Handball World Cup: Mathieu Grébille and Melvyn Richardson on their way to the 7th star

The Blues fly to Poland on Monday for the Men’s Handball World Cup. They will face the host nation in their opening game on January 11. Two Ultramarines among the list of 18 players announced this Sunday: Mathieu Grébille and Melvyn Richardson.

France, the 6-time world champion in men’s handball (1995, 2001, 2009, 2011, 2015, 2017), is the most successful team in this competition. He is dreaming of a seventh title, especially in the last two editions where he had to settle for the minor final and finished 3rd.e In 2019 and 4e in 2021.

Even if we already know the composition of the Blues for this World Cup 2023, the list was officially published this Sunday, January 8.

Two Ultramarines from 18 players selected: Martiniquais Mathieu Grebille and Reunionese Melvin Richardson. 1time was able to meet them before they left for the World Cup on Monday.

At the age of 25, the son of hand star Jackson Richardson has already made a name for himself with a long experience: world youth champion in 2015, winner of the Champions League with Montpellier (2018), then Barcelona (2022), Olympic champion in 2021… But he has not yet won a gold medal with the A team, which is the main team.

This is a title I don’t have with the letters AHe knows the right-back from Reunion. It is true that since 2017, the French team has been trying to win this 7 for some time.e star. I think we are ambitious, we have the team to go as far as possible and now it is up to us to give ourselves a chance.

Anyway, he says to himself.I am happy to be able to share this“most players picked:”We’ve known each other for a long time, we started the French teams together, so it’s great! Also, there’s a great relationship with the oldest, the group gets along well, and that’s one of the big strengths we have to let us go forward.

An opinion shared by another Ultramarine des Bleus, Mathieu Grébille, who sees this 2023 handball world championship “great adventure“.”It is a real chance to participate in such a competition, we have a very good team and a chance to do a great job.“, snaps the left winger from Martinique, who was not selected for the Tokyo Olympics.

I am lucky to play at the highest level with PSG and again with the French team, playing alongside very great players who have won many titles and will win more. I am very happy to be there“, he thanks.

If coach Guillaume Gille has selected him for this World Cup, it is above all “its versatility“that is, the ability”attack on the wing” but also to defend. Mathieu Grébille started his career as a left-back before switching to left-back due to several injuries.

Above all, he is someone we can put in almost any position in defense and offers us many alternatives in this sector of the game.“, the coach analyzes.

As for Melvin Richardson, he chose him because of his abilities.”making differences in a relatively short period of time“.”He is capable of making a significant contribution to the teamGuillaume Gille assures. This is the roleimpressive player it suits him well and allows him to add great value in rotations.

For him, as for his players, the goal of this competition is very clear: they strive for the gold medal. “There is no need to hide from our desire to find the peaksaccepts the coach. After all, we know that this is a very narrow and very complicated path, but this is what we want to go down.

A road that will begin this Wednesday, January 11, with an opening match against Sweden, one of the two host nations, Poland.

Melvin Richardson knows that nothing is won against the Poles in between.great players“and he”they will want to start their home race in the best possible way“.

It will be a long awaited game. I think there will be a lot of people because when we play the French team, it’s a very special match for all nations.he feels. It will be difficult, very difficult, but it is up to us to prepare ourselves as best as possible to get off to the best possible start..”

It’s going to be a big game, we know itMathieu Grébille confirms. At least we will get to the bottom of the matter and we should be mentally and physically ready to face this team.

“Blues” will unfortunately not be able to rely on Reunion’s right winger Benoit Kounkou, who left the team due to a left leg injury. The latter knows Poland well as he played in the first division of the Polish championship with the KS Kielce club.

In addition to the title, this Handball World Cup has another feature: it is the first qualification competition for the 2024 Olympic Games. However, since the host country, namely France, automatically qualifies, the French handball players have no pressure to do so. point.

Melvin Richardson says to himself:concentrate“The best to help the French team win this World Cup, and for Mathieu Grébille, the Olympics”still far away“.

I think we have enough to think about in January with what happened there, so we’ll see about that later.he repeats. The best way to prepare well for 2024, I think, is to have a good World Cup in 2023.“If they are world champions again, it will be the second to qualify for Paris 2024.

January 11: France – Poland (21:00)

January 14: France – Saudi Arabia (18:00)

January 16: Slovenia – France (18:00)

Quarter-finals: January 25 (two at 18:00 and two at 20:30)

Semi-finals: January 27 (18:00 and 20:30)

Game for 3e Location: January 29 (18:00)

Final: January 29 (20:30)

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