conditional voluntary pension compensation will come into effect on January 1

( — Voluntarily retired workers and carers will benefit from one service thanks to a new national collective agreement for private employers and the home employment sector. conditional severance pay retired volunteerfunded by an unprecedented pooling mechanism, starting with January 1, 2023, subject to meeting the required conditions.

If the system was already available to employees of private employers, it is now more affordable and open to childminders. This takes into account the entire career in the branch, regardless of profession, including career breaks.

This allowance was made possible through the initiative of FEPEM (French Federation of Private Employers) and negotiations with the trade unions of the sector. Thanks to the unique pool system in France Allowing compensation to be paid by the insurer chosen by the social partners gathered within APNI (joint association responsible for the implementation of social rights of workers). It should be noted that there is no equivalent of this single device, as the latter employer(s) will no longer bear the burden of this compensation alone…


In detail, this notional voluntary retirement benefit is jointly funded by a contribution to be paid by individual employers based on the wages paid to workers in the sector in which they work.

In accordance with the terms of the agreement dated December 19, 2018, this contribution is collected by the authorities entrusted with the delegation of the joint association called APNI, which was established to ensure the payment of voluntary pension payments, and which collects social payments. name and on behalf of individual employers. Thus, this consolidation allows for a mechanism of solidarity between individual employers that serves the efficiency of workers’ rights in the sector. Compensation is paid by all employers, not the last employer of the retired employee.

This is an important element of simplification for individual employers. As an example, the monthly contribution to be paid by the individual employer for a gross monthly salary of 500 euros: 0.6% x 500 euros = 3 euros.

800,000 jobs will be created

With one in two workers in the sector potentially old enough to lose their pension rights by 2030 and around 800,000 jobs to be filled, the question of ‘jobs under stress’ is again on public mind. debate…

The introduction of this conditional voluntary pension compensation is a major social development that contributes to strengthening the attractiveness of the sector to attract new workers and improving the purchasing power of workers.

Key points to remember

From January 1, 2023, private employers who take voluntary retirement and all workers in the home employment sector, including childminders, will be able to benefit from conditional severance pay under certain conditions.

This compensation will be paid only once to each employee.

The employee must submit a document confirming the minimum period of work with private employers during his career (this period of work must be 10 continuous or uninterrupted, including 5 years at the end of his career).

The request for the payment of conditional voluntary pension compensation must be submitted to the insurer (IRCEM Prévoyance) using the form provided for this purpose, accompanied by all supporting documents and in accordance with the deadlines. The reference salary corresponds to the average salary received by the employee in the months before voluntary retirement.

Drawing: The babysitter decides to terminate her employment contract to retire as of January 15, 2023. It has been accepting children since September 1, 2005. His reference salary is 1120 euros gross per month. He has more than 15 years of experience in the sector. Therefore, she could benefit from a conditional compensation for voluntary retirement of up to one and a half months of salary, i.e. 1,680 euros, it is recalled that childcare workers who took voluntary retirement before January 1, 2023 did not receive any severance pay.

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