when Islamists condemn Qatar’s concessions”

Qatar’s support for Islamism may indicate that it will receive unanimous approval from Doha’s supporters. It would be too bad to know them. Qatar has been criticized by some Islamists who believe the country is playing a “double game”: it allegedly sacrificed Islamic law at the World Cup. These reprimands demonstrate the difficulties the country faces in wooing the most ardent Western Islamists, and serve as a reminder that Islamism is far from ideologically homogeneous.

Qatar nevertheless organized promotional events using the 2022 World Cup [dawah]. The initiative has been frowned upon by Islamists, who believe the $220 billion spent on the World Cup could be better spent fighting global poverty or climate change. British Islamist Taji Mustafa, a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, expressed his displeasure at seeing Qatar mediate the invitation to divert attention from “illegal” things. drinking, music parties, and wasting the ummah’s money [communauté] ». Among Qatar’s most vocal critics: Roshan Salih, editor of the British Islamist news site 5 Pillars. Roshan Salih warned his readers not to do this Be fooled by headlines announcing Qatar bans alcohol » in stadiums, alcohol is widely available elsewhere. According to him, Qataris are playing double play as usual » and they sacrificed Islamic Law” in the world championship.

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According to the Margarita Twitter account, followed by many Western Salafists, Qatar has banned LGBT flags ” Not because of Islamic zeal” but because he was afraid of the reaction of the people of Qatar. Margarita said that the world championship was held in Qatar. humiliating”It shows that Qatar is ready to spend billions on this event.” “Afghanistan is starving and Muslim fighters are being neglected all over the world.”.

American Islamist Imam Shadi Elmasri, Nearly 60,000 people followed on Twitteralso expressed his opinion on Qatar’s decision to host the World Cup and the spending of billions of dollars, time and energy. for the game”.

Final judgment

As for Mufti Abdullah Mool, who regularly addresses American Muslims and belongs to the ultra-conservative sect of Deobandi in South Asia, he expressed anger at Doha. preach only a liberalized version of Islam” which pleases the governing bodies of football. Moola explained that Qatar deserves neither prayers nor sympathy ” Muslim Ummah ». His colleague Bheria added ” Islamic Militarism » positions taken from Qatar” Against LGBTQ+ Propaganda » or for Palestine, it could mask more serious problems, including the staggering costs of the World Cup. entertain the same people who bomb Muslim countries”.

A darker warning came from the highly respected UK Islamist imam Moinul Abu Hamza. The latter, referring to a hadith, implied that signs of doomsday could be read in the construction of Qatari buildings. He also listed Qatar’s mistakes: the death of migrant workers, participation in the World Cup ” brutal zionists” event value” Ummah is starving in Yemen, Somalia and other places » the unexpected legality of alcohol, but also the Al Udeid military base, which houses thousands of American soldiers.

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If Islam contains so many different views and interpretations, so does Islamism. These extreme reactions are clearly not representative of all Western Islamists. The powerful Council of the Muslim Organization of America, which brings together various American Islamist groups in the United States and is very close to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, issued a dithyrambic statement congratulating Qatar. It won, organized and hosted the best tournament in 92 years of FIFA history” and this achievement” visionary » and ” Islamic example.

Qatar compromises

However, the weight of these criticisms against Qatar cannot be ignored. They show that Qatar’s financial and ideological support for Islamism does not indemnify it. Many Islamists are frustrated by Qatar’s hypocrisy, which they say is flouting its Islamic commitments but is willing to do anything to find a place on the international stage. Roshan Salih insulted Qatar and said “a a key western ally “.

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Qatar will certainly remain one of the main patrons of Western Islamists, but it will not enjoy unconditional loyalty. It should also be noted that a famous mosque in the city of Mulhouse, funded by Qatar and supposed to have a swimming pool and a gym, was recently criticized after hosting an event that was considered un-Islamic. According to his accusers, An-Nur Center ” crypto-mosque » . Perhaps the explanation for this anger at Qatar’s concessions is the high expectations of Islamists regarding Qatar and the country’s financial opportunities.

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