No more profanity on YouTube? (And shorts can be turned into money)

Squeezie, Vilebrequin, ORLM, etc. imagine chains like without any rudeness? Admit it will be without spices!

Humor, as well as song, even popularization, definitely create some bird names in their content and to come to curb these creations on the grounds that they would undermine good morals is certainly somewhat strong.especially against a fundamentally large public.

But this What would decide YouTube, which will start demonetizing many videos after the algorithm detects vulgarity. Nothing official at the moment, but check out some of the history… openly realizing that beep was created in place of inappropriate words.

What the YouTube Rules say

In reality, YouTube’s rules haven’t changed much, but they’ve probably tightened controls.

On a page dedicated to profanity (yes, it exists), this is what YouTube says:

When public content violates these rules, it can may be deleted or subject to age restrictions. When deciding whether to age-restrict content, remove it, or send a warning, we consider the following.

• Using language or themes of a sexual nature
• Using excessively vulgar expressions
• Use of highly vulgar or sexually oriented terms in the title, thumbnail, or associated metadata
• Excessive use of sexual sounds

Without necessarily standing in front of the camera, Post-production work can be a bit complicated for some – I can’t wait for Apple to offer us beep Automata in Final Cut Pro – joke, eh. Though.

Apple (and others) already do

No more profanity on YouTube?  (And shorts can be turned into money)

Whereas in Europe (at least in France), naked, (slightly) vulgar or even border has always been widely tolerated on television, in the cinema and on home platforms, in the US it is not, it is more puritanical than here. Despite the less restrictive laws, above all it is self-censorship that prevails under the pressure of very powerful small groups across the Atlantic – vulgarity has long had no place on American television.

This heightened puritanism unfortunately reaches the Old Continent through large international groups (or not, that’s up to you)., often American (famous GAFA). Facebook, Instagram, or even Apple have implemented extensive censorship of content featuring nudity or elements of language deemed disproportionate. And on the contrary, European platforms also do it with mimicry in order not to hinder their international development.

So try to type some insults or even sex organs (in official text) on iOS, iPhone will never suggest you this word, if you put a mistake there, it’s nothing more than a correction. Yes, it has a dictionary forbidden words like Instagram developing an algorithm that can detect bare chest, just to protect this decadent world of images that are widely available elsewhere.

Short videos can now earn money

Finally, the latest innovation, this time more pleasant: in the face of pressure from TikTok, YouTube finally offers to monetize short videos, these shorts Where real according to the assigned platform.

These are small videos often get thousands or even millions of views on some channels (as we have) and their production will now be a little more profitable. This is in response to TikTok, which currently offers around €1/1000 views from 50,000 subscribers on its platform.

Shorts monetization module

The Shorts monetization module allows your channel to share revenue from ads served between your videos in the Shorts feed. If you agree to this add-on, starting February 1, 2023, you will be able to earn revenue from ads served in the Shorts feed on YouTube Premium and eligible Shorts views. If you accept it after February 1, 2023, you can get it from the revenue sharing ad. It will start from the date of receipt generated by shorts. To learn more about how Shorts ad revenue sharing works, see the YouTube Shorts Monetization Policies.

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