Lloris doubles Maignan and eyes World Cup final!

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Tonight, Hugo Lloris decided to leave international football, which he started in 2008 in a friendly match with Uruguay (0:0). In an interview with L’Equipe, he returned to the reasons and consistency of his choice:

“I don’t want to make it my own, I’ve always said and I’ve said again and again that the France team doesn’t belong to anyone and we all have to make sure that, first of all, me. I need to take some time for myself, my family, my children. For fourteen and a half seasons, the French team is strong, but it is also mentally exhausting. And I hope that if I relax a little, I will continue to play at the highest level for a few years (he was with Tottenham until he has a contract) 2024) and I will have more freshness. Armband, I’ve always been proud of it, but maybe you lack a little energy to be on point, to always be exposed. goalkeeper, you can stay in your bubble. But I I’ve had six finals as a captain, it’s tough again and mentally I find that I’m recovering less quickly than before. I’m exhausted. But it’s also nice, in sport, to go all the way, to give everything and to come out like this sense of aq.

Then he continued:

“There’s humility, but I think it’s a positive decision. It’s a relief to say it and it’s coming out, I’m taking a load off myself by announcing it and I can continue to concentrate on my day-to-day life with Tottenham. During the holidays I spoke to football people, two relatives, two legends , Fabien Barthez and Joël Bats, whom I believe in, were also there. There was something deep inside me, if I could be a little more clear. I trust them completely, they experienced it, and for me it was important. They knew the feeling that deep inside you, in those moments. They told me it was my decision, 100%, but they helped me weigh the pros and cons.”

Lloris is watching the World Cup final!

The Tottenham goalkeeper then returned to the World Cup final:

“We’ve been absolutely missing for over an hour and it makes us go too far to hope to win, even if it’s a few inches away in the exit,” he explained, before discussing the session’s penalties: “Overall, I’ve never been so far in my career in this training session. It didn’t stop me from taking important penalties and I won some penalty shots. Shots on goal, but I missed most of them. There are goalkeepers. More successful than others. There are things I don’t really know how to do. The goal is to destabilize the opponent by playing with limitations. ,I don’t know how to do it.I’m too rational to enter that field.I don’t know how to win like that,even if I really don’t,you don’t want to lose like that either…You analyzed everything about Argentine shooters,You have three options on the right,left and over have you thought about the midfielder, looking at what he did in his previous fifty penalties, there is other information: when the Argentines appeared, only the club level there are children who take penalties. Not with us except Kylian. When you see Dybala come in, Lautaro Martinez, you know why. Dybala never kicks in the middle, this time he puts it in the middle, and he goes there with my foot…”

Finally, he wanted to become a good player:

“We have to welcome the victory of Argentina and say that he (Martinez) was decisive. Later in the celebration he was judged enough, no need to add to it. During the session he used everything. He could destabilize. Try to bring success, exploitation search, yes. But I’m not the one to do that, I can’t.”

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