the bug that prevents songs from playing continuously is back

The latest version of iOS 16.2 (and iPadOS 16.2), which was introduced last December, also brings the bug of continuously playing songs in Apple Music for iPhone and iPad users. Affected people are complaining on Apple’s support forums and elsewhere Reddit.

iOS 16.2, Apple Music and gapless playback

Seamless playback, for those unfamiliar with it, is when one song seamlessly transitions into the next, so there’s no break in between. Some albums are designed precisely with this system so that users get the impression of listening to one block, when it is technically several tracks in a row. This is especially true of songs. Rain and It never took time On the album by Akon Prisoner.

It should be noted that gapless playback is different from the fade system. Allows the last song to fade out (gradually increase its volume) while the previous song fades out.

Going back to the iOS 16.2 bug with songs playing continuously in Apple Music, here’s what one user had to say on Apple’s support forums:

“Is anyone else having issues with gapless playback on iOS 16.2? Out of every two or three tracks on an album without interruption, I get a moment of silence between tracks, which is really annoying when the music should be flowing smoothly. The problem was found in iOS 15.4, so it’s annoying that it’s back. »

Another user:

“I can’t believe we’re in 2022 and Apple still hasn’t introduced continuous, uninterrupted playback to Apple Music. One iOS update fixes the bug, then another comes along and breaks it again. It makes for such a boring and unpleasant listening experience. Considering how much we pay in subscriptions, you’d hope that Apple developers would have come up with a solid solution by now and given it the attention it deserves. »

By the way, the problems also apply to the HomePod:

“Yes, I have too. I use the HomePod for endless sleep noise and it’s so annoying that it stops for a second or two every few minutes. I thought maybe it had something to do with the new HomeKit architecture upgrade, but maybe it’s just an iOS/HomePod 16.2 issue. »

Worse, this feature is also relevant for most users with the latest iOS 16.3 and iPadOS 16.3 beta versions installed on their iPhone and iPad. However, Apple may fix this until the final version is released.

iphone 14 case Apple Music and iOS 16.2: the bug that prevented continuous playback of songs is back

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