaly wings, the midpoint is brought about by the revelation of a secret of our own character. Since we are in the first person point of view, we have to experience the story with him and have the same information as him.

We can no longer experience events with him by revealing secrets we do not know. Therefore, we clearly separate ourselves from our character and therefore our self-confidence is damaged.

Other revelations are also often far-fetched and raise eyebrows every time they come to us. This is one of the really damaging moments because the story presented itself well and the lack of seriousness in the writing is self-destructive.

Dialogues are also often inconclusive because they don’t tell us much about the narrative or the story. We assume that dating game fans will find their account, but we are far from a written record of anything. Catherine or a Life is strange.

Although this is only suggested, the intended audience will also appreciate the eroticism that the story reveals with dragons. Have you ever wanted to wash the back of your belt in the shower? We don’t know if there’s an audience for these kinds of fantasies, but if that’s your embarrassing little secret, this game will be perfect for you.

The soundtrack is similar to other visual novels. Relaxed music that doesn’t necessarily sparkle, but serves a filling function. The amount of music is substantial enough to keep us going throughout the adventure.

The graphics are pretty cool, and if you like dragon imagery, you’ll love this visual novel. We unlock images that are still soft but offer more and more with the dragons we encounter. Be warned, there are also paintings of slain dragons on the other side, so even the most fanatical may be revolted by this sight.

Attention, we repeat this, but the game is not available in French.

The result


  • A story that starts very well and manages to hook us
  • Different characters and all very well characterized
  • An interesting life for the price
  • Strong enough replayability
  • different endings
  • beautiful paintings
  • Music that does its job perfectly
  • The game is full touch


  • No French translation
  • Inconsistencies in the story
  • The dialogues are not very well written
  • The midpoint that takes us out of the story
  • A lost story
  • Too many twists and turns that don’t make sense
  • A game for a very specific audience
  • Was the last chapter a little short?
  • Eroticism with dragons?

Record detail

  • The script

  • Life / Cost / Repeatability

  • Graphic

  • Soundtrack

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