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This Wednesday, January 11, the 28th World Men’s Handball Championship opens in Katowice.

32 countries will participate in this competition jointly organized by Poland and Sweden. After 112 scheduled matches in nine cities, only one game remains to win the title of world champion. Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The stakes are high for this rivalry that promises to be raised by Denmark Mikkel Hansen, who is aiming for a third title in a row France like the reigning Olympic champion or still giant nations Swedenthe Norway orSpain.

Among all the great nations participating in the meeting, we find Belgium, which will participate in the Handball World Cup for the first time in its history.

Find out everything you need to know about the programme, format, players to watch, winners, how to watch 2023 World Handball Championship.

Teams and players to watch in the 2023 Handball World Championship

Denmark can achieve historic success at the 2023 World Handball Championship. The Scandinavians are double title holders and could become the first to win the World Cup three times in a row.

They can be relied upon to achieve this Mikkel Hansen, the player from Aalborg who was named the best player of the last two editions of the World Handball Championship. He was also the top scorer for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in 2021 and will again lead the long-awaited Denmark selection. We especially find a porter to accompany him Niklas Landin Where Mathias Gidsel He was named in the standard team of the last World Cup.

On the way to the hat-trick, Denmark will have to get rid of their formidable as well as prestigious opponents, starting with France.

The Blues are Olympic champions. To whom Tokyo 2020, they defeated the Danes in the final (25-23). The French will try to regain the world championship, which they have not won since 2017 and the last time it was held in France. It was the sixth in their history. No country has done better.

In Poland and Sweden, Guillaume Gille can count on a talented workforce. Nicholas and Luka Karabatic, Dika Mem, Vincent Gerard Where Nedim Remili. They have all been part of the Olympic championship in Japan and know how to beat Denmark in a game that matters.

Sweden are also among the favorites to become world champions in 2021 after finishing second in the last edition. They are on top of everything in the last Euro coronation. Jim Gottfriedsson was the MVP of the continental meet and will try to lead Sweden to the world crown. will be supported by Andreas PalickaPSG goalkeeper or Oscar Bergendahl, the best defender of the last euro. Sweden will also have another great asset at this World Cup, with the last four being held in Stockholm: public support.

Spain is also claiming the podium with the team he leads Alex Dujshebayev Where Ferran Solewho plays for PSG.

“For me, Spain is always one of the favorites. We often say that it is not as strong anymore, the players are not better, but Spain always reach the last four. This is the most consistent team in the last four years,” explained Dika Mem Olympics.com. The Frenchman knows Spanish handball well, he has been playing in “Barcelona” since 2016.

From Norway Sander Sagosenwith Iceland Victor Hallgrimssonor after Holland Luke Steins is part of the outsiders and can hope to reach the world podium.

Only one non-European team has qualified for the final in the history of this competition: Qatar in 2015. Can Egypt be second? Teammates Yahya Omar are the reigning African champions and have advanced to the last four of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in 2021.

Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia are among the five African qualifiers for the 2023 World Handball Championship.

2023 Handball World Championship format

The qualifications allowed 32 teams to advance to the final stage of the 2023 World Handball Championship.

They are divided into eight groups of four. At the end of the preliminary stage, the fourth in each pool is donated to the President’s Cup, while the top three reach the main round and continue their quest for the planetary title. Then four groups of six people are formed.

The results of the games of the preliminary stage between the teams that qualified for the main stage are kept. Teams play against teams they have not yet faced. The first two in each group of the main round qualify for the 1/4 finals and participate in the playoffs that continue until the final.

The team that wins the world championship gets a quota for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. If it’s France, the quota goes to second place because Les Bleus have already qualified as the host nation.

The final ranking of the competition will also be used to allocate places to the Olympic Qualification Tournaments (OQT) that will take place in the spring of 2024.

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2023 World Handball Championship calendar

the 2023 World Handball Championship It is held on January 11-29.

The competition begins in Katowice with a prestigious poster: Poland, the co-organizer of the competition, challenges the reigning Olympic champion, France.

It will culminate in the final scheduled in Stockholm, which will become the handball world champion in 2023 and determine the second qualifying round for the Paris 2024 Olympics. France already has a quota as the host nation for the next Olympics.

  • January 11 – 17: Preliminary stage
  • January 18 – 23: Main Tour and President’s Cup
  • January 25: 1/4 finals and qualifying games
  • January 27: Semi-finals and qualification games
  • January 29: Final, bronze medal game, fifth place and seventh place game

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How to watch the 2023 World Handball Championship live

The entire 2023 World Men’s Handball Championship is being broadcast in France bein Sports. The games of the French team could be broadcast unencrypted on the TF1 antennas, depending on their career. This will be especially true for the Poland-France match on January 11.

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