Direct from the markets | Ftse Eb is over 25,000 points. Saipem shines in Milan

Europe is set to end the final session of the week in positive territory. At 15:40, Milan rose 0.84% ​​to 25,042 points, followed by Paris (+0.70%), London (+0.68%) and Frankfurt (+0.29%). In the absence of new external shocks, for Mario CentenoMember of the Board of the European Central Bank, i interest rate “they are approaching their peak.” Nevertheless, tightening will continue until the ECB estimates that inflation can return to its medium-term target of 2%. We are on the right track in the fight against inflation, but we cannot weaken,” Mr. Centeno stressed.

Meanwhile, the Dow rose 0.93%, while the S&P and Nasdaq rose 1% and 0.7%, respectively, after early trading on Wall Street.

15:00 Ftse Eb crosses 25k points. Wages in the US rose less than expected in December

Active 15:00 Milan rose more than 1% to 25,098, surpassing 24,000. labor market of United States of America. Paris (+0.94%), London (+0.70%) and Frankfurt (+0.47%) were also positive. It was available in the US in December 223 thousand jobs in non-agricultural sectors, thus beating the consensus of economists who saw the figure at 200,000. In the private sector, this number has reached 220,000. Also in the United States unemployment rate It came with 3.5 percent below the consensus of 3.8 percent.

Besides, Salary It rose less than expected at 0.3% in November, while economists were expecting +0.4%. “I don’t think it changes the Federal Reserve’s view very much,” the finance minister commented. Michael SchumacherEconomist at Wells Fargo. “This number is certainly positive for the Fed because it shows that wages are no longer growing exponentially. But I don’t think it will change the game in future meetings.” Wall Street futures also accelerated: +0.96% for the Dow Jones and +0.97% for the Nasdaq.

13:00 Ftse Eb. Saipem flies, and money is placed on Bper and Prysmian.

In the middle of the session, Ftse Mib strengthened its rebound (+0.54% – 24,967 points), outperforming all other quotations of the Old Continent: at 1:00 p.m Cac 40 increased by 0.31%, Ftse 100 by 0.27%, Dax remained at parity. Across the ocean, the Wall futures Street traveled on the other hand (+0.13% for the Dow Jones and -0.22% for the Nasdaq).

The best safe bet is Saipem (+6%), followed by Prysmian and Pirelli.

Despite falling headline inflation in the euro area in December hard core – separated from energy and food prices – fell from 5% to 5.2% in November. According to experts Engthe stability of this index also has positive effects and allows the euro to contain its losses against the dollar. The exchange rate fluctuates around $1,049.

11:25 a.m. Piazza Affari re-energizes after single-digit inflation in eurozone

At 11:25 a.m., Piazza Affari started to regain its tone after the publication of the euro zone inflation figure for December, which was lower than the previous month and below analysts’ expectations, and the Ftse Mib rose 0.3%. Saipem (+2%) and Fincanrieri (+1.4%).

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However, European stock markets developed in a subdued environment, dragged down slightly by Wall Street futures on expectations of other relevant data on the agenda this afternoon. The Fed’s tightening trajectory.

10:00 – Piazza Affari nervous after German macroeconomic data. Sales are increasing at Btp and Stellantis, Tim

At 10:00, thanks to macro data from Germany, the Ftse Mib started to fall (+ 0.11%), the spread increased to 204.38, the ten-year Btp yield decreased from 4.30% to 4.36%. Wall Street futures were flat after a positive start.

In Piazza Affari, purchases were concentrated on Telecom Italia (+2%), Bper (+0.9%), Banco Bpm (+0.7%). Sales are higher at Stellantis (-1.8%).

Website Factory orders in Germany November fell 5.3% month-on-month, the biggest drop since October 2021 and below the market forecast of 0.5%. The figure follows growth that fell to 0.6% in October amid a global economic slowdown. Foreign demand decreased by 8.1%. domestic demand increased by 1.1%.

9:05 – Good opening of Piazza Affari due to low inflation in the Netherlands

Piazza Affari opens positive on Friday, January 6, with the Ftse Mib up 0.5% on positive data on low inflation in the Netherlands. Highlighting banks starting with Banco Bpm (+1.5%), Unicredit, (+1.4%), Bper and Intesa Sanpaolo.

is the annual inflation rate in the Netherlands It decreased to 9.6% in December 2022 from 9.9% in November.according to initial assessment. This is the lowest inflation since June, when energy prices rose less (30.0% vs. 41.3% in November).

At the same time, non-energy industry goods (8.7% vs. 7.2%), food products, beverages and tobacco products (12.9% vs. 14.0%) and services (4.6% vs. 4.4%) prices continued to increase. CPI adjusted for other European countries rose 11.0% year-on-year, slowing from the 11.3% increase recorded in November.

8:30 European stock markets are expected to be positive. Daily macroeconomic data on inflation and employment

Eurostoxx 50 futures are positive (+0.4%) at 8:30 AM this Friday, January 6, despite a glorious close on Wall Street. Asian stock markets performed well today despite the huge liquidity influx from the People’s Bank of China. Nasdaq futures, in turn, were above par (+0.34%), while gas traded on the Amsterdam TTF on Friday lost half of the previous session’s gain (-5.5% to 68.5 euros).

Markets remain on edge awaiting December’s Eurozone inflation figure, as well as retail sales, the 11 a.m. figure and the US jobs figure, which could shed light on the Fed’s tightening trajectory.

Friday futures Wti raw It rose above $74 a barrel (+74.12, +075%), extending gains in the previous session when official data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) showed US fuel inventories fell sharply last week after a winter storm in the US.

Be careful in Piazza Affari…

UniCredit Bank Unicredit’s German subsidiary, Ag, has issued a €1bn mortgage-backed bond.

As for Bologna airport, the annual number of passengers increased by 107.1% compared to 2021 to 8,485,290, but decreased by 9.7% compared to 2019, the last year before Covid. ()

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