300 people were placed during the operation

Cryptocurrency platform Nexo has been raided by Bulgarian authorities at its various premises in Sofia. This operation is related to suspected money laundering.

Nexo cryptocurrency exchange raid

Today, the Bulgarian police Searched the territory of Nexo company in Sofia. After the failures of Voyager, Celsius or even BlockFi, the platform is one of the last major centralized players to enable lending and borrowing of cryptocurrencies.

This search is part of the investigation suspicion of money laundering and other tax crimes. In fact, authorities in the Bulgarian capital visited fifteen sites. It is a large-scale operation that mobilized 300 police, investigators and security agents.

Siyka Mileva, head of the press service of the prosecutor’s office, commented on the facts. Remembering that Nexo is of Bulgarian origin :

“In Sofia, active steps are being taken in the preliminary investigation aimed at neutralizing illegal criminal activity by crypto currency lender Nexo. It was determined that the main administrators of the international platform are Bulgarian citizens and that the main activities are carried out on the territory of Bulgaria. »

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Nexo defends himself against the charges

for now, There is no way to judge the integrity of Nexo. The only concrete information about the case is related to the person who transferred money from the platform and who is official accused of financing terrorist activities. However, the details end there and it does not indicate whether the transfers in question were illegal or not.

On its Twitter page, Nexo defended its integrity and even demonstrated its skills in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing (LCB / CFT). The platform moves forward without compromise, and he has declined controversial cases over the years :

Nexo goes further, Alludes to Bulgaria’s corruption and the aggressiveness of global regulators after the FTX’s criminal activities came to light:

“Unfortunately, with recent regulatory pressures on cryptocurrency, some regulators have recently adopted a ‘strike first, ask later’ approach. In corrupt countries it borders on racketeering, but this too shall pass. We are still cooperating with the relevant authorities and regulators and hope to hear some exciting news in the coming weeks. »

Whatever the end of this story of potential flaws that may or may not have been committed by Nexo, reality shows that the regulators are indeed out. This is also felt in France, with a decisive vote in the National Assembly on January 24, threatening the competitiveness of local players.

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Source: Reuters

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