The 10 most watched videos on YouTube in 2022 teach us 3 lessons on the platform

Youtube. December says “top 10″ on YouTube. Teams are happy to look back at the last twelve months to find out what users are most interested in at the end of the year. “It’s one of our favorite moments at Google, it’s emotional because it’s a way to see the whole year that’s gone by. And it’s time to know what we’re looking for the most, and what we’ve been able to do with this research,” says Sébastien Misoffe, vice president of France and managing director of Google, during the night of the presentation of this rating. 2022.

YouTube and Google have worked on several analyses. What are we interested in? internet people, these are of course the most viewed videos of content creators, but also these new videographers who managed to stand out. We’re going to focus on the top 10 most viewed videos among YouTubers in France right now. Unfortunately, there are no women among them.

10 Most Viewed YouTuber Videos of 2022

These first places are occupied by the greatest French creators, namely Squeezie, Mcfly and Carlito or even Cyprien. The rating is presented in detail:

First up: “Who’s the Imposter (ft. Mister V, Jonathan Cohen),” a brand new format dreamed up by Squeezie. This first episode has over 15 million views.

Runner-up: YouTuber Inoxtag spent 7 days living alone on a desert island and filmed his entire adventure. The hour-long video has garnered more than 14 million views.

Third Place: “We’re Calling Random People (ft. Squeezie Strikes Back)” is a Mcfly and Carlito community favorite. Proof with this new episode that has hit over 10 million views.

Fourth place: Michou is in a relationship and looks up as Elsa appears in her videos. “We answer your questions about our relationship with Elsa” is one of the most viewed content in 2022 with 8 million views.

Fifth place: “La pizza delamama” Mister V’s video, also a pizza brand! The YouTuber knows how to surprise and please because the video has more than 7 million views.

Sixth place: Cyprien’s “Le CLASH des films” was an acclaimed short film. Over 7 million views on this new creation.

Seventh place: Mastu became a hit with the second part of the series “Interrogation under the lie detector 2 (with Inoxtag)”. The video has more than 8 million views.

Eighth place: “Make Me Laugh, Win €1000” by Amichem is a typical YouTube content that still works every time. Over 8 million views for this format.

Ninth place: “Sébastien Loeb makes me puke in the M4!! GMK’s film “Creeps in all directions” has been selected with more than 5 million views in recent months.

Tenth place: “Find the cake!” (With Seb)” was released by Joyca, which closed this rating with 6 million views.

Three lessons to take away from these top 10 YouTubers in 2022

Apart from the views, what can we say about this top of the most watched videos on YouTube? The first observation we can make is that long videos are appreciated today. If we take the average duration of the first three contents of this ranking, it is more than 1 hour. From 10 we get to 34 minutes. Users therefore take the time to consume long videos, and it’s not YouTuber Gaspard G who says otherwise. The videographer who participated in this presentation night shared his thoughts with us. “At the beginning of the year, I was making 10-minute videos. During the month of June, my formats increased to 30 minutes and my channel exploded at that time,” he said.

Gaspard G also participated to analyze these results. From his perspective, users seem quite nostalgic. “For example, the video at number 3 is the second round of content that was released 4 years ago,” he explains. Indeed, Mcfly and Carlito invited Squeezie for the first time before inviting him again a few years later. The most watched music video in France in 2022 reinforces this idea. This is a cover of Soolking’s 90s hit ‘Suavemente’.

Finally, one last point to mention is that YouTube is now (almost) a must for personalities during their promotions. Once again, Squeezie is a perfect example of the “who’s the cheater” format. After launching a few weeks ago, YouTuber Jonathan Cohen invited Clara Luciani or even Orelsa. Everyone had one news: the release of a movie, an album or a documentary. Advertising on the platform is almost becoming a habit.

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