Beaumarchais Europe

International meeting “Beaumarchais Europe”



First day, January 20, under the Dome of Comédie-Française

9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m

Colloquium opening and introduction

Agathe Sanjuan and Linda Gil: Presentation of the London manuscript collection and the Beaumarchais correspondence inventory project

First session. European trajectories and Beaumarchais networks: put into perspective

Chairman of the meeting: Michel Delon

Gilles Montègre (University of Grenoble Alpes): “Travel and Diplomacy in Europe in the Age of Beaumarchais”

Pierre-Yves Beaurepaire (University of Côte d’Azur): “Europe of Communication in the Age of Beaumarchais”

Linda Gil (Paul Valéry University of Montpellier): “Beaumarchais courtier from Madrid to Karlsruhe”

Second session. European trajectories and Beaumarchais networks: Case studies

Chair: Virginie Martin

Philippe Prudent (Grenoble Alpes University): “Bomarchais and English political news through the exchange of pamphlets with Gibbon”

Virginie Yvernault (Sorbonne University): “Beaumarchais at the Court of Vienna. Back to Austria »

14:15 – 17:00

Third session. European Routes of Fiction: From Polite Poetry to the Spanish Trilogy

Chair of the meeting: Agathe Sanjuan

Alexey Evstratov (Alpes University of Grenoble): “‘People are the same everywhere…’: an unknown poem by Beaumarchais”

Frank Salaun (Paul Valery University of Montpellier): “Beaumarchais’s Imaginary Europe in the Trilogy”

A Reading of Letters from Beaumarchais: Fictional Memoirs of a Traveller

Day two, January 21, at the Sorbonne (Amphitheater Milnes-Edwards)
9: 00-12: 00

Fourth session. European receptions and circulations of Beaumarchais’ works in Poland

Chairman of the meeting: Renaud Bret-Vitoz

Marek Debowski (Jagiellonian University of Krakow): “Beaumarchais parades, Potocki parades or how the aristocracy likes the ‘slum'”

Justyna Lukaszewicz (University of Wroclaw): “Polish Beaumarchais: occasional adaptations and rewritings between the late 18th and early 19th centuries”

Fifth session. European receptions and circulations of Beaumarchais in Italy

Chairman of the meeting: Pierre Frantz

Ilaria Lepore (Sapienza University): “Beaumarchais and Italy. Rewriting Practices: Between Creation, Imitation and Censorship »

Patrick Taïeb (Paul Valéry University of Montpellier): “Translation of Barbiere di Siviglia by Paisiello by Nicolas-Etienne Framery”

Dario Nicolosi (Sorbonne University-Obtic): “Il Barbiere d’Arpino (1779) by Angelo Tarchi: the value and meanings of the ‘early reference’ to the theater of Bomarchais in Italy”

Sixth session. Beaumarchais’s Europe: verbalized and staged

Chairman of the meeting: Stefan Pujol

Frédéric Calas (Université Paul Valéry Montpellier), “A Dialogue of Words: A Study of the Dialogue of Words and Thought in Beaumarchais Europe”.

Eric Francalanza (University of Western Brittany), “Constructing the European figure of Beaumarchais through the biographies of Gudin and Cousin d’Avalo”

Valentine Dusseuil (Sorbonne University): “Beaumarchais’s visit to Spain in correspondence and technical and legal memoirs”

Final discussion and conclusion.

Useful information:

The first day of the symposium will take place under the Dome of Comédie-Française.

Access: via peristyle (usual public entrance), 1 Place Colette, Paris. The second day will take place at the Sorbonne, Milnes-Edwards amphitheater.

Entrance: 17, rue de la Sorbonne, Paris.

With the exception of the recital, the entire symposium will be available via video conference:

Organization: Linda Gil, Gilles Montègre and Virginie Yvernault.

For any questions, please contact:;

Beaumarchais inventory:

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