Prince Harry makes 9 big revelations about his personal life in his memoir, The Reserve

The news almost broke the internet in early January 2023: in his memoir, prince harry he said he once fought with his brother during his stay at Nottingham Cottage. The information actually came from a Spanish translation of his book, Reserve, accidentally released by the Spanish publisher very quickly. The book’s 416 pages are worth wading through for those who like crisp anecdotes: we learn green and immature about his consumption of cannabis, or his strained relationship with it. Prince William. Buckingham Palace has yet to comment on the book’s claims. fashion selected data to save from reading Reserve.

1 – Prince Harry lost his virginity in a field

And some of the moments of teenage rebellion prince harry made headlines in real time, while other more intimate ones had not filtered through until now. In Reserve, the duke of sussex explains that he lost his virginity to “an old woman who treated me like a young stud.” “I got on him quickly, after that he beat me and sent me back,” he said. “I made the mistake of doing it in a field behind a busy pub. People saw us.”

2 – Started using drugs in adolescence and continued until 2016 (at least)

Prince Harry he doesn’t play saints and admits to discovering cocaine at the age of 17 at a friend’s house in the countryside. “They offered me a line and I’ve taken a few more since then.” It also mentions him smoking marijuana at Eton and in the grounds of Kensington Palace. “After dinner, I smoked wine, making sure that the smoke did not drift into my neighbor’s garden. Duke of Kent“, he talks about his life in 2015, during which time he had already given up entertainment. “Then I went to bed early.”

the most surreal scene reported by prince harry in Reserve However, it remains the place to partake in hallucinogenic “mushroom chocolates” during a tequila-washed party in California in 2016. The result: the garbage can that was placed next to him would smile at him. The location of said party? The house of the star Courtney Cox which he loved. “I didn’t know how to talk to him because… Monicaand me Chandler“, she explains. “I wondered if I would ever have the courage to tell him how I felt. Is there enough tequila in California to give me that courage?”

3 – Relations between the Duke of Sussex and the Princess of Wales have always been strained

Until you marry if Meghan Markle In 2018, the media reviewed in general Prince William and Harry Like the best friends in the world,Duke of Sussex he emphasizes the rivalry that has pitted them against each other throughout their lives and even says that his brother was once his “conscientious enemy”. “It’s weird that we’ve always had this rivalry,” he repeats prince harry excerpt from his upcoming Good Morning America interview.

4 – The tension between him and King Charles is discussed in detail

Prince Harry writes that when he was born prince charles he would say Lady Diana “Great! Now you’ve given me a spare heir and child [a spare]I’m done”. She also reveals that the king did not hug her as she died. Lady Diana. “My dear son, my mother was in a car accident,” he recalls prince harry. “There were individuals.” He continues: “He wasn’t very good at showing his emotions under normal circumstances. How could you expect him to in a crisis like this?”

Another point of contention for Duke: this fact prince charles she jokes that he really is her father. “Pam liked to tell stories, and this was one of the best in her repertoire. She always ended with a burst of philosophy… Who knows, I’m really like that. Prince of Wales ? Who knows if I’m your real father or not?… He laughed and laughed, although it was really nothing more than a funny joke, considering the rumors at the time that my real father was one of my mother’s ex-boyfriends. : Major James Hewitt. One of the origins of this rumor was her bright red hair Major Hewittbut the main reason for its existence was my father’s sadism.”

5 – Prince Harry claims the Prince and Princess of Wales encouraged him to wear a Nazi costume

After announcing his decision to wear a Nazi uniform for Halloween in 2005 (“Probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life,” he says in the documentary. Harry and Meghan), prince harry written in Reserve The Prince and Princess of Wales encouraged her to wear it. “I called Willie and Keith and asked what they thought,” he wrote. “They both roared with enthusiasm. It’s worse than Willy’s bathing suit. Even more ridiculous! That ridiculousness was the point of the maneuver after all.”

6 – He begged his father not to marry Camilla

Prince Harry he calls his mother-in-law “the other woman” and claims it Prince William and they told their father that they would forgive them Camila and if so welcome him to the family prince charles he vowed never to marry her. “No need to get married again,” we pleaded. CamilaThe queen consort, Harry said, had already launched a “campaign for marriage and eventually the crown” on his side. Prince Charles he ignored his sons’ pleas. In a particularly striking passage, prince harry compares his first meeting with Camila to “an injection”: “Close your eyes and you won’t feel it.” She expresses some resentment towards the person who turned her bedroom into a dressing room after she left Clarence House.

Responsible for the death of 7 – 25 Taliban fighters

During his ten years in the army the duke of sussex especially fought in Afghanistan. He approves Reserve he can say he can tell “exactly how many enemy fighters he has killed”: 25. He chose to see Taliban fighters as “chess pieces removed from a chessboard” because “you can’t kill people if you see them as people.”

8 – The Prince and Princess of Wales were big fans of the show Suits Before Harry met Meghan

Prince Harry He said he talked about his budding relationship with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Meghan Markle at dinner with his brother. When he revealed the identity of his new lover, he wrote, “They were speechless. They looked at each other. Then Willy turned to me and said, ‘Fk off?'” According to him, they were Harry“regular – let’s not say fanatical – viewers Suits… All this time I thought Willy and Kate wouldn’t want to take Meg into the family, and suddenly I started to worry that they were teasing her for an autograph.” prince harry Sorry for googling the sex scenes of Meghan Markle for the series. “I’m going to need electroconvulsive therapy to get these images out of my head.”

9 – Prince William undermined their brotherly relationship by advising him not to go too fast with Meghan Markle.

Prince William He allegedly told his brother to “slow down.” Meghan : “She’s an American actress, anything can happen.” Despite this warning, the future Duke and Duchess of Sussex became engaged more than a year after they first met. And the tension between William, kate, Harry and Meghan it only grew from there. Duchess of Cambridge In particular, he would be offended by everything from his demand Duchess of Sussex from taking a shine before a casual look to a comment about having “baby brain” while pregnant. Prince Louis. Meghan Markle he was reported to have cried “all the tears in his body” afterwards Kate Middleton had criticized the size of wedding dresses, esp Princess Charlotte, and asked to be reinstated four days before the Sussex wedding in 2018.

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