How to create and manage shared photo library iOS 16?

With iOS 16, Apple is bringing a big change to the Photos app for families and groups of friends. So, it now offers a separate photo library to seamlessly and seamlessly share your memories on iCloud. How to create and manage shared photo library iOS 16? We explain everything in this guide.

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iOS users are already familiar with shared albums from the Photos app. Basic functionality that generally performs its function effectively but is not known for its flexibility of use. With the iOS 16 shared photo library, Apple offers a standalone photo library in iCloud, limited to a group of six. Finally, if they all have an Apple device.

Each participant has the right to add, change and comment on photos. But before we get there, let’s start by creating this shared photo library.

How to create and manage shared photo library iOS 16?

Go before you start Settings→Images and check the function Shared albums is activated. Now we can get to the heart of the matter.

How to create a shared photo library iOS 16?

Now launch the Photos app and follow these steps:

  • Select the Albums tab at the bottom of the page, then ” +at the top left of the screen.
  • Click on the drop-down menu that appears New shared album.
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  • In the window that appears, enter the name of the new album and select it Next .
  • Now enter the email addresses of the people you would like to invite to join this photo library.
  • click on Create to complete the creation.

Now you can continue to manage and use your photo library.

How to manage iOS 16 shared photo library?

We start with a blank album page with two tabs on the top right of the screen. The first one, which shows a stylized face, lets you see the list of people the album has been shared with, as well as the group’s permissions.

Indeed, we must not forget that each user has the same rights as the creator of the shared photo library. The second character » gives access to the options we’ll detail a little below. Our first task is to add content to this album.

How to add photos to iOS 16 shared photo library?

hit big” + on the screen and select images from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac’s photo library to feed the shared photo library.

  • You can select photos individually from the entire library or narrow your selection by searching by people, places or date.
  • Another possibility is to add classified photos in existing albums.
  • It should be noted that for each photo posted by a group member, it will be possible to receive a notification, “Like” and even add a comment.

iOS 16 shared photo library options

” by pressing » a menu of options for your shared photo library appears at the top right of the screen.

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  • To share photosIt gives you access to the classic and efficient sharing feature of iOS. Note that when you share a photo or video on iOS, the option will be displayed automatically Add to shared album .
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  • Add pictures is the same function as “+ displayed in the album.
  • Shared album detail refers to the face icon on the left ““.
  • The following three lines: Bring it closer, Shrink it andProportional network change album display.
  • To sort allows you to change the order in which photos are displayedAdditional date in an album or from the most recent to the most recent recording date (From latest to closest ) or vice versa (From least to most recent).
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  • Filterallows you to select the display of items in the photo library,All elementsor just videos or photos.
Source: Yezid Amer – Frandroid
  • Rename the albumallows you to change the name.
  • Slide showit just plays an animated slideshow and your album music with some minor visual effects.
  • Finally,Delete the albumIt’s the last step that will delete photos and albums from iCloud and other connected devices.

Now you have all the tools to create and manage your iOS 16 shared photo library. Apple promises many improvements, such as a smart photo suggestion to automate the process of selecting photos to add to this photo library.

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