Freelance: platforms at the service of engineers

Already favored for many professions, freelancing is now becoming increasingly popular in the engineering sector. Game-playing platforms such as Freelance Engineering are emerging to facilitate meetings between freelance engineers and talent-seeking companies. Pay attention to the main trend.

More and more sectors and professions are turning to freelance work. We are aware of the boom in freelancing of creative positions such as graphic design or design, while other professions are now increasingly being carried out by freelancers, one of which has particularly developed in recent years: the engineering profession.

An engineering freelancer will generally have a skill area close to that of an employee and cover all links in the project chain. The independent engineer will be the guardian of the temple regardless of the stage of study (objectives and costs involved etc.), design or implementation. He will be responsible for the smooth running of the project from location to completion.

Therefore, working as a freelancer generally only attracts engineers who do not have serious educational background (at least a master’s degree, sometimes even a doctorate) as well as some experience in terms of project management. It should be noted that in the projects in question, the engineer will generally be multidisciplinary and will sometimes have to prove to be a real “Swiss army knife” in the fields of finance and management as well as commercial… The engineer is often the conductor of the orchestra when a project and companies demand it. they are looking for

An engineer can shine in a wide range of sectors by offering his services as a freelancer. If we often limit engineering to the field of computer science, in fact there are many fields in which an engineer can shine: aeronautics, agronomy, mechanics, commerce and even culture… Each field will have its own characteristics, likely to be of interest. engineer by background and appetite. Different needs also come from the price an engineer can charge his client.

Prices that are more attractive for professionals who want to work as a freelancer; Currently, the ADR (average daily rate) for engineers, especially in the IT and aviation fields, can reach €750. And this mode of operation has other advantages, in particular, favorable market conditions increase the demand for engineers by companies. Moreover, the engineering profession is constantly evolving and always brings new opportunities and new challenges for those involved in this profession.

If you are an engineer and want to take your first steps as a freelancer, what steps should you take? The first important step, one suspects, is to make yourself visible to potential partners and employers. It’s obviously important to gain visibility on professional social networks like LinkedIn to showcase your subject matter expertise. However, finding a place and especially a voice in these algorithm-driven networks is sometimes difficult. That’s why specialized platforms are now positioning themselves to help independent engineers optimize their research. In particular, Freelance Engineering brings together two parties, the engineer and the company. By adding their resume to this site, a freelancer gets access to a personalized space that allows them to add and prioritize their skills, experience and expertise. a fortiori its accessibility to employers. Companies can submit their mission proposals and present them to approximately 8,000 engineers. Organizations can even outsource their profile searches to professionals who will handle the job source, hiring a freelancer as well as following his mission from start to finish. Starting today, Freelance Engineering enables engineers and companies to work hand in hand for tomorrow’s projects.

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