Sixty participants of the bistro cyclo-cross world cup in Monchy-Breton

After a break of several years, the Ronde de Tartous is back for its third edition this weekend at Monchy-Breton in Ternois. Find our video about this race that will put you in a good mood.

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Should the bistro cyclo-cross world championship start again after this two-year break? ” A proof!
noted Fabienne Boete, and above all a party “.

The registration capacity for this return has been increased from 40 to 60 and all seats were sold within two hours. As noted by Benoît Bloquet, vice-president of the Transes de Marie-Grauette association, even after two empty years, the faithful were still there. ” We’ve seen more than half of the participants from other releases come back, which is great. We also see locals coming to try and discover this race “.

The idea of ​​this bistro cyclo-cross world championship came from the members of the Car Podium, an organizing association that includes real lovers of the little queen, in particular the Chasses-Patates group. They decided to embark on this adventure almost ten years ago after discovering a report from the Stade 2 program about a bistro competition filmed in Flanders.

Rudy Gallien won

The Ronde de Tartous embraced these ingredients with the authenticity of a 600-meter course, mud, and a stroll past a bistro bar. The participants had to go through qualifications in the morning, and in the afternoon the semi-finals and the grand final, which saw Rudy Gallien win the race in the cyclo-cross category.

The event was, above all, meant to be a party in an atmosphere comparable to the Belgian races, with music and fries and two colorful speakers, Jean-Paul Cheyne and Patrick Chapatte, who animated the day with passion.

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