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At the end of 2022, Apple offers a new update for iOS 16 going to 16.2. This new version of iPhone OS comes in a full update package, including iPadOS 16.1 for iPad, watchOS 9.2 for Apple Watch, tvOS 16.2 for Apple TV, and macOS 13.1 Ventura for Mac.

If you followed us during the iOS 16.2 testing phase that started on October 25th, you know that it comes with software. nice updates. As they reach various system test editions, we don’t stop describing and dissecting them in our columns for weeks. Let’s go back to see more clearly The most important new features offered by Apple on iPhone, iPad, as well as Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Free form

Apple doesn’t launch a new app every month, so it comes Free form is an event. This is a new home application that the California firm presented to us at the WWDC 2022 conference. It wants to revolutionize note-taking, and it’s part of a trend to see more and more apps popping up with the idea of ​​changing the way we create documents. mobile phones and computers.

Simply put, in Freeform, you are presented with a large white sheet of paper, with various content, text, drawings, videos, PDFs, etc. you can enter. great freedom. Besides, teamwork is appropriate.

Freeform is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Improved Live Actions widgets

Since iOS 16, it’s possible to customize your lock screen, as seen in detail here. Many widgets can be added at the top of the screen. The lower part of the screen is protected from the beginning notifications and Live Actions. This allows you to display information that is automatically updated and depends on certain applications since iOS 16.1. So you can get results of football matches, delivery tracking of your current order on Uber Eats, travel route with navigation assistance and more. you can find. With iOS 16.2, users will be able to fine-tune the refresh rate of these widgets Live Actions.

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iCloud end-to-end encryption

Before iOS 16.2, not all iCloud data was end-to-end encrypted. This was also one of the reasons why Apple was widely criticized in terms of privacy protection. But in parallel with the introduction of iOS 16.2, iCloud received a new level of so-called end-to-end encryption. pricesthey are Pictures or even writings andApple ID. This makes it very complicated for anyone tampering with iCloud data to read it. Which is not to everyone’s taste… That is: end-to-end encryption will be optional. Each user can decide whether to install it or not.

Lock screen health widgets

New widgets appear for the lock screen. They make it easy to follow from this interface medicine and treatmentalso better understand the quality of your sleep at that moment. Something to decorate this popular lock screen and make it even more practical.

Drug Therapy Widget iOS 16.2

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Apple Music Sing: Apple-style karaoke

Audiophiles will appreciate this change for Apple Music. Gets Apple’s music streaming service new Sing mode. The latter displays the lyrics of many songs in its catalog with wholesale and automatic scrolling. What to do during the end of the year celebrations to have a good time with friends or family in music or just to find or learn the lyrics to his favorite songs.

Apple Music Sing

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Free mobile Wi-Fi calling

Free mobile subscribers can now take advantage of a new and very practical communication method available from several competitors: Calls over Wi-Fi. It allows you to communicate with your loved ones by voice by calling regular phone numbers, even without having a mobile network, provided you are connected to a functional Wi-Fi network.

Bonus watchOS 9.2 and tvOS 16.2

iPhone and iPad get the most notable new features with new updates to their respective operating systems later in the year. On the Apple Watch and Apple TV side, it’s a little more economical. Note that when you update to watchOS 9.2 and/or tvOS 16.2, you should try the following two changes:

  • watchOS 9.2: Race Route is a major innovation on Apple Watch. This is a new feature that allows you to start challenging racing sessions against yourself or your contacts on designated routes. It’s enough to encourage competition and at the same time tempt slightly less enthusiastic users to put on the shoes in search of a good dose of adrenaline.
Race route in watchOS 9.2

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  • tvOS 16.2: A bit overlooked in recent weeks, an update announced for tvOS 16.2 still hit us. This is the ability for the software to recognize the user’s voice or the user making Siri requests. After the voice is analyzed, account switching is done automatically on Apple TV according to the person’s profile.

What’s your favorite new feature of iOS 16.2?

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