The unbelievable story of Greta Thunberg’s tweet making Andrew Tate the laughingstock of Twitter

Andrew Tate, an ex-athlete known for his violent and hateful speech, has finally become the laughing stock of Twitter for trying to provoke Greta Thunberg. Many even thought it was related to the response video he posted hours after his arrest — the two incidents are not actually connected.

In 2022, one tweet could change the course of events. Former kickboxing champion and masculinist Andrew Tate, known for his hate speech and violence against women, was arrested in Romania on December 28 for human trafficking. It ended a Twitter streak that lasted just 24 hours. It all started when he repeatedly arrested the famous environmental activist Greta Thunberg on December 27.

In this the original tweet, it boasts 33 cars with very polluting engines. He then claims that ” this is just the beginningt” and adding to Greta Thunberg: “ Please send me your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection and the major emissions of each. »

Greta Thunberg’s response was swift and harsh. ” Yes, please enlighten me. send me an email [email protected] “, he writes own tweet. In French it goes like this: Yes, please enlighten me. Send me an email[email protected] “. In short: Greta Thunberg openly mocks Andrew Tate and his vain obsessions. Her tweet quickly reached 2 million “likes” – more than 3 million to date – certainly outranking Andrew Tate.

An exchange between Andrew Tate and Greta Thunberg on Twitter. // Source: Screenshot

Andrew Tate was arrested in Romania for human trafficking

She played Greta Thunberg, a former kickboxing champion who was moved by the young woman’s repartee and determined to have the last word. in a new tweet, in video form. He is seen there in a bathrobe, holding a cigar. In this, he attacks the environmental activist as usual. But there are pizza boxes in this video. According to several observers, it appeared that the mark on the boxes could confirm his presence in Romania and allow authorities to locate Andrew Tate. Coincidence of timing? A few hours later, a police raid led to his arrest at his residence in Bucharest, where he was released in handcuffs.

Reason ? Andrew Tate is not just a troll. He was investigated for human trafficking and gang rape. More specifically, he is said to be behind the recruitment and exploitation of women for the forced creation of pornographic content using physical violence and psychological pressure. An arrest warrant was issued for him (and his brother, as well as several others) on this charge a few months ago.

However, it is not said that this particular video led to Andrew Tate’s arrest. He has released other videos before. Bolla Ramona, the prosecutor in charge of the case, told Liberation that “ executed a search warrant yesterday, but the warrant was already issued before his message [avec la boîte à pizza]later it was allowed by the judge “. Romanian officials were therefore convinced that the ex-athlete was indeed in the country. This video would not have led to an arbitrary arrest (at most it would have confirmed that Andrew Tate’s location had not changed at this point). ” We use all kinds of information, including but not limited to public sources “, determines the prosecutor with Liberation.

This situation allows to remember potential power open source intelligence (called OSINT). A seemingly mundane photo or video can be a gold mine of information. Media content as well as metadata (such as EXIF ​​for a photo) provide valuable information. By the way, we see this widely in Ukraine.

Anyway, it’s not the first time Andrew Tate has made headlines for violent and criminal behavior. In 2016, he was banned from appearing on a British reality show Big Brother after hitting the woman. A few years later, she tweeted that women’s ” took responsibility in case of sexual assault. This tweet caused him to be kicked out of the platform at the time, but by the decision of Elon Musk, who became the head of Twitter, he returned last November. (However, he is banned from YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.)

One last tweet Published on December 30, Greta Thunberg ends the exchange by sarcastically declaring: “ This is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes. “Even if it wasn’t the pizza boxes that led to the arrest, the shovel hit the mark.

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