Match: Youth, Ekitike, Soler and Sarabia, post-World Cup, etc., full conference of Galtier after Châteauroux / PSG (1-3)

After the Châteauroux / PSG match, which ended well despite the long uncertainty, Paris coach Christophe Gaultier appeared at the press conference and commented on the match. In particular, many individual cases, the young Bitshiabu, Gharbi and Zaire-Emery, who started from the beginning, Ekitike, who confirmed in front of the goals, or the two Spaniards Soler and Sarabia, who still struggled despite the goal of delivery, noted. first. Galtier also commented on the lack of stars up front, as well as the World Cup being hard to digest for some.

Is there any comfort after this victory in Châteauroux (3:1) and qualifying for the round of 16 of the French Cup?

“Did we think everything would be easy when the account was opened? Can be… “

“Imagine if there was no ranking (smiles). No, there is satisfaction in being qualified. We know these tricks are always tricky. We have already played against a good team, on a good pitch and in a good atmosphere. The start of the match was what I expected from the team, with interesting attacking situations. Opening, always very important in such matches. Later, the patatrac was split in half with a team of 20 minutes. This gave a lot of hope and desire to Châteauroux, who played very well. We defended ourselves in the low block, in our own area, we missed a lot of chances. We thought everything would be easy when opening an account? Maybe… But everyone had to reframe at halftime. We had to find a team block that would allow us to recover the ball in the crowd and defend when moving forward. In this sense, I agree with the second part. »

With Ismaël Gharbi, Warren Zaire-Emery and El Chadaille Bitshiabu, you decided to field some young players. How do you rate the benefits of these three elements?

“Warren delivered a complete, complete, good level match”

“Although El Chadaille (Bitshiabu) was unhappy with the goal we conceded, I was happy with them. They were serious and got into a rhythm quickly. I liked how little Ismail expressed himself in the heart of the game. He was behind the last pass of the first goal. As for Warren, he’s more used to being with us, but he delivered a complete, complete, good level match. There were two options: to start with more executives in the field when there were already many shortages, or to start with a few young people, as I decided. The team, through the changes to be made, would perhaps become more competitive when the opponent suffers on a physical level. But I am satisfied with their services and behavior. »

Were you scared of the penalty shootout?
“Of course, because it’s a lottery when you get there. The new formula, which has been in effect for several seasons, gives more hope to the lower division team. They know they can go all the way to penalties, with all the uncertainties that might involve. It was important that we were able to score that second goal, then the third goal is anecdotal. »

You should find a more regular pace and group over the next few days. Are you relieved that this post-World Cup era is over?
“I was expecting quite a complicated situation with the state of each other’s form and some of them being out for six or seven weeks. Some players took a long time to recover from the World Cup. We didn’t have many players tonight. We will see who recovers against Angers (Wednesday). We see teams with a lot of players in Qatar struggling to get back into the game at the beginning of the year. Everyone will quickly have to focus on our game, the team and its goals. »

Hugo Ekitike is getting more and more playing time. What do you expect from his position?

“I want Ekitike to start more than the other strikers I have”

“Tonight I asked him to go deep. He has situations for that. He is both a goal scorer and a participant in the second goal. It still needs to be more axial at times. We have strikers with different profiles. This axial profile, Hugo can have it. I brake so hard with the urge to pick it up. He likes to get into the game, but we are missing someone up front. He was in the box tonight and it worked for him. After playing less in the first part of the season, he continues to play matches. He needs to find some rhythm. He scores tonight after scoring in Lens last Sunday (1-3). It is always important for a striker to own situations and even score more goals. I want him to be in the lineup more than any of the other strikers I have. »

There was an atmosphere in the Gaston-Petit stadium tonight. How do you view your competition and its audience?
“First of all, I want to note that we played in very good conditions. We knew the stadium would be full. There was a good Coupe de France atmosphere. That’s what makes this competition so attractive. As for the Châteauroux team, we have identified many things. They develop with different systems, but it was the first time Maxence (Flachez, coach Castelroussin) played in 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1. This was expected in other organizations as well. It is a team that plays well when it is allowed to build its game from the back bases. Even without key players, they have quality. I find that they are not rewarded much for their efforts compared to the game being produced. »

Carlos Soler and Pablo Sarabia disappointed again tonight. How do you analyze their poor performance and worry about them?
“These are players who don’t play much. Later, Carlos is used in various registers. He has only played for one club since his childhood, Valencia, and the adjustment may be a bit long for him. He left his surroundings, his family and the important and often captained club. Not playing regularly makes adaptation take longer. I really believe in him, his qualities and his ability. They are football players returning from the World Cup. This also adds to the equation.

“I know it’s difficult for Sarabia and Soler”

As for Pablo, he is part of a very impressive attacking sector when everyone else is there. He has the best players in the world in front of him, so he has less playing time. This can be frustrating. I liked the way he expressed himself at the beginning of the match, but it faded as the minutes went by. In the second half, his tactical position was quite interesting. These are players who don’t have much time to play. I know it’s difficult for them. It can be difficult for them mentally. Considering the upcoming matches, I know that these players will have time to play. In this very busy second part of the season, they will spend more time in training than in the first phase. »

A little word about your stars that the public wants to see this Thursday
“Obviously, once the draw was over, the box office went full steam ahead. Within 48 hours, the stadium was full. There were many children and families. Unfortunately, our players who participated in the World Cup left until the end of the competition. They needed to be restored. Neymar used the only possible time to recover and continue to treat his ankle. Leo (Messi) came back 48 hours ago and then Kilian (Mbappe) took a breather. It is certainly a shame for the Châteauroux community…”

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